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June 20, 2007

The other day I read some random guy’s blog about his top ten favourite songs of all time. After some careful consideration I have decided to make my own ‘top ten’ list. Some entries might be stereotypical, some you might agree with or some you might totally disagree with. Anyway this
is mine, feel free to comment and post your own top ten. They are in no particular order.

1- Radiohead- Creep

An obvious inclusion. A great slow song but when it kicks in, it really kicks in. Must admit that the uncensored version is a preference.

2- Come Together- The Beatles

I am quite of a fan of the Beatles, and this is a true classic. Bass line is truly awesome. Honourable mention to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” who just missed out.

3- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Green Day

A great song before Green Day decided to go ‘political’.

4- Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

Well what to say? I can admit that when I have been feeling sad and have heard this song I have cried before, no shame in that. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals, a truly beautiful song.

5- Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

A soothing and relaxing song. Was to be originally called ‘ Brown Skinned Girl’, but that was deemed too racist.

6- Billy Joel- Pianoman

Another oldie. Hey i like my old skool songs. “They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”

7- The Cranberries- Zombie

My dad used to play this song all the time when my sister and I were young. Makes sense really. A song about death and war for young kids. How appropriate.

8- Never Met a Girl Like You- Edwin Collins

A huuuggee one hit wonder. Nothing beats a good one hit wonder.

9- BB King and U2- When Love Comes to Town

Tricky will like this inclusion. A great duet with two superstars.

10- She Drives Me Crazy- Fine Young Cannibals

My favourite song out of the 1980’s. Addictive and fun to sing along with.

Anyway I’m sure I have missed out on a lot but I am pretty satisfied with my list. Obviously most are either old songs (70’s/ 80’s) or 90’s, which is the greatest decade for music in my opinion. Anyway what do you think?

Mizzle’s Top Ten.

Huw encouraged me to add my top ten, so, even though he’ll call me a loser, here it is. (again, not in any particular order.)

top ten:

Warsaw — Joy Division
One of my favourite bands, I first discovered Joy Division through someone recommending them to me, but when i told that person i’d bought Joy Division’s Substance, (a best of) they said they hadn’t heard of them. Now i have no idea who suggested them to me, but they really are one of my favourites. Warsaw is from their early years, a heavier, almost punk song, written before their most famous song (love will tear us apart) and before their progression to a post-punk synth band.

Roseability — Idlewild
An (obviously) tricky suggested song. I don’t get the whole gertrude stein thing, but i really enjoy this song because it comforts you when you’re sad, and inspires you when you’re happy.

Bandages — Hot Hot Heat
I first thought Hot Hot Heat were a lame emo-indie-pop canadian group with only one decent song (Goodnight Goodnight), but then on the train down to albury hugs played me this song of theirs. Changed my view of them, and i quite like this song

The Coast is always Changing — Maxïmo Park
One of my all time favourites. The first song i heard by Maxïmo Park, and still my favourite song of theirs. Seeing the ‘park august 15th, should be heaps good.

Trampoline — The Grates
Aussie indie rock/pop done right, though some don’t agree. Also one of the best live performances i’ve been to. I like this song because of its simpleness, and awkward sexual connotations. And also the fact that Patience wrote it on the toilet.

The Story of Bo Diddley — The Animals
Whilst “House of the rising son” is definitely their most famous song, the Animals have many other good songs. This my favourite, a song about “the story of Bo diddley, and the rest of the rock n roll scene in general”. The animals were one of a few white blues bands, although [blues legend] Sonny Boy Williamson said of them “These white boys want to pay the blues so bad — and boy, do they play it bad.”

Can’t Stand Me Now — The Libertines
Ah, the Libertines. The band that first introduced me to the wonders of Brit rock, and even though Pete Doherty is a drug addicted shell of a man, whilst part of the libertines he made some fine music. The first song off the second album, this song has been a favourite for the past 3 or 4 years now.

My Adidas — Run DMC
To those of you that are thinking, “Run DMC? what a loser”, i say yep, fair call. But the fact of the matter is, I love this song, and 80s/90s gangsta rap is awesome. If interested, also check out NWA and Body Count.

Grounds for divorce — Wolf Parade
Another Canadian indie pop group? yeah, oh well. First heard this song a while ago on triple j and loved it, then forgot about it for a while. Got it recently and remembered just how much it fills my heart with joy. I also quite like the side project of Spencer Krug (the singer), Sunset Rubdown.

