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August 31, 2007

well, seeing that huw has pretty much taken over this site gone feral, (last ten posts by him, 13 out of the last 15 by him) i figured i probably better say summat.

oh wait, the reason i haven’t posted anything is because i have nothing of merit to say.

well, i guess i could tell you about some of the crazy train people i meet on my way to uni.
as most of you know, i travel about and hour and a half on the train (each way) to uni, four days a week. so you can imagine that (especially as i travel near the whole way through western sydney) i meet a few crazy kids now and then.

recently though, it seems that there are more of them. maybe its the warmer weather.

one guy, who actually goes to my uni, started talking to my “mate” and i as we were waiting for our train. this one’s kind of my fault, cos he was singing a song, and I made the mistake of making eye contact. he obviously took that as an open invitation for conversation, and proceeded to tell me how he’s an awesome singer/songwriter who, as far as i could tell, just wrote novelty lyrics to famous songs. his gimmick, though, was that his uncle / second cousin / distant relative is none other than mark holden. and i think he might be telling the truth, or at least he thinks he’s telling the truth. this guy wasn’t too bad though, he was funny (to an extent), didn’t get too close to me on the station and didn’t try and sit next to me when the train arrived.
He did, however, give me some fuel for my train-window-philosophy. it got me thinking, why do we resist from conversation with members of the public who obviously mean no harm and are just being friendly? Has our society degraded to a point where we no longer feel comfortable with public social interaction, or is it simply an ingrained safety mechanism (don’t take lollies from strangers etc)? perhaps i need a glass of water.

then, just yesterday on burwood station a crazy lady was pacing up and down the platform, and taking her scarf (digressing slightly, whilst typing ‘scarf’, i just realised that it is a rather ugly word when written. scarf. yuck.) and fashioning it like a beanie, then wrapping her face in it, then taking it off and repeating. i thought not much of it, and when the train came i walked further up the platform so she wouldn’t bother my travel. but for some reason unbeknownst to me, she walked through the train to my carriage made crazy talk to some other peeps hanging in the entry level (i was up the top). then when i needed to get out at lewisham she waved at me. i looked behind just in case, but then she’s like “i know you, i saw you on the station” i was pretty weirded out by that (and so were the other kids on the train by the looks on their faces) and made a hasty exit, but i could still hear her talking as i escaped down the stairs.

and again today, while i was waiting on strathfield staion, some other lady came and stood within five centimetres of me, looked around, then walked away. what?

maybe this goes some way to explaining huw’s irrational fear of public transport, but i say it adds to the adventure. mind you, i don’t like kids who come up and are all like “hey bro, have yo’ got a dollar bro?”. they’re plain annoying, especially as i normally don’t have money (not that i would give them some anyway) and then they’re like “aw c’mon bro, i need some cigarettes / a drink bro”

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  1. Yeah Burwood is the worst. Today I had to wait outside Burwood for an hour, waiting for the NRMA. During my wait I saw some interesting characters. No one admires public transport.

    Comment by huw bizzle — August 31, 2007 #

  2. Im not sure what the worst thing about public transport is, (usually drunk) people coming up and telling your their life story or having a fat person come and sit next/on top of you.

    Comment by Andrew — August 31, 2007 #

  3. i dont know how to use public transport. how do you know which busses go where.

    Comment by winky — September 1, 2007 #

  4. coz we dont have trains in albury :(

    Comment by winky — September 1, 2007 #

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