Run Forest Run

August 21, 2007

Yesterday afternoon myself and Miz somehow got to talking about how neither of us had seen a movie called Forrest Gump. Now my two favouritre movies of all time are Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction. They were both released in 1994. This movie called Forrest Gump was also released in 1994. It won Best Picture against my two favourite movies, therefore I always housed some sort of contempt for it as I believed it was undeserving, knowing the quality of the two other films. Anyway after talking to Miz, I got home, flicked on the tellie, and realised that Forrest Gump would be on at 8:30 in the pm. I was watching sport, So I taped it. Well the movie finished and so I started watching Forrest Gump at maybe 12:00 in the am. I watched it till 1:30, until I was too tired. Well this morning I finished the remaining 1-and-a-half hours of this epic. I would have to say I enjoyed this movie immensely. The use of historical events, notable individuals, including Elvis, various US presidents and various other examples of pop culture. These people and events, in the movie, revolve around the actions of this guy called Forrest. Anyway I really like the movie and the soundtrack is quite good as well.

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Good England

August 17, 2007

Is it stupid that certain aspects of peoples’ grammar annoys me. Generally I am alright, but the whole “good” and “well” things annoy me.

It is “I did well”/”I played Well”—- not—– “I did good”/ “I played Good”

You hear sports-people getting it wrong all the time. Maybe I’m being hypocritical, as I myself can often suck in England english. Anyway work on your good and wells so I can live in peace.

Well talking to you.

Edit- I suppose my problem lies with the people who should know proper grammar. Sports-people who are given intense media training and business people. Not your average person. Maybe growing up with two teachers as parents, I am being a little to pedantic.

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August 16, 2007

I think everyone likes something that it is not socially appropriate to like. It may be a TV song, song or artist. Anyway I’m sure some of you have them, looking at you Josh with Gilmore Girls, so we’ll make a deal? I’ll post mine if you tell me yours? Before I say them I don’t adore these things I just may have liked/continue to like them a bit.

Mine are…

Britney Spears music up until the year 2002.
Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake
Other random hip-hop songs
World Wrestling Entertainment

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when children attack

August 15, 2007

today’s morally ambiguous question from the internet: Suppose in a post apocalyptic world, you are a lone surviver. Then an army of five year old kids swarm you from all sides, hellbent on your demise. You have no weapons, only your punches and kicks can save you know. These kids have a bit of training in hand to hand combat, and are so drugged up on red cordial they won’t stop from trying to kill you, even if they see their best friend’s head ripped from his body. So how many do you think you could take (knock out or kill) before they overcome you? How many if you had a friend helping out?

After some discussion on the topic last night with bizzle, we decided that it would be less than you imagine, seeing as five year olds aren’t that helpless (think nathaniel two years ago) and when they all swarm you, your movements would be somewhat restricted, especially if they do that thing where they clamp onto your legs. Also, continual fighting is somewhat exhausting, and even though they’re small, it would still take effort to keep taking them out.
Our original conservative guesses were 10-15, but after thinking about it we managed to talk each other up to about 20-30 kids, doubled (or more) when with a helper. Tactics would include wearing boots and thick clothing, wielding an incapacitated kid as a make-shift weapon, and running around.

disclaimer: i didn’t make up this question, kids are awesome and i wouldn’t actually want to harm them in any way.

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The Game

August 14, 2007

As some of you may know my family has this obsession with monopoly. It originates from my dads side of the family, and from what I have been told, (my family owned a corner store) back when my dad was like 46 and his sons were around 15 they used to play monopoly on friday nights, while digging into the shops large supply of sweets. Games often started at 6:00 in the pm and finish by 6:00 in the am. My nonno (grandfather), who I never met as he died a few years before I was born, then had to run the shop after a quick freshening up. Nonetheless this wasn’t ordinary monopoly, there were various alterations to cards and slight rule changes. My nonno and his sons often voice recorded the games, but unfortunately these tapes haven’t survived. Hundreds of family anecdotes, challenging Sylvia’s, were told and nowadays when myself, my dad and two uncles play these are often retold with great emotion. Anyway from about 1985 till about 2005 mononpoly was non-existent. Myself, Martha, Rodman and my mum always went together and mum didn’t fancy the idea of waiting around while we play a long game. Anyway soon we started playing it more and myself and dad made the 30 minute trip on our own. Massive rule changes were undertaken to the extent that if a rulebook were written, which I am considering, it would take huge amounts of time and would be very extended. Anyway we play the game on average maybe 1-2 times a week and have a running scoreboard of the past champions. Some of the games developments are just ridiculous. What I like about it is our version involves a lot more skill than normal monopoly which is largely dependant on the roll of the dice. The best part is playing while enjoying nonna’s famous pastas and going through a litre of apple juice per night. Occasionally the game gets very heated but no fights have occured yet which is good. I cannot count the amount of times i have made that same drive down the Hume Highway to my relatives house. I think if i move from Sydney next year, that is what I will miss most. I’m sure I have missed out on lots but if i remember something important i will add it.

