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June 20, 2007

The other day I read some random guy’s blog about his top ten favourite songs of all time. After some careful consideration I have decided to make my own ‘top ten’ list. Some entries might be stereotypical, some you might agree with or some you might totally disagree with. Anyway this
is mine, feel free to comment and post your own top ten. They are in no particular order.

1- Radiohead- Creep

An obvious inclusion. A great slow song but when it kicks in, it really kicks in. Must admit that the uncensored version is a preference.

2- Come Together- The Beatles

I am quite of a fan of the Beatles, and this is a true classic. Bass line is truly awesome. Honourable mention to “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” who just missed out.

3- Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Green Day

A great song before Green Day decided to go ‘political’.

4- Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah

Well what to say? I can admit that when I have been feeling sad and have heard this song I have cried before, no shame in that. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals, a truly beautiful song.

5- Van Morrison- Brown Eyed Girl

A soothing and relaxing song. Was to be originally called ‘ Brown Skinned Girl’, but that was deemed too racist.

6- Billy Joel- Pianoman

Another oldie. Hey i like my old skool songs. “They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”

7- The Cranberries- Zombie

My dad used to play this song all the time when my sister and I were young. Makes sense really. A song about death and war for young kids. How appropriate.

8- Never Met a Girl Like You- Edwin Collins

A huuuggee one hit wonder. Nothing beats a good one hit wonder.

9- BB King and U2- When Love Comes to Town

Tricky will like this inclusion. A great duet with two superstars.

10- She Drives Me Crazy- Fine Young Cannibals

My favourite song out of the 1980’s. Addictive and fun to sing along with.

Anyway I’m sure I have missed out on a lot but I am pretty satisfied with my list. Obviously most are either old songs (70’s/ 80’s) or 90’s, which is the greatest decade for music in my opinion. Anyway what do you think?

Mizzle’s Top Ten.

Huw encouraged me to add my top ten, so, even though he’ll call me a loser, here it is. (again, not in any particular order.)

top ten:

Warsaw — Joy Division
One of my favourite bands, I first discovered Joy Division through someone recommending them to me, but when i told that person i’d bought Joy Division’s Substance, (a best of) they said they hadn’t heard of them. Now i have no idea who suggested them to me, but they really are one of my favourites. Warsaw is from their early years, a heavier, almost punk song, written before their most famous song (love will tear us apart) and before their progression to a post-punk synth band.

Roseability — Idlewild
An (obviously) tricky suggested song. I don’t get the whole gertrude stein thing, but i really enjoy this song because it comforts you when you’re sad, and inspires you when you’re happy.

Bandages — Hot Hot Heat
I first thought Hot Hot Heat were a lame emo-indie-pop canadian group with only one decent song (Goodnight Goodnight), but then on the train down to albury hugs played me this song of theirs. Changed my view of them, and i quite like this song

The Coast is always Changing — Maxïmo Park
One of my all time favourites. The first song i heard by Maxïmo Park, and still my favourite song of theirs. Seeing the ‘park august 15th, should be heaps good.

Trampoline — The Grates
Aussie indie rock/pop done right, though some don’t agree. Also one of the best live performances i’ve been to. I like this song because of its simpleness, and awkward sexual connotations. And also the fact that Patience wrote it on the toilet.

The Story of Bo Diddley — The Animals
Whilst “House of the rising son” is definitely their most famous song, the Animals have many other good songs. This my favourite, a song about “the story of Bo diddley, and the rest of the rock n roll scene in general”. The animals were one of a few white blues bands, although [blues legend] Sonny Boy Williamson said of them “These white boys want to pay the blues so bad — and boy, do they play it bad.”

Can’t Stand Me Now — The Libertines
Ah, the Libertines. The band that first introduced me to the wonders of Brit rock, and even though Pete Doherty is a drug addicted shell of a man, whilst part of the libertines he made some fine music. The first song off the second album, this song has been a favourite for the past 3 or 4 years now.

My Adidas — Run DMC
To those of you that are thinking, “Run DMC? what a loser”, i say yep, fair call. But the fact of the matter is, I love this song, and 80s/90s gangsta rap is awesome. If interested, also check out NWA and Body Count.

Grounds for divorce — Wolf Parade
Another Canadian indie pop group? yeah, oh well. First heard this song a while ago on triple j and loved it, then forgot about it for a while. Got it recently and remembered just how much it fills my heart with joy. I also quite like the side project of Spencer Krug (the singer), Sunset Rubdown.

22 Grand Job — The Rakes
anther one of my favourite Brits, the rakes are one of those bands that i keep forgetting how much i like. not so much their new stuff, but oh well. every time i put on this album (capture/release) i have a good time.

