July 31, 2007

Am I the only one who is confused with NSW’s stupid HSC format? Maybe I don’t fully understand it. You battle it out over four terms, not helping friends cause goodness knows what will happen if they getter a better rank than you and are advantaged. Once the ranks are done, all your work in not revealing information is undone as you are encouraged to help everyone because everyones marks goes up if everyone does well. Maybe that is only lost on me. In my opinion the whole HSC is flawed. The assigned texts are generally boring and always seem to be packed with feminist rubbish to appease all those middle aged female English teachers. There is also too much to learn in some subjects. Why not teach less but in more detail? There is far too much pressure for the actual end-of-year HSC exams as they make up a massive percentage of the overall weighting. To get a gauge of this just look at me. For 12 years I had been going to school before this year. I never took it seriously, always mucked up never cared about how I went. Now, in year 12, I am stressed to the point where I forcefully make myself study copious amounts. Heck I am even seeing a psychologist. I obviously aren’t smart/well informed or could even be bothered changing the system but I just feel that a change would be welcome, not that I care as I only have 26 more days of school in my life.

In brighter news today I discovered that I only need a 65 UAI to get into the course I want. Yay!

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cut cut cut

July 29, 2007

I saw the Simpsons movie. It was alright, i laughed a bit. But I was more frustrated then fulfilled. As some of you may know, in the movie you see Bart naked and you actually see his cartoon penis. Now I am not one who is deeply offended by nudity or gets cut when people kiss in movies, but what did annoy me was how non-Simpson’s this action was. In over 400 episodes, with the same PG rating as the movie, there has never been one showing of any particular part while a character is nude. It was not an isolated incident but I won’t go into further details. It annoyed me how the producers had to do something like that because it was a movie. Many people have questioned the rating of the movie yet it remained at PG. A spokesperson from the British Board of Film Classification stated, “It will sail over most children’s heads”. Great justification there. They then ignorantly asked “”The Simpsons is really for grown-ups, isn’t it?”. It’s disappointing that this sub-par film had to resort to sexuality when it is clear the writers have the potential, as shown in the past, to create some really funny material. That’s my rant.

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July 29, 2007

Last night was the most entertaining dinner of my life. It really lived up to the hype (see below post). In the end nine of us went to this restaurant in the Wood. It started as us all sitting around at a table, with a massive hot plate in the middle. First we ordered drinks and myself and Gav had the ingenious idea of ordering a jug between us, whereas others had only gone a glass each, the glasses were quite small. The first thing that came was a salad, but salads are boring. Next was Miso Soup. It was absolutely feral. I don’t really know how to describe the taste, actually i do…feral. Our cook man who was indeed very happy and energetic then started cooking chicken, fish and prawns. The prawns has the shelling and legs intact, but he got rid of it in like two chops. Fish was alright prawns were good. Chicken was quite nice as well. By this time he had started some theatrics such as throwing pepper, drumming salt and so on. Garlic steak was next. It was made with like a garlic/lemon sauce and would have to be one of the best steaks I have ever had. While he was cooking these steaks he made the flames to keep our interest levels high. Fried rice was next. Now the action began heating up, pardon the pun. First he got eggs. He flattened the bottom and placed them on his salt container. He then gave each of us a bowl and he would flick it up and we had to catch it. First was a guy called Glennie. He has Teppanyaki’d liked 4 times so he caught it. The next 5 guys (even Miz) caught it. The it got to Kamal. Now some of you might know Solomon from PY (Indian/Sri Lankan) guy. Well Kamal is in my opinion Solomons long lost dad. Anyway the guy flicked it up and it had the air vent above and it was dropped. Paul with his catch caught it but a lot of it sprayed on Gav. Obviously myself and Chris caught it. Then he got us to catch a bit of egg omelet in our mouths. Most people were alright but this older guy called Bill was woeful. (I am starting to laugh). And he kept his head level instead of leaning his neck back to catch the egg. Nonetheless he didn’t catch it at all. Myself and Gav were crying laughing and on the verge of piddling. Then we had to catch a bowl full of rice. Most people did it, but when i caught it, it went over my jumper. It was good rice at least. The funniest part
was when the guy gave Kamal a bowl and flicked tiny pieces of egg at him and he had to catch it in the bowl. He failed but it was utter hilarious. Anyway I am lazy and tired so other people can fill you in on other details.

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Turning Japanese

July 24, 2007

This Saturday evening for our church mens gathering (cause I am such a man) we are going to a Teppanyaki restaurant. Now anyone who knows me well will tell you that I don’t really enjoy Asian food. The concept of that many vegetables, no potato, turns myself and mizzle off a tad. So why am i paying $28? Well It turns out the chefs prepare the food in front of you, and wait for it… throw it at you. Maybe to you, who cares? So 15 of us from church are going to pay to get food thrown at us. We are all quite pumped about it, after all, at the last mens ministry dinner we saw the lead singer from Thirsty Merc (aka the guy with the sleazy mo). On Sunday night after church i was entertained by one of the elders who retold the incident where his friend, who will be coming on Saturday, went to Teppanyaki in a rain coat. I’m thinking that is a good idea. Only time will tell how fun it is. I think miz is just looking forward to it to test out the famous “snatch” method of catching. I’ll tell you how it goes.

