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April 25, 2007

my my how the mighty have fallen. tonight’s episode of the chaser was possibly one of the biggest waste of 30 minutes of my life, perhaps that is an overstatement. it has kept its reputation as having “lost it’s edge” during its first 5 weeks of 2007. to me the guys seem like immature men who attempt to entertain through the use of pranks, that were deemed cool in year 8. the show has severely lacked the “political satire” and “social bite” that one intelligent viewer has described. i miss being able to watch it and feel a sense of satisfaction in many of the stunts, due to my relative high knowledge and understanding of current affairs.

secondly, spicks and specks tonight was quite terrible. sure people may say that it is better with ‘no-names’ but think of these names- frank woodley, hamish blake, ross noble. any who i didn’t enjoy it- stephen k amos was quite freaky and with anthony callea what needs to be said? and can someone tell me why “substitute” is still on?, it would have to be the worst game on the show- puss on wheels.

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rock n roll hoochie koo

April 25, 2007

toffs and taters got GUITAR HERO. one of the best games ever.
it was awesome. check out my rokk god poses. (these shots are mid game, not staged)

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April 24, 2007

It seems that Stabbington is kicking on (or “sharing the love like Andrew loves Josh” as I prefer to say). From The Border Mail:

THE latest crime statistics paint a grim picture of Albury.

Violence, vandalism, sexual assaults and motor vehicle thefts have all risen significantly in the past 10 years.

The city consistently ranks in the top 20 per cent of crime hot spots for NSW in a study by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research released last week.

Violent assaults are up 19 per cent from 2005 and are almost double the average rate of Sydney.

The city has jumped 20 places in the ranking of the 143 local government areas in NSW to be 13th worst in the state.

Domestic violence is also on the rise, up 5.1 per cent in the past decade.

Last year there were 270 reported incidents, about 13 per cent up from 2005, and about 50 per cent greater than the state average.

Vandalism is above the state norm and almost double Sydney’s average.

Malicious damage to property has risen more than 4 per cent in the past decade and last year’s 1193 incidents ranked the city as the 15th worst per head of population in the state.

But in some good news, the city has had moderate success with shoplifters.

Head of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research Don Weatherburn said the figures for most crimes had been steady for the past two years, with the exception of assaults and vandalism.

“This is not a small number of incidents, and while 2006 was a particularly high number for assaults there seems to have been a progressive increase since late 2000,” he said.

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April 19, 2007

i am quite a big fan of watching music videos on television. my family has foxtel which has 7 music channels. i like to switch through these channels, but mainly only 6 because one is the country music channel which only has a couple of good songs. anyway in the last couple of weeks i have noticed how so many songs are being overplayed. only tonight while watching the tellie i flicked through these music channels in the commercial break of a show i was watching. In the space of something no longer than fifteen minutes i had seen the scissor sister’s ‘i don’t feel like dancing’ twice, that stupid gwen stefani’s song where she is dressed like a prison inmate twice and silverchair’s new one a whopping four times- all on 4 different music channels. this was compounded by the fact that before this i had seen the silverchair music video another 4 or 5 times throughout the day. surely there are lots of other quality songs rather than the same songs being played over and over again- then again with the quality of modern 2007 music maybe not. maybe i am being hypocritical considering i added the kings of leon’s “on call” yesterday and in the space of two days have listened to it 40 times.

a bit off the topic but it is my post so i can say what i want. has anyone actually seen the video for “straight lines” by silverchair? my gosh daniel johns looks horrible. he is wearing a blue vest with nothing underneath and dark green pants. throughout the video he does the stupidest dance moves and gives the strangest/gayest facial expressions known the man. quite a fall from grace from a band that i have been quite fond of in past times- ima still listen to the song because it is addictive thanks to stupid cable music channels.

kicky on!

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girls like that

April 18, 2007

i reckon it’s pretty hilarious how boys do stupid things for girls. take one of my mates from uni. He’s probably the toughest, manliest, hardest guy i know. He’s a mad sportsman and even got offered a place to play county cricket over in england. Rarely does one of his sentences not inlcude a swear, and he’s generally angry at everyone (but for some reason he’s mad nice to me).
Him and i were working on our group assessment, and after we (i) had done a solid four hours of work, he said he had to pick up his gf and drive her to work, and if i wanted a break i could go with him. I obviously opted for the break and hopped in his car with him.
Then his girlfriend rang up, and his voice changed from strong and manly to sweet and puppy-like. He actually said “hewo baby” and “okway” and other lawlful little lovey dovey phrases. I could hardly stop from laughing, but i figured i’d get a beating (or at least a kidney punch) if i did.
when we picked her up, she got in and more bubbly wubblies ensued. Also, his driving, which is normally punchier than cassius clay and leaves you with whiplash, was calm and sedated.
maybe i should note that his gf is like two and a half / three years younger than him (what a champion) which maybe explains it, although it means i can’t blame his behavior on the older woman syndrome.
i hope that if i get a gf when i get a gf, i don’t turn soft, especially seeing as my starting toughness is well behind his.

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rock this party

April 16, 2007

just got back from a weekend of driving, cricket, partaying, hot shirts, horse riding, strasbourg and more driving. yes it was me and jc’s 3rd trip down to albury in 4 months. driving was, as always, long and tiring, and not without incident but we made it. we got down on friday night and couldn’t resist watching the aussies thrash the irish, with their annoying captain who does his stupid dance every time he takes a wicket, but we can’t blame him cause he isn’t going take too many in his career. the next day we went into town to do a bit of shopping before heading off to the party, which was in walla/ jindera. the party didn’t have the best start with one of the horses slipping on the cement and almost dying… kinda. from there it only got better with “hot stuff” aka tricky trizzle donning one of the best shirts i have ever seen, yehaa!. after the party we went home and decided to watch a bit of the cricket. i decided to have a shower, as i smelt like smoke from the bonfire at the party. after i got out of the shower the number of people watching the cricket had gone from five to just me and tricky. we didn’t last long either but managed to catch a few thrilling overs with south africa’s run rate peaking at about 2.3rpo. next morning was church and after church we indulged in some lunch and had the pleasure of dining with sean. after quite a humorous lunch it was time for us to leave. the trip back had its moments, some highlights included a car with a really small and rapidly flashing indicator, josh estimating the population of gundagai to be 500 000 and many other anecdotes that i can’t remember but i’m sure many of you will hear in the near future.

anything i missed?

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April 14, 2007

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Monster Suck

April 6, 2007

Winky told me that there was supposed to be a monster truck rally thing on in Albury this weekend. But it was cancelled because they only sold 17 tickets.

And all the rednecks cried.

Har har.

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