August 11, 2007

Today I was youtubing it up. I came across a news interview with some social commentator on Paris Hilton, yes I am very bored. Anyway this woman said something that wasn’t really funny but made me laugh.

Woman- I’ll tell ya something else, the only people who should look up to Paris Hilton are short people! And that’s only cause she’s 5 foot 8.”

I Lawled.

:: By huw bizzle 2 Comments


  1. well i’m short and i don’t look up to her

    have you seen the video of lions and a crocodile fighting over a baby buffalo? its pretty cool just type in lion crocodile buffalo into youtube and its the first one to come up. don’t worry, it has a happy ending :)

    Comment by hannah — August 11, 2007 #

  2. Haha. that is total lawl. Good old battle at Kruger.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 11, 2007 #

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