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July 7, 2007

before hugs and i made the big trip down, we stopped off to watch Artha May play some women’s soccer at unsw. Also at the game were some fifth year chiropractic students getting some experience on the injured soccer playas. Since huw’s dad is their lecturer, he paid for hugs and i to get some chiro done. When he told us this, we thought of the doctor on scrubs who always makes his patients take their pants off, even when totally unnecessary. Rodzilla gave us comfort by saying that wouldn’t have to take our pants off.

so we went up stairs into this large open room with some of those mad beds with the face holes. we had to fill out some waivers and tell them where it hurts. seeing as i had no real pains, i went for the old lower back pain. i got some mid 30s guy, and huwie got a mad canadian chick. my guy got me to do some stretches and discovered that (surprise surprise) my hamstrings were terrible. he sits me up and says “i’m just going to have check something with my supervisor”. now i’m getting a bit worried, cos maybe my legs are that bad that i have to get something done. then he says “i’m just checking, because i want to massage your legs, but since you’re wearing jeans you’ll have to take your pants off and put a gown on”.

a chill ran down my spine, since i remembered that that morning i put on old undies, since i was saving my nice jocks for the trip.
sensing something was wrong, huw looks up from his bed and asked what was wrong, to which i emphatically replied, “the pants are coming off!”
then i remembered that this was an open room and since i had near shouted the above statement, all the people in the room (10-15 or so) looked at me.

so my guy gave me a disposable little hospital gown thing and told to go get changed in the bathroom. i had a little trouble working out which way was front, but after two or three changes i settled on front opening, so that i could hold it closed with my hands, rather than just relying on the single waist belt thing that came with it.

i walked back in, glowing white legs signaling my re-arrival into the room. i found the gown to be much too small, and and the masseur’s hands very cold, especially with the special massage sauce he used. it also hurt sometimes.
the most awkward bit was when he cracked my back, which meant i was splayed out for the chick on the bed next to me, and the gown did nothing to hide my shame.

then it was over, and i got to my pants back on, very much regretting that i didn’t wear shorts undies that day.

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    best story in the world
    hilarious AND awkward

    Comment by daniel — July 7, 2007 #

  2. 7/7/7

    Comment by daniel — July 7, 2007 #

  3. LAWL!!!!

    Comment by H — July 7, 2007 #

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