July 29, 2007

Last night was the most entertaining dinner of my life. It really lived up to the hype (see below post). In the end nine of us went to this restaurant in the Wood. It started as us all sitting around at a table, with a massive hot plate in the middle. First we ordered drinks and myself and Gav had the ingenious idea of ordering a jug between us, whereas others had only gone a glass each, the glasses were quite small. The first thing that came was a salad, but salads are boring. Next was Miso Soup. It was absolutely feral. I don’t really know how to describe the taste, actually i do…feral. Our cook man who was indeed very happy and energetic then started cooking chicken, fish and prawns. The prawns has the shelling and legs intact, but he got rid of it in like two chops. Fish was alright prawns were good. Chicken was quite nice as well. By this time he had started some theatrics such as throwing pepper, drumming salt and so on. Garlic steak was next. It was made with like a garlic/lemon sauce and would have to be one of the best steaks I have ever had. While he was cooking these steaks he made the flames to keep our interest levels high. Fried rice was next. Now the action began heating up, pardon the pun. First he got eggs. He flattened the bottom and placed them on his salt container. He then gave each of us a bowl and he would flick it up and we had to catch it. First was a guy called Glennie. He has Teppanyaki’d liked 4 times so he caught it. The next 5 guys (even Miz) caught it. The it got to Kamal. Now some of you might know Solomon from PY (Indian/Sri Lankan) guy. Well Kamal is in my opinion Solomons long lost dad. Anyway the guy flicked it up and it had the air vent above and it was dropped. Paul with his catch caught it but a lot of it sprayed on Gav. Obviously myself and Chris caught it. Then he got us to catch a bit of egg omelet in our mouths. Most people were alright but this older guy called Bill was woeful. (I am starting to laugh). And he kept his head level instead of leaning his neck back to catch the egg. Nonetheless he didn’t catch it at all. Myself and Gav were crying laughing and on the verge of piddling. Then we had to catch a bowl full of rice. Most people did it, but when i caught it, it went over my jumper. It was good rice at least. The funniest part
was when the guy gave Kamal a bowl and flicked tiny pieces of egg at him and he had to catch it in the bowl. He failed but it was utter hilarious. Anyway I am lazy and tired so other people can fill you in on other details.

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  1. haha that really made me laugh out loud lots :D

    Comment by hannah — July 29, 2007 #

  2. yeah, it was heaps rad. i pretty stoked i didn’t end up dropping everything, i managed to fight off the urge to snatch.
    i’d have to agree that miso soup is dirty, as were the tofu chunks in it. the steak was so good, definitely the most tender steak i’ve ever had, would’ve been better if there was more of it.
    the chef’s trickies were pretty rad too, ima try and incorporate some of his style next time i’m cooking.

    Comment by mizzle — July 30, 2007 #

  3. you going to end up stabbing yourself or knocking yourself out with a pepper grinder.

    Comment by huw bizzle — July 30, 2007 #

  4. Yeah more steak and chicken would have been good. The Chef was quite hard to understand too. After the round of throwing rice in bowls at people he passed me another bowl so i thought i was for a second bowl – it took him about 4 attempts to convey the message that he was actually going to throw the rice without the bowl. Thankfully most of it stayed together and i caught 99% of it in the bowl. Certainly an entertaining way to eat, though i think that some people with slightly less coordination are required for full entertainment value.

    Comment by Andrew — July 30, 2007 #

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