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May 27, 2007

to try and save some face, hugs and i have decided to gun another post. it’ll probably be a let down, seeing as the time since the last post was so long ago that the expectations have been built up too much. anyway, on with the post.

tonight we managed to score free tickets to the wallabies/wales game (thats rugby [union] for the albury kids). First we had to hand out some “go wallabies” signs to people walking in, but it was easy (and so were the girls we gave it to). lawl + settle. The seats were heaps close to the try line, but we were surrounded by bat’y welshmen/welshladies. woof woof. hugs reckons all welsh kids have a particular style of face and look alike.

the game was pretty good awsome, after a poor start (losing 17-0) we managed to kicky on to be only one point behind, then the lead changed a few times, then, after the siren we got in there for a try in the corner closest to us. I turned around, pointed and shouted in the face of the welshman behind us “How do you like that one?!” I quickly turned around again to avoid getting taken, but i knew hugs had my back the whole time.

many awesome jokes were made about player’s names, witty word plays that would make simo wilsons (& his dad) proud.

into the second half of the game, we realised that we really needed to do wees hard, but we couldn’t leave during the game, nor could we wait for the lines to the publics toilets after the game, so we walked to the bushes at newington (just down teh road from the stadium) and did wees in the bushes next to the path. it was so relieving, but then mid-wees we heard some other people walking down. chris & i managed to finish, but huw was cut off prematurely. poor kid.

on the drive home andy gave some mad honks to a car two cars in front, but i’m sure he got the message after we honked as we drove past him.

all in all a top night out, and a gg all round.

also, phil’s hands are mad warm.

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Post-Honeymoon Fizzle

May 16, 2007

Downward Spiral

well this graph shows how over the last however long fizzle has had a drop in visitors. sure you might blame us posters but i think we all know it is your fault, anyway lets not argue. so how about we get out of this slump and give tricky a cause to make a new graph showing an ‘increase’!

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Clichéd heading!

May 10, 2007

The Age newspaper today ran a perfect example of getting the work experience kid to fill in as sports editor.

Daniella Miletic, using the obviously high quality statistics from the Sweeney sports report – a survey of one thousand Australians (nothing like a sample size of 0.0045!) – shows us that cricket is now Australia’s post popular sport.

According to a nationwide survey, cricket has engaged the hearts of 59 per cent of the population, surpassing swimming at 57 per cent and Australian rules with 56 per cent.

That’s right, 172 per cent of Australians dig cricket, Aussie rules, and swimming. And that’s just the top three sports! When you add all the rest in too, at least 876 per cent of Australians love sport. The ones that don’t love sport make up the remaining 45.6 per cent.

Go. For. Your. Life.

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i’m no superman

May 7, 2007

i don’t think i need to tell all you readers how good the show ‘scrubs’ is. if you don’t know then maybe you should invest in a tv or make the effort to stay up till 11:30 and actually watch it, or get cable and watch it like three times a day. anyway the show is about these doctors in a fictional hospital with the ‘JD’ and ‘Turk’ being the main two male doctors. then there is carla- turk’s wife and ‘elliot’ a female doctor who is at times quite arty-tays. anyway a show full of hundreds of classic quotes this one always makes me laugh- maybe you need to see it but still.

Turk: Sacred Heart just lost its second hottest employee.

Carla: Don’t think you can drool all over her just because you rank me number 1.

Turk: Baby, nurse Tisdale’s number 1!

Off Carlas look-

Turk: You you gotta be single to be on the list.

Elliot: You actually rank the women of this hospital by order of appearance?!

JD: Calm down 12!

Elliot: Hmph! (aside)Yes top 20!

anyway that makes me laugh a lot. bottom line you should watch it!

do it..gaarn!

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Spanish bombs

May 7, 2007

My uni is the quite frankly the worst uni in Sydney, but it made the news today. (obviously) not because of some academic merit, but because some feral westie decided to make a bomb threat make “verbal threats” to students in the sorry excuse for a cafe our campus has. (At this point i should probably point out that my uni is in the equivalent of stabbington)
Why do all the good things happen on the day i’m not there?

A university campus has been shut down in Sydney’s west after a man made threats to students at its cafe.

University of Western Sydney vice-chancellor Janet Reid said the man, in his early 20s, was verbally abusive to some students at the campus cafe about 11am.

Professor Reid said she believed the man “did not behave like a student in the course of his study”.

“His appearance and the way he was speaking was very aggressive,” she said.

Ms Reid said students described the man as having short black hair with some parts bleached blond.

He had a poor complexion and was about 170 centimetres tall.

She said he drove off the campus in a white XD Ford Falcon sedan after making the threats.

The vice chancellor was unable to confirm how many students were evacuated from the campus, but said that it was one of UWS’s smaller campuses and that many of the students studying there had their own cars.

The university has closed the campus for the day. It said that police and security officers were patrolling the nearby Kingswood campus as an added precaution.

In a statement, the university said it was working closely with the NSW Police and expected classes to resume tomorrow.

It said the university and the police would maintain a heightened security presence on both campuses for the next few days.

As far as i can tell, he hasn’t been found/caught yet, but i can’t say i’m especially worried cos i could take him easy.
I wouldn’t mind if uni was shut down tomorrow too, although it would suck if i travel the two hours out there only to find it’s shut and i have to go home again.

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how to pick up

May 6, 2007

i think it might be a trick, but i want it to be real. and anyway, it’s still cooler than anything i can do

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more than a feeling

May 2, 2007

well, motivated by the garven’s purchase i too decided to buy guitar hero. i outdid them in that i bought two guitars. i am so addicted. such a fun game and nothing beats the satisfaction of playing that riff perfectly and pumping the volume before you emphatically put it into “star mode” and really kicky on. what i like most is that it achieves my ambitions of being good at guitar without having too much practice, yes i am lazy, who would have thought? during the world cup final i invited the boys over and from about 7pm to 11:30pm we played solidly. it was much fun and next time i am down in your neck of the woods or vice-versa i may bring it down. it takes a surprising amount of toll on your body as my forearm is quite sore, due to my bass guitar strumming technique. the lyrics can be quite poor at times as they are all covers from no name bands but hey i don’t mind, and as if josh wasn’t over enough this will make him. he is the best of us and this brings him great joy as when it comes to games it is a rarity.

kicky on!

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