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Crazy On You

July 18, 2007

Today marked my third visit to the psychologist. I got the time stuffed.. for some reason I thought it took an hour to get there, when it only takes 30 minutes… I really am crazy. Sat round for a while reading all about Britney’s cellulite, Paris’ sex romps and Jennifer Garner’s fatness… Gotta love the gossip mags. Quite an uneventful session. The highlight would have to be her explaining me smelling something nice while practicing breathing. She gave the example of spaghetti bolognese… I feel for you now Sylvia with the racial stereotypes. That was about it really. I wish I had some awkward anecdote but I don’t. Ill keep you posted. Don’t let this post absorb your comments from Josh’s post… that will make him quite sad.

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harry wears trousers

July 18, 2007

so, i went to see that new harry potter film last night. I should note that i’ve not read any of the books, or seen any of the other movies, so it didn’t always make sense, but it was enjoyable enough.

we got there a little bit later than expected, because somehow huw managed to convince martha and i that we should go in alan. we met taters and rat there, and since hugs owed me money from the last petrol fill-up, he payed for me. even though technically it was my money, it felt like i was getting a free ticket.

hugs and i decided to get some food to take in, since we hadn’t had tea yet. the chick at oportos took extra long to cook our food, which meant our seats weren’t too good. i made a rad ‘hot: you are’ joke at nat eating chips, and taters said i’d better watch myself, but it was worth it (i could take him anyway). then huw tried to smuggle his food into the movies and almost lost his ticket.

the movie was funny at some points (even when it wasn’t meant to be) and not too bad overall. the talked up kiss was an anti-climax, especially cos harry kissed some asian/scottish chick when i thought he supposed to be kickying on with the other famous one. there was also some crazy chick who heard voices and saw bat-horses, who reminded me of two girls from my year back in school. they were a tad weird, but then so was the chick in the movie.

so would i recommend it? crikey, (swear jar?) i don’t know, if you’re into that sort of thing, why not. i didn’t mind it, even though i did have some pre-conceived ideas of what it would be like, so maybe you’d like it too.

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Frontier Psychiatrist

July 13, 2007

So I am seeing a shrink. It’s nothing serious, I just have these anxiety attacks occasionally. They aren’t really bad but nonetheless my doc referred me to a shrink for some sessions. Today was my second session. The first one, last week, was pretty boring, just this female gathering tonnes of background information, some awkward such as my operation I had when I was young on a specific part of my body… “it’s my body.” Anyway today I had another 1 hour session. Why is is that these mental health professionals continually ask questions with obvious answers and when that obvious answer is given praise beyond belief much be given… positive re-enforcement overkill. Anyway she gave me a mad caveman example with all these diagrams which was fun. Anyway coming to the end of the session she started talking about the ‘treatment’ of anxiety. Eradicating anxiety is wrong as everyone is anxious to an extent and that is normal and it helps you fight big nasty wild animals, as shown in her example. So you aren’t allowed me to tease me about being mentally ill because anxiety is normal… or something like that. Anyway back to the treatment. I told her I used to be fit but now I am not at all and she saw that as a possible reason for anxiety or that when I exercised it masked my anxiety. So in terms of treatment she is going to make me, cause I have no control, exercise. What a gyp hey? Anyway other treatment paths include breathing exercises, relaxation and thinking in different ways. She also told me about “the gold old days” when ethics in medicine were non-existent and they could do almost anything with patients, I wish I was around in those days. So yeah it appears I am going to have to keep seeing this woman for a few more sessions, of which she seems to think i will ” enjoy a lot.” I will continue posting funny moments and my development as I strive to be “normal” again. So not worth the exercise though!

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pants: off mode

July 7, 2007

before hugs and i made the big trip down, we stopped off to watch Artha May play some women’s soccer at unsw. Also at the game were some fifth year chiropractic students getting some experience on the injured soccer playas. Since huw’s dad is their lecturer, he paid for hugs and i to get some chiro done. When he told us this, we thought of the doctor on scrubs who always makes his patients take their pants off, even when totally unnecessary. Rodzilla gave us comfort by saying that wouldn’t have to take our pants off.

so we went up stairs into this large open room with some of those mad beds with the face holes. we had to fill out some waivers and tell them where it hurts. seeing as i had no real pains, i went for the old lower back pain. i got some mid 30s guy, and huwie got a mad canadian chick. my guy got me to do some stretches and discovered that (surprise surprise) my hamstrings were terrible. he sits me up and says “i’m just going to have check something with my supervisor”. now i’m getting a bit worried, cos maybe my legs are that bad that i have to get something done. then he says “i’m just checking, because i want to massage your legs, but since you’re wearing jeans you’ll have to take your pants off and put a gown on”.

a chill ran down my spine, since i remembered that that morning i put on old undies, since i was saving my nice jocks for the trip.
sensing something was wrong, huw looks up from his bed and asked what was wrong, to which i emphatically replied, “the pants are coming off!”
then i remembered that this was an open room and since i had near shouted the above statement, all the people in the room (10-15 or so) looked at me.

so my guy gave me a disposable little hospital gown thing and told to go get changed in the bathroom. i had a little trouble working out which way was front, but after two or three changes i settled on front opening, so that i could hold it closed with my hands, rather than just relying on the single waist belt thing that came with it.

i walked back in, glowing white legs signaling my re-arrival into the room. i found the gown to be much too small, and and the masseur’s hands very cold, especially with the special massage sauce he used. it also hurt sometimes.
the most awkward bit was when he cracked my back, which meant i was splayed out for the chick on the bed next to me, and the gown did nothing to hide my shame.

then it was over, and i got to my pants back on, very much regretting that i didn’t wear shorts undies that day.

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