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March 12, 2007

this past saturday i went and saw a game of rugby union. i have decided to post about it because most viewers of this site (people from albury) might not know much or not like rugby. it was the waratahs from nsw and the bulls from south africa. the result wasn’t the best but the game was quite enjoyable. the most funny part came when a south african bloke went for a drop goal a couple oftimes in a row (not a thing fans like seeing). a bald man in front then shouted “does your husband play?” i laughed quite loudly at this question. i have an aim for this year. it is to go to one rugby match (done), one league match and of course one match of the mighty aussie rules. i will keep you posted on how i go with the aims.

ps- as i post more i realise how bad of a blog owner i am, but that won’t stop my from trying.

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big al!

March 10, 2007

finally the sound system in alan has been fixed. if you don’t know who alan is then check the glossary cause i can’t be bothered telling you. i bought speakers today and the road trip down south in a month is going to be so much better now. all i can say is… kicky on!

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Celtic Sea Sauce

March 9, 2007


Tonight my little bro entered the house after work and announced:

Look mum, I bought some Celtic Sea Salt. I’m going to put it in a sauce bottle with some water, shake it up, and squirt it up my nose.


Also; for quick ‘n easy izzle-speak interpretation, check out the Gazoogle translator. Here’s my site (warning: may kicky nice words into s-grenade level bad words).

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1000 miles

March 7, 2007

today marks the momentous occasion of me turning 1000 weeks old.
i only found out a few days ago when searching for an online calendar, the site said if you put in your birthday it’d tell you mad dates that are coming up. most of the things that are coming up aren’t for years, but luckily when i searched, 1000 weeks was only a few days away. just as well too, cos otherwise i would’ve forgotten by the time some good date went by.

if you want to try it your self (which i’m sure you’ve been dying to do ever since you read the above paragraph) you can find it here

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money for nothing

March 7, 2007

today, being the little fatty i am, i decided to order a pizza. after finishing ordering the man on the other end told me the cost. it soundly awefully like “$18.95”, but on confirmation i was told it would be “$8.95”. a brisk 20 minutes later the pizza man arrives and states “that will be $18.95”. I said “really, but i only ordered 1 pizza.” He replied “yeah, but delivery.” I was so stunned and felt absolutely ripped off. nonetheless the pizza was great and i managed to down it all in like 10 minutes. it reminds me of that time me and mizzle were at the cinemas and he bought extremely overpriced MnMs.

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kim jong-il

March 6, 2007

well, its first guest author time, this one’s from kimrad. apart from its poor grammar and spelling, as well as being hard to read/understand, i guess it’s better than most myspace blog entries. –biz and miz

Ok so this is My first ever post!! Yay. Tomorrow is the exciting occasion of
Eli’s (Eskdale’s) birthday! She would like room full of balloons and bubbles
(yes she is crazy) enough of that! Now to my topic.
One of the Great question of life: Why is bubble rap so irresistibly
‘poppy’???? Well I donno
spontaneous combustion. Things that like to do it:
socks (as quoted by darcy)
compost heap (pewh…..)
super bog
Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is the alleged burning of a person’s body
without a readily apparent, identifiable external source of ignition. but we
believe that the cause is resisting a razz for too long for the fear of
dropping a legless wombat! Is there any willing volunteers for this
experiment, you must be under 60.(after this age you cannot hold onto you
razz) for details contact 0411[number removed to protect innocent people] kicky on!

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i’ll do graffiti if you sing to me in french

March 6, 2007

on my walk to the station of a morning, i pass a pretty mad record shop called “laughing outlaw records”. on the door next to the shop is a large piece of stencil graffiti, a man in a suit and a gas mask.
underneath it says “do we have a choice”.
i have absolutely no idea what it means, but it sure is arty (not tays), and i think me taking a picture of it is even more arty.


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March 5, 2007

Well hugs told me that i need to live up to my share of the posting agreement, and rather than bore you with a recount of the surprise party i went to where i was late and missed the surprise bit, i thought i’d equally bore you with a description of what my new place is like.

cos my sister and i moved out to continue going to uni in sydney, we’ve had to move to a slightly seedier place of sydney (the ham of lewis). nowhere near as bad as stabbington mind you, but worse that than the ‘field anyway.
to give you an idea of what its like, the last few days have seen cop cars go up our street on a regular basis, stopping and cops geting out and running into houses, then running out again into their cars and speeding off, lights flashing.
then this morning, a few cops cars come, drive up our street, turn around and go back down, then back up etc, patrolling our stretch of road. then some paddy wagons came. as far as i can tell, they don’t actually arrest anyone, at least, i’ve never seen anyone taken into custody or anything, but i’m hoping one time i will.

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