22 Grand Job — The Rakes
anther one of my favourite Brits, the rakes are one of those bands that i keep forgetting how much i like. not so much their new stuff, but oh well. every time i put on this album (capture/release) i have a good time.

So there you go. What does it say about me? that i’d rather be living in london than Sydney? hopefully not. That i’m a pretentious wannabe music nerd? probably.
missing the final cut were Architecture in helsinki, Bob Marley, the Black Keys, Cornelius (who took me up on stage in front of a sell-out crowd when i saw him live), the clash, the Datsuns, Dick Dale & the Deltones, the Ramones (shameful, because of what little punker girls have done to them, but hey i guess they were one of the first pop-punk bands… i dunno, anyway, i like them), Supergrass, The Unicorns and also Volcano I’m still excited!! (the exclamations are part of the name, not me expressing my love for them).

Tricky’s Top Ten

Okay, by popular request, here’s my entirely boring top ten, in no order.

1. Roseability by Idlewild

Just awesome. No idea why.

2. Along The Run by Art of Fighting

Tears me open. I have cried many times while listening to this song.

3. Creep by Radiohead

See what Huey said.

4. I do by Placebo (or Commercial for Levi by Placebo)

Placebo make me wish I was gay. Sort of. I Do probably just pips out Commercial for Levi, though the latter wins a lot of points for awkwardness.

5. From the Sea by Eskimo Joe

Perfect pop song.

6. Not the Same by Ben Folds

“…when religion and drugs meet back on the other side.”

7. No Children by The Mountain Goats

Yep, I’ve cried quite a few times while listening to this one too.

8. Monument by Gyroscope or I Found That Essence Rare by Idlewild

I can put these in the same category because they are both cover songs, the former originally by Jebediah and the latter by Gang of Four. Awesome songs. I’ve cried listening to Monument too (why am I doing a ‘cry status’ for each song?).

9. She Get’s Up or Good Dog by TZU

TZU made me love hip-hop.

10. Rock Boys by The Grates.

This song makes no sense, is not catchy, and … I have no idea why I like it so much.

Yep, So I totally cheated at this game, but hey, whatever. The tracks that narrowly missed out are all here.

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  1. Not bad. Yeah good work on U2 & B.B. King. Though of your list probably only Creep would be in my top ten.

    Comment by tricky — June 20, 2007 #

  2. you forgot majic johnson by red hot chili peppers

    Comment by winky — June 20, 2007 #

  3. no its magic with a g not j
    i cant

    Comment by winky — June 20, 2007 #

  4. Nice, out of all of them Zombie, Hallelujah and Good Riddance are my favs :)

    Comment by kimrad — June 20, 2007 #

  5. lol ive got to admit i have only heard 3 of them! but im sure there all good! my mum use to play pianoman on the piano for us when we were younger. good riddance is just a classic aswell as hallelujah by jeff buckley-awesome songs!

    Comment by Jo — June 20, 2007 #


    Comment by winky — June 20, 2007 #

  7. Pianoman is easily my favourite from those, Hallelujah not too far behind.

    Haven’t heard of any of Josh’s songs though…

    Comment by Andrew — June 20, 2007 #

  8. Kicky on Josh! Roseability all the way! And The Grates! Awkward sexual connotations? Heh, the sexual connotations are pretty straight forward. Also, I second what Winky said; BANDAGES YESSSSSSS!!

    Comment by Tricky — June 20, 2007 #

  9. Yeah bandages is a pretty awesome song. Anyway tricky hurry up and outdo me and miz.

    Comment by bizzle — June 20, 2007 #

  10. yeah tricky, show us up with your top ten.
    gaarn, do it.

    Comment by tha JC Mizzle — June 20, 2007 #

  11. lol, I know just about none of those songs

    Comment by Ez — June 21, 2007 #

  12. And tricky is some kind of music legend why?

    Comment by H — June 21, 2007 #

  13. Joy Division. Hell Yes.

    I never new Mizzle liked such good music. When I heard Warsaw on Tony Hawk that made me get Substance when i randomly saw it at a pawn shop for 8 bucks.

    so yeah.

    Comment by Josh Rayson — July 4, 2007 #

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