girls like that

April 18, 2007

i reckon it’s pretty hilarious how boys do stupid things for girls. take one of my mates from uni. He’s probably the toughest, manliest, hardest guy i know. He’s a mad sportsman and even got offered a place to play county cricket over in england. Rarely does one of his sentences not inlcude a swear, and he’s generally angry at everyone (but for some reason he’s mad nice to me).
Him and i were working on our group assessment, and after we (i) had done a solid four hours of work, he said he had to pick up his gf and drive her to work, and if i wanted a break i could go with him. I obviously opted for the break and hopped in his car with him.
Then his girlfriend rang up, and his voice changed from strong and manly to sweet and puppy-like. He actually said “hewo baby” and “okway” and other lawlful little lovey dovey phrases. I could hardly stop from laughing, but i figured i’d get a beating (or at least a kidney punch) if i did.
when we picked her up, she got in and more bubbly wubblies ensued. Also, his driving, which is normally punchier than cassius clay and leaves you with whiplash, was calm and sedated.
maybe i should note that his gf is like two and a half / three years younger than him (what a champion) which maybe explains it, although it means i can’t blame his behavior on the older woman syndrome.
i hope that if i get a gf when i get a gf, i don’t turn soft, especially seeing as my starting toughness is well behind his.

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  1. what an ool-tay. a bit off the topic but today on the simpsons i heard bart say “eat my short story.” this made me laugh quite loudly.

    Comment by huw Bizzle — April 18, 2007 #

  2. LAWL

    Comment by daniel — April 19, 2007 #

  3. good job on the regular posting. also, i heard that “girls like that don’t go for guys like us” song on the radio this morning. would you believe that.

    Josh, you should kick the guys ass for being such a two faced moron, or at least get Huw Bizzle too, or even skywalker. i mean, if skywalker can beat the crap out of me, than he’ll kill the boneheaded one easy.

    Comment by josh rayson — April 21, 2007 #

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