August 9, 2007

An update on the Sydney-Albury shenanigans.

I none-stopped it (don’t tell my folks, Aaron) up to Sydney last Friday. Rolled in to Hugs’ place sometime in the evening. First thing we did was eat a chicken roll each. Because we rule at chicken rolls. Then we watched an old zombie movie from the eighties called The Evil Dead. It was about a bunch of kids who go and stay in a cabin in the woods, and get turned in to zombies. Zombie movies always end the same way, so it was a bit predictable. It was pretty bad because it was old, but kind of good at the same time. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but we laughed hysterically at some points. Especially the awesome milk-spurting-from-death-wounds effects. It did manage some chills (mainly the “we’re gonna get you” chant). Hugs managed to sleep without his baseball bat or his stuffed duck, and even took the green couch for me.

On Saturday Sylv and I, along with a whole bunch of other people who do not have online presences worth linking to, headed up to Katoomba-ish area. And stayed in a cabin in the woods… We entertained ourselves bush walking – although it was more of a bush stroll – and making a fire. It was pretty cold so standing in front of the fire was more entertaining than you might imagine.

Somehow I managed to get sunburnt while there.

On the way up Sylv and I almost died, after she tried to change in to an occupied lane on the highway. Some massive overcorrection ensued, and we almost died a second time, 0.34 seconds after almost dying the first time. What can you do but laugh.

On Sunday night Rodman gave me a massive bowl of pasta. I scoffed it because Hugs and I were late for church and it was fine pasta, but I was uncomfortably full. Three days later I have not quite recovered and I end each meal very uncomfortably full again. Maybe this is gonna get me to bulk up like Winky?

Church was good, Kamal started slow with his sermon but came home strong. Loshua fizzled on the scratch up the back though.

At supper I went straight for the carrot – bad bad idea. It looked okay, but for some reason tasted completely feral. Hugs tried it too, and we ended up spitting it outside.

After church the idea of going for a swim in Junji’s pool came up. It started gaining momentum, so despite a few obstacles Loshua, Hugs, Junj, and I decided to go for it. I was a bit excited, ’cause hey, going for a mid-Winter swim in a non-heated pool is stupid and fun. It was so much worse than I expected. The guys were telling me how last time they did it no one could even manage to stay in for thirty seconds, and I was thinking that was pretty soft. I jumped in first – it took a lot of coaxing, standing mostly naked outside at 9 pm is pretty cold – and managed seven seconds. And that seven seconds included the jump in, resurfacing as quickly as possible, and scrambling for the side as quick as I could. As soon as I was out I just hunched over shaking, but after ten seconds being out of the pool felt very warm. I’m pretty sure that was not a particularly healthy situation. Hugs jumped in soon after, but Loshua took quite a lot of coaxing too. Junj was gonna cat it, but when Loshua jumped in he got inspired which was good. We managed jumping in three times each. and then we all fought over the shower. The shower burned.

Josh got a bit sad on the way back to his place though, because he had work due the next morning. But when the work’s done he’ll be totally thankful to us. Priorities man, priorities.

Back at Hugs’ place we started watching another zombie movie. This one was from the sixties, and was black and white. It wasn’t at all scary, but it was okay. We fell asleep though.

Monday morning I chillaxed with Sylv for a bit. We bought fail drinks at a cafe (her orange frappe apparently tasted like lemon, my iced tea was mostly iced… ice) and fed off each others cynicism for a bit, before I one-stopped it back home (shutup Aaron!) again.

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  1. Heheh the Aaron bit made me laugh. That carrot was feral, it tasted like the Miso Soup from Teppanyaki. The pool was awesome but I seem to get really red on the gut when I go on. Nothing beats a good chicken roll. The funniest/most awkward part of the first movie was when this female got sexually assaulted by a tree. It was quite awkward but we were all too busy laughing/crying to worry.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 9, 2007 #

  2. I had complete control of the near-death situation. That’s why we didn’t die.
    And I think Roxi would cry if you called http://roxisramblings.blogspot.com/ an unworthy online presence.

    Comment by Sylv — August 10, 2007 #

  3. Only unworthy because I didn’t know about it Sylv. And you know, I’m not gonna start linking MySpazz pages.

    Comment by tricky — August 10, 2007 #

  4. lawl. hugs, at rock estedford we played pink belly, where u all wressle someone down on the ground and then slap their belly til it goes pink, or red. haha

    Comment by daniel — August 10, 2007 #

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