Death or Glory

September 10, 2007

whilst wasting time on the internets lately, i came across this awesome wiki list of people’s last words. some people are famous, others are just important enough to have had their last words recorded, and some kids have mad funny ones while some have poignant, philosophical last words.

here are some of my favourites:
– “Draw your sword and kill me, so they can’t say, ‘A woman killed him.'” — Abimelech, One of the Judges of Israel. apparently, during a siege a lady dropped a mill-stone on him, mortally wounding him. what a champion for not wanting to be killed by a chick. you can read it in Judges 9:50-55.
– “Pee Pee” — Freddie Mercury (what a joker)
– “No” — Alfred Rosenberg (some kid about to get executed, when asked if he had any last words… oh the irony)
– “I just had eighteen straight scotches. I think that’s the record” — Dylan Thomas (some poet)
– “Why, yes, a bulletproof vest.” — Domonic Willard (some no name, when asked if he had any last requests before his death by firing squad)
– “Lady, you shot me!” — Sam Cooke (american gospel singer, after being shot)
– “I shall be with Christ, and that is enough” — Michael Faraday, on being asked “Have you ever pondered by yourself what will be your occupation in the next world?”

so yeah, there’s heaps more, and most of them are pretty cool, but some are boring/lame.
kind of got me thinking about what my last words would be (if had the fortune of knowing i was about to die and had some time to say them). i’m torn between having a joke or saying something profound about my faith… but hopefully i won’t have to make the decision too soon.
Of course, being me, i’ll probably end up saying something completely inappropriate, and my last few moments on earth will be awkward for everyone else, while i’ll be smiling cos i think i’m the funniest guy ever.

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  1. there’s the ever funny, “it’s not loaded” famous last words.

    Comment by josh rayson — September 11, 2007 #

  2. yeah, that one’s in the list too:
    “Don’t worry… it’s not loaded…” — Terry Kath (rock musician in the band Chicago Transit Authority, as he put the gun he was cleaning to his head and pulled the trigger. Though the gun had no magazine in it, Kath was unaware that a bullet was already in the chamber and he was killed instantly.)

    Comment by mizzle — September 11, 2007 #

  3. wow, you have done some research. way to be…

    Comment by josh rayson — September 11, 2007 #

  4. Kaput…
    Manfred von Richthofen, AKA The Red Baron, famous World War I flying ace

    Comment by winky — September 11, 2007 #

  5. I heard on the radio a couple of years back how this guy was with a friend who was on his death bed. And there was like 10 family members around him. And as he dies he farts. The guy who called the radio placed starts laughing uncontrollably while all the family members are giving him bad looks. Such a good way to go.

    Comment by huw bizzle — September 11, 2007 #

  6. lol, death by fart

    Comment by winky — September 12, 2007 #

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