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August 11, 2007

Today I was youtubing it up. I came across a news interview with some social commentator on Paris Hilton, yes I am very bored. Anyway this woman said something that wasn’t really funny but made me laugh.

Woman- I’ll tell ya something else, the only people who should look up to Paris Hilton are short people! And that’s only cause she’s 5 foot 8.”

I Lawled.

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I Love Work

August 9, 2007

Well this week I started my HSC trials. They go for two weeks and I was lucky to enough to have four in four days. So i just finished with that big block and only have 2 left next week. So in the past 4 days I have had to sit through 10 hours of exams and when I calculate it I have written 40 pages of A4 in those 4 exams. I write like a sped so my hands get mad sore and sweaty. Such agony. Somehow in “Studies of Religion”, Ancient History’ and ‘Modern History’ I have picked three subjects where good marks are only given if lots is written and for each of those exams you have to remember heaps of dates and know at least 10 quotes for each. Though at least I don’t do any maths and sciences. When the trials finish I have a couple of assessments and revision for the rest of the term. Then just six exams and I am finished.

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August 9, 2007

An update on the Sydney-Albury shenanigans.

I none-stopped it (don’t tell my folks, Aaron) up to Sydney last Friday. Rolled in to Hugs’ place sometime in the evening. First thing we did was eat a chicken roll each. Because we rule at chicken rolls. Then we watched an old zombie movie from the eighties called The Evil Dead. It was about a bunch of kids who go and stay in a cabin in the woods, and get turned in to zombies. Zombie movies always end the same way, so it was a bit predictable. It was pretty bad because it was old, but kind of good at the same time. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but we laughed hysterically at some points. Especially the awesome milk-spurting-from-death-wounds effects. It did manage some chills (mainly the “we’re gonna get you” chant). Hugs managed to sleep without his baseball bat or his stuffed duck, and even took the green couch for me.

On Saturday Sylv and I, along with a whole bunch of other people who do not have online presences worth linking to, headed up to Katoomba-ish area. And stayed in a cabin in the woods… We entertained ourselves bush walking – although it was more of a bush stroll – and making a fire. It was pretty cold so standing in front of the fire was more entertaining than you might imagine.

Somehow I managed to get sunburnt while there.

On the way up Sylv and I almost died, after she tried to change in to an occupied lane on the highway. Some massive overcorrection ensued, and we almost died a second time, 0.34 seconds after almost dying the first time. What can you do but laugh.

On Sunday night Rodman gave me a massive bowl of pasta. I scoffed it because Hugs and I were late for church and it was fine pasta, but I was uncomfortably full. Three days later I have not quite recovered and I end each meal very uncomfortably full again. Maybe this is gonna get me to bulk up like Winky?

Church was good, Kamal started slow with his sermon but came home strong. Loshua fizzled on the scratch up the back though.

At supper I went straight for the carrot – bad bad idea. It looked okay, but for some reason tasted completely feral. Hugs tried it too, and we ended up spitting it outside.

After church the idea of going for a swim in Junji’s pool came up. It started gaining momentum, so despite a few obstacles Loshua, Hugs, Junj, and I decided to go for it. I was a bit excited, ’cause hey, going for a mid-Winter swim in a non-heated pool is stupid and fun. It was so much worse than I expected. The guys were telling me how last time they did it no one could even manage to stay in for thirty seconds, and I was thinking that was pretty soft. I jumped in first – it took a lot of coaxing, standing mostly naked outside at 9 pm is pretty cold – and managed seven seconds. And that seven seconds included the jump in, resurfacing as quickly as possible, and scrambling for the side as quick as I could. As soon as I was out I just hunched over shaking, but after ten seconds being out of the pool felt very warm. I’m pretty sure that was not a particularly healthy situation. Hugs jumped in soon after, but Loshua took quite a lot of coaxing too. Junj was gonna cat it, but when Loshua jumped in he got inspired which was good. We managed jumping in three times each. and then we all fought over the shower. The shower burned.

Josh got a bit sad on the way back to his place though, because he had work due the next morning. But when the work’s done he’ll be totally thankful to us. Priorities man, priorities.

Back at Hugs’ place we started watching another zombie movie. This one was from the sixties, and was black and white. It wasn’t at all scary, but it was okay. We fell asleep though.

Monday morning I chillaxed with Sylv for a bit. We bought fail drinks at a cafe (her orange frappe apparently tasted like lemon, my iced tea was mostly iced… ice) and fed off each others cynicism for a bit, before I one-stopped it back home (shutup Aaron!) again.

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