September 5, 2007

as some of you might know, for the past 3-4 months i’ve had a lump underneath my chin.
i saw the doctor about a month after i noticed it cos i hadn’t gone away. he said it was fine, it was just some sac under my tongue that had filled with fluid and would go away soon, but he’d get it checked out with an ultrasound anyway, given dad’s history.
the ultrasound revealed that there were multiple lumps, but the others were much smaller, so they didn’t matter. after the ultrasound my doctor said it was a sort of cyst on my lymph nodes, and they should go away within a month or so. if not, i should just come back and he’ll drain it for me.
roughly two months after that (toady) i go back to get it drained. that doctor had moved to another practise, so i had a fill-in lady doctor. i told her i was in to get my cyst drained, and she gave me a weird look and said that it wasn’t a cyst, but my lymph nodes were enlarged. she then checked all my other lymph nodes. when she was feeling fo the ones under my arms, i very nearly burst out laughing cos i’m quite ticklish, but somehow i managed to keep my composure and just smile very hard. then, i had to drop trou so she could check the lymph nodes in my groin. why am i always removing my pants for medical peeps these days? at least i was wearing some new, nice jocks, so i wasn’t too embarassed.
she seemed a fair bit more concerned about it than the first doctor, and asked me a few questions to try and work out why i have it. turns out that it could have been caused by a cat scratch, namely ranga’s playful “i don’t yet know how to retract my claws” kitten scratches. yes, there is such a disease as ‘cat scratch disease‘. huw, that ranga of yours is an evil cat.
she then spent nearly half an hour on the phone trying to reach anyone who could do a biopsy on it, and ended up giving me a referal to some professor at rpa, who i’m seeing next week. with a bit of luck, i may even get amy as my nurse… although i think she does does stuff at the actual hospital, where as i’m going to the medical centre. she also got me to go get a blood test.
the letter’s actually pretty rad, it says i have a “persistantly enlarged non tender 2cm submental LN”, that is “soft and mobile”. i’m awesome.

so i go to get a blood test, but i misunderstood her and took the train into rpa to get said blood test. i got to the prof’s suite and his receptionist told me i have to go somewhere else for it, and luckily there was a place in ashfield (next to tek’s on liverpool road, for those who know ashfield).

then i got home and rang the parents, but now my mum’s worried as. i reckon i’ll be fine, cos i haven’t had a major disease before, and i’m pretty sure that telling other people you might have some crazy disease means you wont get the disease, so that you end up looking like a hypochondriac getting flustered about nowt.

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  1. probably coz u stopped doing your chin excercises

    Comment by winky — September 5, 2007 #

  2. only huw needs to do chin exercises. i’m too cool for that

    Comment by mizzle — September 5, 2007 #

  3. i have a lump thing in my arm and its been there for nearly 2 years. the other day someone said it could be a cyst. ive been to the doctor about it but he said it was fine.

    Comment by laurizzle — September 5, 2007 #

  4. i’ve had cysts too…so yeah.

    Comment by josh rayson — September 6, 2007 #

  5. Aw, wish I had a cyst! Having one sounds like the cool thing to do these days ;) Isn’t medical jargon fun? I love it how the most simple words have very complicated medical terminology…one of my favs at he moment is ‘pyrexia’ which means having a fever

    Comment by ang — September 6, 2007 #

  6. i’m a big fan of malaise

    Comment by mizzle — September 6, 2007 #

  7. does anyone else get hayfever. i pretty much have bongs in my eyes like tricky

    Comment by winky — September 6, 2007 #

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