hurts so good

February 28, 2007

sorry to break the mood of all the happy posts.

you know the feeling where everything is going so well and then it hits you? bad things are never good but when you have something so good to compare them with they are just awful. this year is going to bad enough with all the school work but i am beginning to think next year will be even worse. I won’t go into detail about what’s happening but it just really sucks. anyway as you can see tricky is much better at writing the ‘serious’ and ‘deep’ posts so i’ll try and refrain from posting them from now on.

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uncle fizzle wants you!

February 28, 2007

well miz and biz need guest authors/authoresses. we don’t want to select boring people so put your nickname (it better be good) and in under 25 words why we should select you. haikus constitute instant selection… kinda… actually no but we will be proud of you. so fire away… there is a limit of 38, so get in quick!

kicky on!

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February 28, 2007

if a prospective reader is to get the full meaning out of our site, then you’ll need to understand a few words/nicknames.

alan — bizzle’s car. so named because its number plate is AB (alan border), therefore, alan.

aj — apple juice. one must steer clear of its evil cousin oj, because as we all know, OJ will kill you and get away with it. (“if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”)

arty-tays — tart in pig latino. eg, anyone who kickies on in short story mode.

f-bomb — have a guess. the film ‘pulp fiction’ drops 265 f-bombs in 154 minutes at an average of more than 1.7 f-bombs a minute.

fizzle — fail in izzle speak, eg, tricky’s site is a fizzle. (izzle speak was created by rapper E-40, [not by snoop dogg] and is very useful in making oneself sound cool)

fo shizzle — for sure in izzle speak. eg, huw- “alan is awesome”. josh- “fo shizzle!”

go to bed ross! — in short, telling someone to go away or to bed. eg, go to bed ross!

ima — i am going to

kicky on — get in there/gaarn/hurry up/whatever you want it to mean, depends on the context

legless wombat — an excessively large bog. so named because it’s not entirely unlike a wombat blocking its burrow.

lollerskates, lolocaust, lollergasm, lawl — all mock forms of ‘lol’, laugh out loud. eg, huw- ” i just did an airpoo.” josh- “lawl!”

maybe baby — what you say after someone says maybe. can be followed with either “don’t call me baby” or “love” to which someone else replies “glove”

ownage — complete and utter dominance over someone

pants off mode — the act of not wearing any pants (but still wearing underwear). eg, winky loves to kicky on in pants off mode.

puss — weak/lame/poor and inferior. other popular uses include ‘puss city’, ‘puss central’ and ‘puss on wheels’.

ranga — a person with red/orange hair. eg, huw- “look at that fire lady with red hair” josh- “ranga!!!”

razz — fart, break-wind, airpoo

risky — risque

s-grenade — i’ll give you two guesses. eg, “that kid just chucked an s-grenade.”

same short story — short shorts or any other arty-tays garments.

settle — what you say when someone says something risky. eg, settle jonny!

shush, no noise — be quiet/i don’t like what you just said, and ima disregard it

super bog — you know when you do a poo, you have a wipe and realise you didn’t need to? that was a super bog. quite rare, so when you’re lucky enough to experience it you have to tell your friends, or at least the first person you meet after the occasion. edit: it should be noted that if girls talk about super bogs, it just turns awkward for everyone involved and thus should be avoided as far as possible

tricky — teh creator of our site. he is somewhat Xtreem.

you are — what you say to someone who describes something. eg, tricky: “its really hot today” huw: “you are!”

any queries/additions? feel free to add

kicky on!

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kicky on!

February 28, 2007

first posts are by nature, lame.

all that is said is “hi guys! welcomes to my new site lawl”

here is tricky’s first post

so this is our first post, and it is still lame heaps rad, probably an indication of things to come

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