Fizzle Not Fizzling / The Kicky On! Resurgence

June 22, 2007

It seems that Fizzle has stumbled upon good times!

The above graph of visitors to this site is a whole lot more impressive than the last graph that got posted.

The upturn in visits directly corresponded to the Winter Camp recap posts, and since then the authors have been on fire – a post every one or two days – keeping the new boat afloat.

This direct correspondence between posts and popularity is a complete coincidence. You, the visitor, are always responsible for Miz and Biz’ egos statistics. So keep coming back, because things are looking up.

:: By Tricky HotStuff 4 Comments


  1. Kicky on to that!

    Comment by huw bizzle — June 22, 2007 #

  2. hey tricky, what does the graph measure?
    is it views from different computers or simply page views? (ie, could i sit here clicking refresh all day for an ultimate graph?)

    Comment by Joshua — June 22, 2007 #

  3. I think one author in particular is on fire becasue he’s on holidays and HASN’T GOT A JOB YET

    Comment by Ez — June 23, 2007 #

  4. Joshua it’s total page visits. The graph that measures unique visitors is not very exciting – the highest day is only 13, heh. So, yep, you could refresh it and it’d go up.

    Comment by Tricky — June 23, 2007 #

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