So there you go. What does it say about me? that i’d rather be living in london than Sydney? hopefully not. That i’m a pretentious wannabe music nerd? probably.
missing the final cut were Architecture in helsinki, Bob Marley, the Black Keys, Cornelius (who took me up on stage in front of a sell-out crowd when i saw him live), the clash, the Datsuns, Dick Dale & the Deltones, the Ramones (shameful, because of what little punker girls have done to them, but hey i guess they were one of the first pop-punk bands… i dunno, anyway, i like them), Supergrass, The Unicorns and also Volcano I’m still excited!! (the exclamations are part of the name, not me expressing my love for them).

Tricky’s Top Ten

Okay, by popular request, here’s my entirely boring top ten, in no order.

1. Roseability by Idlewild

Just awesome. No idea why.

2. Along The Run by Art of Fighting

Tears me open. I have cried many times while listening to this song.

3. Creep by Radiohead

See what Huey said.

4. I do by Placebo (or Commercial for Levi by Placebo)

Placebo make me wish I was gay. Sort of. I Do probably just pips out Commercial for Levi, though the latter wins a lot of points for awkwardness.

5. From the Sea by Eskimo Joe

Perfect pop song.

6. Not the Same by Ben Folds

“…when religion and drugs meet back on the other side.”

7. No Children by The Mountain Goats

Yep, I’ve cried quite a few times while listening to this one too.

8. Monument by Gyroscope or I Found That Essence Rare by Idlewild

I can put these in the same category because they are both cover songs, the former originally by Jebediah and the latter by Gang of Four. Awesome songs. I’ve cried listening to Monument too (why am I doing a ‘cry status’ for each song?).

9. She Get’s Up or Good Dog by TZU

TZU made me love hip-hop.

10. Rock Boys by The Grates.

This song makes no sense, is not catchy, and … I have no idea why I like it so much.

Yep, So I totally cheated at this game, but hey, whatever. The tracks that narrowly missed out are all here.

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June 19, 2007

well, something that hugs and i have known for a long time has finally been proven by science. Apparently our apple juice addiction is the reason we can both breathe so well, since UK scientists have discovered a link between apple juice and reducing asthma symptoms for asthma sufferers. Incredibly enough;

“Children who drank apple juice from concentrate at least once a day were at 47 per cent lower risk of wheezing than children who drank apple juice less than once a month.”
-Dr Seif Shaheen of the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London

(full story here)

Even though neither of us suffer from asthma, i’d like to think that my fine breathing form is due to my only regular intake of a fruit like product, apple juice.
we’d be pretty set if someone now discovered that homebush chips improves heart function or summat similar.

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sunshine highway

June 16, 2007

Well it’s Saturday afternoon and I should be studying for about four impending assessments but I have decided to take advantage of fizzles emergence as a truly superior site to rosie(graph that tricky!) Anyway today I decided to boxtel it, one of those foxtel movies you buy, except with the package we have we get two free a month. Anyway I decided to watch Little Miss Sunshine. At first I was skeptical but once it started i knew i had made a truly good decision. It’s about a really dysfunctional family, like really really dysfunctional family, who go on a mad road trip. What makes it so good are the variety of characters; the evil obnoxious dad, the rebellious son, the suicidal uncle the conventional mother, the (awesomely) straight shooting grandpa and the innocent daughter. Anyway I won’t talk more about the plot but I really suggest that you see it. It’s one of those movies that will probably be studied in school in 5 years time, unfortunately I wont get that chance to study it.

Anyway see it, anything with Steve Carrell is good, “you’re invited to the pants party”!

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June 15, 2007


check out my leet photochopping skillz

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don’t talk to me

June 12, 2007

Mizzle’s Review:
Now that i finally have teh internets, i can give my review of the winter camp. the trip up down was quick and most enjoyable given the bora’s heated seats. once arrived though, i was given a swift kick to the baby makers because i wasn’t allowed to spend the camp in hug’s and mine planned shared bed, being forced down to juniors. first i thought, nahs its all good, i’ll go with the trixta, but then i was told us oldies would be with the married couples. oh well. i got to be with soldier and junj, as well as slim and nathan. slim and his finley mates accomplices bullied me no end, and even though i could’ve taken them easy i let them feel cool for a bit. It was also quite enjoyable watching sol (in all seriousness) telling off his leader (slim) and telling us to calm down and get to sleep. at one point i thought slim was gonna bash him, but his self control saved any blues. bummer.

one of the advantages of being friends with taters is that he has a car and was also lazy enough to drive it between campsites. the regulars were taters, luke’s hole, huw and i, leaving room for one more. the first time we had the misfortune of BearFoot™, but once we reeled in brett as a regular and paddy as a once only, the trips were more enjoyable.

my group was average, but at least our leaders had a fight heated discussion on modern day prophesy. i’m glad to say that the presbyterians won.

during the camp i came to realization that hugs is somewhat of a lady killer, (although i think we all knew that already). when he’s not kickyin’ on (or hooking up as van dizzle would put it) i think his life ceases to have meaning. His infatuation with christine grew with each meal and subsequent phantom of the opera discussion, to the point where next time we’re down, we’re gonna be watching said film/musical. don’t hate the playa, just hate the game. my aim in life is to be as sweet with the ladies as hugs/ral is, but i doubt anyone could match his manly prowess. [notable exception of pads o’loughlin]

also deserving a mention are joel and micah, and teasing ford about being a dad.

all in all, camp was fairly rad.

