Monster Suck

April 6, 2007

Winky told me that there was supposed to be a monster truck rally thing on in Albury this weekend. But it was cancelled because they only sold 17 tickets.

And all the rednecks cried.

Har har.

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  1. well, the rodeo is still kicking strong in finley….i cry, then i dye my hair black and go to an art show…

    Comment by Josh Rayson — April 7, 2007 #

  2. hehe…lawl

    Comment by huw Bizzle — April 7, 2007 #

  3. haha ill write out the whole newspaper article.
    its from the twin cities post.

    A Monster trucks and fire works show planned for the albury show grounds on saturday has been cancelled.
    Promoter Clive Featherby yesterday blamed the borders “lack of interest” for forcing him to pull out from the event, despite an investment of tens of thousands of dollars.
    “We wont be coming back to Albury, ever, so bad luck,” he said.
    Several businesses and security personel who thought they were going to be part of the show will miss out.
    “We need at least 8500 (to attend) to make it worthwhile but have sold only 17 tickets, even though they are only $35 a head and $95 for a family ticket,” Mr Featherby said.
    “Theres a lack of interest by Albury despite us running 150 television and radio advertisements.”

    hahaha what a joke!

    Comment by winky — April 7, 2007 #

  4. ahahahahah

    Comment by laurizzle — April 8, 2007 #

  5. What? Only $35 a head and $95 for family, gee whizz what a bargain. Why didn’t we all jump on to this one? hmmm maybe because it sucks.

    Comment by H — April 8, 2007 #

  6. ha thats so true, talk about major fizzle. why would the rednecks cry?

    Comment by eskdale — April 13, 2007 #

  7. Eskdale, the rednecks cried because they were the only ones interested in the event =).

    Comment by Tricky — April 13, 2007 #

  8. lovin the name hot stuff

    Comment by huw Bizzle — April 16, 2007 #

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