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June 29, 2007

toffs recently got taters to buy him a new game, Forza Motorsport 2.

its another car racing game, but the best bit about it is the fact that you can paint and modify the cars to your heart’s content. I painted a car (a 1986 toyota trueno sprinter) and called it mizzle out of humility. Another mad feature is the ability to pause the game then take pics of your car racing. here are some pics of me hooning around in miz.

5eefa8a4-30e0-4d86-a7ef-c2a6f6cd8d7c.jpg 976c81c9-5d0a-48c6-8905-1c8a62a02a9e.jpg afd8b620-4488-4f7a-bef9-4089b14d0fd6.jpg 13efa539-0728-4b93-98e2-2803e713bab8.jpg 63972b8d-47d8-4d72-98c7-70c1a9e4dcb6.jpg

more pics coming, including gavin’s green & gold golf gti (alliteration unintentional) and hugs’ pink porsche.
feel free to make them your desktop, i know i have.

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Temple of Dreams

June 29, 2007

So last weekend I one-stopped it up to Sydney for a bit.

The trip was uneventful up until Punchbowl road, where I saw possibly the coolest thing ever (definitely a lie, that bit. Whatever). As I was waiting at the King Georges / Punchbowl lights I started hearing this weird popping sound. So I wound down my window to get a clearer idea where it was coming from, and saw a massive wad of bubble wrap in the middle of the road and the cars that were going through the intersection were running over it constantly. I laughed… cars playing with bubble wrap. And then I wondered if Transformers liked bubble wrap.

First thing of note in Sydney was Biz’ hair, or lack thereof. As Miz observed, he now looks like a little buddha.

Went to Loshua’s place, and was treated to a Hugs special when it came to parking the car. There was a huge hole next door (not as good as Muz’ hole). Apparently someone built an underground carpark, but forgot the drainage so now it’s an underground reservoir. On the way home we were treated to another Hugs special – driving the wrong way down a one way street. It was a long street too.

There was a lot of Guitar Hero playing on Saturday. It’s such a boring game. Even Drift ‘n Burn is better. And I didn’t even play it.

Had a chicken roll for tea.

Saturday night I went to Torv’s partay, and it was mad, but you don’t know anything about her, so I won’t bore you. Biz and Miz went to the footy. While they were there Slim used Kimrad’s phone to call Hugs’, and Loshua answered. Gold. When we got home Hugs and I had another chicken roll.

Sunday I busted my moves on Sylv (ie. made her think of something to do for the day, made her drive, discarded her ideas of what to do – the only movie on at the film festival was Temple of Dreams.., laughed at her workmates, dragged her along to record stores, etc). We saw some guy in George street cutting off his hand. I think Sylv thought it was real, but it wasn’t. We hit The Italian Forum for a very late lunch, and the waiters were tops. Idiots, but pretty funny. The food was so-so. I ate something chicken and Sylv looked at her pasta for an hour or so. Then we made a mess by combining cheese, chili, and… the other goo on the table… bread dip? Help me out here Sylv. We’re such mature adults. (I paid. Hugs, it’s totally under control, wrapped up, sorted).

Got a message from Jez inviting me to his church that night. Decided to dog St. Davids, and convinced Sylv and Hugs to as well. Ended up hearing the practice run of the Mission In Our Own Backyard talks from Smithy. What a bonus. Then went home and had a chicken roll. And tried to talk about the Arabs, but it didn’t work. Instead we watched a comedy about the special Olympics. It wasn’t funny.

Monday I headed over to PTC for a bit. Turns out pretty much everyone was there. Junj, Loshua (only for the free lunch), and Trent. Small world.

Then I one-stopped it home again. Uneventful trip except for a while where I drove at eighty on an undivided section of road just to annoy a truck that was tailgating me, to the point where he started flashing his lights at me. After a while we hit a hill, and I gunned it. Left him in my Holden Corolla dust.

I highly recommend random/irrelevant/irreverent trips to Sydney, on a regular basis.

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Say What Again!

June 26, 2007

This post isn’t going to be very original but hey It’s my site so I can do what I want. Juts like my last post, I want you guys to name your top 15 (10 was too hard) favourite films of all time. I think this will be a lot easier than the songs. Once again, no order. Originally I commented on each of them but it sounded crap so I have decided to just list them. In brackets is my rating out of 10.

Shawshank Redemption
– (9)

Pulp Fiction– (9)

Flying High-(7)

Flying High 2– (7)

Life is Beautiful
– (8)

Donnie Darko

The Untouchables– (8.5)

American Beauty

The Departed– (9)

Little Miss Sunshine
– (8.5)

Sin City– (8)

V for Vendetta
– (8.5)

Crash– (9)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail– (7.5)

Goodfellas– (8)

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June 26, 2007

whilst you’re waiting for a proper post, here’s a game you can play that hugs and i have been enjoying.

Drift ‘n’ Burn 365
Play Games
at Shockwave

(note: it opens in it’s own little window thing, so if you have a pop-up blocker maybe it won’t work. i don’t really know about these sort of things, ask tricky)

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here they are!

June 22, 2007

As i promised before here are the photos from my big shave. Anyway I am sped at putting photos up so I will do it and tricky can fix it later. Michale Stipe, Peter Garrett and Billy Corgan? Nah I am way cooler. The quality sucks but whatever.

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where’s your head at?

June 22, 2007

Well as a lot of you may know, In a couple of weeks myself and josh will be coming down for a little visit to Albury. Anyway that is not what this post is about. A couple of weeks ago a good mate of mine was diagnosed with leukemia, very sad. Anyway heaps of people from my school decided to raise money by shaving their heads. At first i was hesitant, but then I decided to do it. Everyone doing it decided to gun a number one, very short hair. I decided to go the ‘full monty’ so to speak. Last night, with the help of my sister, I went bald. It took ages and really stung and a fair bit of blood was involved but I am happy with the outcome. Now when I go down and look like an alien, I won’t have to explain it like 1000 times why I am bald. It is very cold but the enjoyment i get from slapping my head makes it all worth while.

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Fizzle Not Fizzling / The Kicky On! Resurgence

June 22, 2007

It seems that Fizzle has stumbled upon good times!

The above graph of visitors to this site is a whole lot more impressive than the last graph that got posted.

The upturn in visits directly corresponded to the Winter Camp recap posts, and since then the authors have been on fire – a post every one or two days – keeping the new boat afloat.

This direct correspondence between posts and popularity is a complete coincidence. You, the visitor, are always responsible for Miz and Biz’ egos statistics. So keep coming back, because things are looking up.

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fat cop

June 21, 2007

Today myself and a couple of mates went to the servo opposite my school to get some snacks for lunch. On the way out my mate, who had bought a packet of chips and they were hanging out of his pant pocket, a guy walks up behind us and pulls a cop badge out of his pocket (he was obviously undercover). He then asked my mate “Have you paid for those chips”? My mate said yes but after he couldn’t produce a receipt because he wasn’t given one they made him go back into the store to verify it. At this time I was laughing, because it is obviously very funny getting investigated by the ‘ undercover chip cops’. One of the cops asked me “What’s so funny?” I described how and he said “It’s not funny!”. To which I replied “Sorry” which he further replied “Don’t say sorry!”. Anyway we finally left to the death stares of these coppers. They must have had a really bad week.

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