Bizzle’s Review:

well i feel inclined to give a wrap up of winter camp 2007. Well things didn’t start well. When we got there mizzle heard, much to his dismay, that he was to be sleeping down at juniors because he was out of school. my room was good with myself having constant access to luke’s hole, andrew’s lollies and phone on one occasion, ben’s guitar/singing skills and of course duncan’s (aka paddy) rugged Irish looks and his constant humour. a special mention must go to my study leader brett with his good looks and sophisticated Seth Efrican/British accent. the meals were good the sessions average and sunday night well, let’s just say it was no revive concert. the talk on Sunday night was good but seem to have dragged on a bit. i would have to say though that the best part of the camp were mike’s (senior) talks. I’m not going to go into detail but St Davids should never have let him go. the extra free time was good but at times i got quite bored easily. things that i didn’t like were little access to tricky, distance between seniors and juniors and the fact i had to be around people i didn’t like, “don’t talk to us!” i’m sure i have missed some stuff so feel free to add your views.

edit- plus i got to see sylvia again which is always awesome and we all wait to hear the announcement guys.

Tricky’s Review:

So, Winter Camp.

This was one of the best Winter Camps I’ve ever been on. The new venue was sweet.

The drive up on Friday was pretty funny. Most of the NSW coast was in the middle of a hurricane, which kept things interesting.

Let’s play ‘Who Am I?’.

“Daddy how far away is Gundagai?

“Daddy are we going to stop at Gundagai?

“Daddy how far away is Yass?

“Daddy are we going to stop at Yass?

“Aah! That car just went straight in front of us! Did you see that Daddy?

“Don’t change lanes here! That’s oncoming traffic!

“Have you got your lights on? Everyone else does.”

I love Wienckes.

I got switched to junior camp, much to the dismay of Huey and Joshua. Jeremy arrived late so we couldn’t sleep in the same bed dorm. The kiddos in my room were mad quiet. I just told them to sleep and they did.

The food was pretty alright for camp food. I ate tonnes of breakfast so I didn’t need much lunch or tea (they are always much more of a gamble than breakfast). Bacon, (fake) scrambled eggs, and a massive bowl of porridge and yoghurt (not the disaster you would imagine).

My co-leader Kristina was ridiculously immature, and spent most of her time burping, cracking her joints, throwing M&Ms, and slopping food on herself. But she likes Arrested Development, so she’s alright in my books. Plus she won The Keys to Awkward Town at one stage.

My study group was pretty quiet, but they got pumped for all the activities. They also enjoyed throwing things at each other. Including M&Ms, and gum nuts. Nick hit himself in the head with an iron bar at one stage, and we kicked butt in a few of the competition games, even though our average height was 1.3 metres, and Kristina bought our average coordination down to ‘two weeks before birth’ level.

One game involved having nail polish applied. When I got home I discovered that my sister doesn’t have any nail polish, and hence no nail polish remover, as she realises she doesn’t need nail polish to be awesome. Which is cool, except that nail polish is not something I normally wear to work. Sylvia saved the day with an idea, and I spent half an hour with some Methylated Spirits, and it was faded enough for no one to notice.

The talks were great, the last one was especially good, some pretty simple yet heavy stuff about the end times and what that means for our relationship with God was explained with good clarity.

The last night was tops. Best in recent years. Some racist Asian guy spoke, and he was amusing enough. He didn’t pump up the emo or anything, and just explained facts with clear illustration. The band was poor I’m afraid. I got up to the front row and yelled for Revive at Yager, and got an awesome amount of weird looks which entertained me no end. Crazily enough, Andrew and Nat accompanied me, and Andy had a bit of a yell at Yager too. Heh, gold.

The main highlight of that night, and indeed the whole camp, was Josh’s call during the bzzt game. In a moment of silence before the first action he said, as only he can, ‘Ooh, I pre-empted it’. You definitely had to be there, but in the situation – I was already laughing quite a bit – I fell on the floor and cried.

After the game, Jeremy, Sylvia, Lucas, (I love) Lynda, Nathan, and I hung out and just laughed at random stuff. There’s something about a group of way overtired ‘adults’ sitting and doing nothing but act like ten year olds.

Other highlights included Muz’s hole (always a winner), and Huw joking about me marrying Sylvia and then saying “Seriously, do it” as if saying that would actually make me do it right then and there.

On the way home we stopped at the Niagara Cafe, which was hilariously funny, but that’s too hard to explain. Kimrad, TT, and Laurizzle get it.

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big thweetie

June 2, 2007


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