don’t worry be happy

March 30, 2007

well i haven’t posted in a while so i decided it is about time i did. last night i felt extremely sick, i was lying in bed feeling horrible and not being able to fall asleep, the time was about 1:30 in the am. I then got up and spewed. surprisingly this didn’t make me feel better so at about 2:00 in the am i decided to bog. Well to my surprise and utter delight i had done a ‘super bog’. it was my first super bog this year. not surprisingly this made me feel 100% better and i was able to fall sleep straight away. so i started my friday in the best possible fashion.

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happy birthday

March 27, 2007


today is Erin’s 21st birthday (that’s my sister for all you ill-informed albury folk).

apparently she also shares this birthday with mariah carey and quentin tarrantino, as she found out whilst chatting to adam spencer on the radio this morning.

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What I Really Really Want

March 23, 2007

Is it just me, or is the album cover of Pink’s (I’m Not Dead) album a complete rip off of Gwen Stefani’s (Love, Angel, Music, baby) album?

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shush no noise!

March 20, 2007

i have recently realised that the maddest power/ talent. as some of you may know i am quite deaf and often need to ask people four times what they just said. but as of recently i have found that from long distances and other rooms i have been able to distinguish songs. its not just a one off thing, i have done it at least like 15 times in the last couple of months. i am quite proud of it an it is especially awesome when i am with people who can admire my rare talent.

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shut up i am dreaming

March 20, 2007

last night i had a dream, not especially weird, but quite unusual none the less.

basically, toffs and i went to see a band. but we went to see the beastie boys. in a venue that i think was meant to be the same as home-town throwdown (ie, at a church hall). as usual, i wanted to get there early so i could scope out a good spot against the stage. then, to my amazement, the beastie boys came on first, by break dancing underneath the curtain onto the stage, where they played an acoustic set with nothing but a guitar.
it was then that i realised i hadn’t checked who else was on the bill. turns out i didn’t have wait long to find out cos the next band came on. they were a band of middle aged overweight men who had matching floral print instruments, including the tuba player.
but the real surprise was the last band. they were a beatles tribute band, and it turned out taters was in charge of their sound and flying trapeze artists. I tried to get him to let me backstage so i could ill with the beastie boys, but he wouldn’t let me.
i then made a comment about tribute bands to gav, and some ranga lady told me it was the fault of the modern media. she said that once she rang up two talk back radio stations about elvis, talking to one about how elvis was a great musician, and to the other about how he was a womanising slob, but only the station where she was talking him up let her on air.
i then walked out of the hall started jumping on a car. some guy tried to tell me to get off and think i kicked him in the head and knocked him out.
i’m pretty sure there was more to my dream, but i can’t remember it.

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caught by the fuzz

March 18, 2007

last night hugs, gav, taters and i went to see “hot fuzz”.
i quite enjoyed it, although i think i enjoyed it more than the others put together given the post movie discussion.
it’s very over the top, referencing and parodying the cop movie genre in my favourite british stylez. After a lengthy (but still funny) first half and a few plot twists, it then kickies on into Xtreem blau!blau!blau! mode, with crazy gunfights, intentionally corny lines and the old ‘even though we shot up the whole town, and blew up buildings, killing people is bad so no one actually dies’ kinda thing going on. there’s also alot of f-bombs and other swear words so if you get quite offended by swears, maybe it’s not for you.
also, when we went, the guy in charge of sound decided to turn it up to eleven, and it was so loud it shook the barrier in front of us… perhaps a bit too loud.
all in all, i’d recommend it, though some others (hugs, gav and taters) might not talk it up so much. (its probably just cos i’m whipped by britain and that nick frost kid).

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Quiet Crown

March 15, 2007

This is for the Albury folk, especially my mate Tim, who does this trip every day.

Last night on my way home I transacted some serious ownage on the traffic lights in Albury. I started on North street (next to the Albury Golf Course), heading East. I went straight through the North/David Street lights on a green. I was pretty pumped at this, because it never happens. Then, to my amazement, I went straight through the North Street into (ex-)Hume Highway lights on a green. And those lights turn green about once a week. At this point I’d cut at least five minutes off my trip, and I had only travelled about four hundred metres. Then it was all topped off, by a green light heading back into North Street (approaching the North Street bridge).

The whole time I didn’t even have to slow down – amazing in itself, because the lights turn green for such a short time that it had to be perfectly timed so I didn’t have to slow on approach, but I still managed to get through before it was red again. Also, I didn’t hit an orange. I am teh Xtreem.

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i don’t like cricket, i love it!

March 13, 2007

well the cricket world cup is nearly upon us. the next few weeks will be filled with total lack of sleep though most people won’t be staying up to watch the matches thanks to the cheap australian channels who didn’t make big enough bids to put the cup on free to air. nonetheless us foxtel owners will be the sleep-deprived ones. it’s a shame really because this world cup was looking to be quite a close one where australia weren’t shoe-ins for the cup. such a big deal is the tournament that i know someone (won’t mention who) who is actually taking two weeks of work so he can watch the matches and be nocturnal for a couple of weeks, i definitely admire that. if you have foxtel i suggest you catch at least one match. no doubt in the next couple of weeks you might read some late night/ early morning posts from me and mizzle, who i have invited to keep me from falling asleep. if anyone feels they want to want to come up to watch a match let me know, hint hint tricky.

kicky on!

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