shut up i am dreaming

March 20, 2007

last night i had a dream, not especially weird, but quite unusual none the less.

basically, toffs and i went to see a band. but we went to see the beastie boys. in a venue that i think was meant to be the same as home-town throwdown (ie, at a church hall). as usual, i wanted to get there early so i could scope out a good spot against the stage. then, to my amazement, the beastie boys came on first, by break dancing underneath the curtain onto the stage, where they played an acoustic set with nothing but a guitar.
it was then that i realised i hadn’t checked who else was on the bill. turns out i didn’t have wait long to find out cos the next band came on. they were a band of middle aged overweight men who had matching floral print instruments, including the tuba player.
but the real surprise was the last band. they were a beatles tribute band, and it turned out taters was in charge of their sound and flying trapeze artists. I tried to get him to let me backstage so i could ill with the beastie boys, but he wouldn’t let me.
i then made a comment about tribute bands to gav, and some ranga lady told me it was the fault of the modern media. she said that once she rang up two talk back radio stations about elvis, talking to one about how elvis was a great musician, and to the other about how he was a womanising slob, but only the station where she was talking him up let her on air.
i then walked out of the hall started jumping on a car. some guy tried to tell me to get off and think i kicked him in the head and knocked him out.
i’m pretty sure there was more to my dream, but i can’t remember it.

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  1. what a sweet dream. hehe i’m not surprised that taters didn’t let you backstage.

    Comment by huw Bizzle — March 20, 2007 #

  2. Two posts in a row JC, you’re really kicking on with this posting thing!

    Comment by tricky — March 21, 2007 #

  3. yeah, i think the ‘quantity over quality’ thing’s starting to happen

    Comment by tha JC Mizzle — March 21, 2007 #

  4. In charge of sound and flying trapeze artists eh?

    Comment by Andrew — March 21, 2007 #

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