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August 25, 2007

Today I had quite a fun day. I was at school for only 90 minutes after which I went to da’wood to meet up with a mate. He had this friend of his who was a girl (her name is Ella, I like that name). Now I’m sure all of you know it but I am exceedingly socially awkward around females that I don’t know. Don’t ask me why. Anyway so this girl seemed like a nice person. Then we three went to my school to pick up my friends guitar. We ended up sitting around for like 30 minutes with these two other guys, which was quite awkward for this young lady. Anyway as we were leaving I realised I couldn’t reverse out of carpark. So I had to drive into the playground and turn around, it was classtime so no one was out. Anyway so the principal spotted me and I’m supposedly in a bit of trouble even though I maintain my innocence. I also supposedly almost ran over some year 9 kid, which is totally false and unsubstantiated. Anyway so we left. Four hours later I was back at the school for it’s annual trivia night. It was my first one and on our table were three adults and 5 people my age..3 girls and me and my friend. Anyway it was cool cause we won and I got chocolate, though I spent the who evening hiding from my crazy principal due to my earlier incident. After trivia the 5 of us went to maccas and on the way some guy undertook me and we nearly had a mad crash. Anyway we survived and chillaxed at the maccas for like an hour before we all split and went home. It was quite fun and only now am I realising how much of a year 6 recount this story is. Anyway, all in all a good night and I would like to think my social skills with the ‘other sex’ greatly improved because of it, though probably not.

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  1. You winning a trivia night says something about the school doesn’t it…

    Comment by Andrew — August 25, 2007 #

  2. Nah cause we had these three older people, like 40. And one was a mad trivia veteran and the other two were pretty smart. And I was alright at music and sport, and the girls weren’t very good.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 25, 2007 #

  3. Did you tell the girls they weren’t very good? Because I think that may have hampered the progress made on your “social skills with the other sex”.

    Comment by Sylv — August 25, 2007 #

  4. No I didn’t Sylvia. I think they already knew it. Plus they are hot attractive, and I have a rule that people are either smart or beautiful. It can’t be both, but it can be neither.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 25, 2007 #

  5. sylvia, i’m sure he meant to say, “present company excluded, of course”

    Comment by mizzle — August 26, 2007 #

  6. hahaha. “smart or beautiful”…where does that leave you huw?

    Comment by bon — August 26, 2007 #

  7. Ouch Bon. I would say neither but with slight touches of each.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 26, 2007 #

  8. So Huw, who are some girls that you would consider smart?

    Comment by m — August 26, 2007 #

  9. hannah? garn marry her already, shes nearly 20

    Comment by winky — August 26, 2007 #

  10. Who is m? Reveal your true identity. Are you my sister?

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 26, 2007 #

  11. Huw, one day you’re going to realise that girls can be smart and beautiful, and then your “social skills with the ‘other sex'” will shoot through the roof.

    Comment by Sylv — August 26, 2007 #

  12. Only the present company can be excluded from that rule I believe. You’re tone seems so patronising.. “Huw, one day you’re going to realise”… Hehe.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 26, 2007 #

  13. I have to say, on the whole I’ve met few intelligent girls. And even the ones that I have, I know smarter guys. So I guess you girls should just try and look good and not be too ditsy.

    Comment by grizzle — August 27, 2007 #

  14. Hey Huw. I have to disagree with you. Girls can be both smart and beautiful.

    Comment by H — August 31, 2007 #

  15. PS: I know of a few.

    Comment by H — August 31, 2007 #

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