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August 3, 2007

so the other day (wednesday) one of my mates from school (rowan) rang me up and asked if i wanted to go to the manning bar with him cos some band he knows was playing and he get us in for free. see he’s doing some music course at uni and he’s pretty much coming first, so his lecturer (who manages said band) put him on the door list.

so we got there, ro & i line up, and when they check my driver’s licence, the doorman checks it & goes over it with a with a UV light, even though he didn’t check anyone elses with a UV light, probably cos he thought i had a fake ID or something.

the band was Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers, who have a mad choir (well, four backing singers anyway) as part of the band. they (the whole band) were quite good, even though they were kickin’ it acoustic styles and were apparently down a member it was very nice. they seem to be going places, having just toured with kate miller-heidke, and this tour with josh pyke, as well as some solo shows.

next was old man river, who was a tad boring. even though he is somewhat more famous than C&tNW, no one was really listening to him, they were just chatting. it seemed a tad rude, but his set just dragged on. finally at the end he played his popular song (la, aka the one on the great outdoors ad), but he slowed it down to half speed, so it was again tiresome, even though he got C&tNW’s choir on to help him. bit of a disappointment, cos i kind of liked that song and thought he might be better than what he was. oh well.

the main act was josh pyke, who was really similar to old man river, but he’s why everyone else was there, so they were quietish and listened. He played well, but i only know a handful of his songs, so alot of it just blended into amorphous folky acoustic background music. he was also somewhat disappointing, maybe my expectations were too high or summat. Also, on stage it was just him, with a lamp and a glass and a bottle of wine on a side table. arty i guess, but fairly plain.
his in between song banter was ordinary, mainly just talking about how he used to go to sydney uni, and he came second in the band comp once, but now look at him etc etc. one interesting note was how he was once the roadie at the manning bar and he had to lug gelbison’s equipment up all the stairs inside, but now old man river (ohad rien, formerly of gelbison) was his support act… i’m scared to say it’s ironic, given huw’s last post, but funny none the less. that was probably his best anecdote.
at one point he asked for any requests, and straight away these three guys sitting next to each other all called out a song. so quick it was as if they’d been practising and waiting for this time to arrive, just so they could hear some album track no one else cares for. freakin indie kids.
after forty-five minutes to an hour or so he closed with everybody’s favourite josh pyke song, (aka everybody’s favourite song without a chorus) middle of the hill. he then went off for all of thirty seconds before coming back for his encore. shortest time between finishing and encore ever.

we left during the first song of the encore.

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  1. i hate gelbison.

    just saying.

    Comment by Josh Rayson — August 4, 2007 #

  2. I love Gelbison. One of my favourite bands ever. The Sleepy Jackson? Gelbison did it first (that may be a lie, but as far as I remember it’s true). Hearing someone talk about Gelbison sounds about the most exciting part of that gig. And Bob Evans > Josh Pyke, for those who find this point contentious.

    Comment by tricky — August 7, 2007 #

  3. I only really remember that one song with the lyric ‘when were young and all the rage’. Anyway, the brand of pop music they created was quite boring and dull. Never compelling enough for me to care. but hey, i hate The Grates and can find musical value in Opeth.

    Comment by josh rayson — August 8, 2007 #

  4. If only he’d had a theremin…

    Comment by grizzle — August 8, 2007 #

  5. i think you should post more.

    Comment by laurizzle — August 9, 2007 #

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