like a surgeon / lump pt 2

September 20, 2007

I had my surgery yesterday, quite a novel experience because it was my first ever surgery, and i was unsure as to how the whole hospital thing all worked. But it was fine.

dad drove me over to the mater (pronounced martyr — thanks andy/junji/dad) which is in north sydney, not mona vale as i for some reason thought. we got there a bit early, so we walked around north sydney oval to pass the time. Along the way, we passed lots of north sydney GHS chicks who for some reason weren’t in school at 11:30. as we passed one particular group one of the girls goes to me “hey baby”. this is embarrassing at the best of times, because no one likes being made fun of, but even worse because i was with dad and he was like “did one of those girls just say something to you?”. awkward.

Anyway, we got into the hospital, and the bit before you go into the operating theatre where they get you to put on the gowns etc, i got a private room cos all the other beds were full. the nurse who was checking all my paper works asked if i needed my medical certificate cos i was missing school. well, i guess its better to be thought of as young than for them to think i’m in my thirties or summat. she also checked my blood pressure (126/80, not sure if that’s good or not). on my room’s tv i watched some Liberal member for the arts give a speech about how awesome the howard govt has been for the arts community. ungrateful lefties probably wouldn’t agree though.

then my bed got wheeled into surgery and everyone kept asking if i knew what procedure i was having done. at first i was worried, cos i thought they didn’t know, but then i realised they just wanted to make sure they had the right patient, and didn’t want to get a mix up lawsuit.
the anaesthetic was pretty rad, the doctor put it in through my drip, and the ceiling started going wavy, and then it got clearer and i was about to say, “uh, it’s not worked, don’t cut me up yet”, when i realised i was no longer in the operating theatre and it was an hour and a half later. drugs, lawl.

i was pretty lethargic & dizzy cos i was still waking up, but they wheeled my bed into another room where i could see out the window, and dad came in. i had two nurses, a fit british one and a ranga. they kept trying to get me to eat something, but i wasn’t hungry, even though i hadn’t eaten since an early breakfast. then i realised they wanted me to eat, not because they cared for my metabolism, but because they wanted to see if i would throw up after the anaesthetic as some people do. so i had some aj and a biscuit. they also gave me some sandwiches, but i didn’t want to eat them cos one of them had tomato and the other had avocado on it. yuck. also, i apparently don’t throw up after anaesthetics, which is good.

then i had to get dressed and kicky out, even though i was still a bit tired/dizzy. they checked my blood pressure again (this time 123/70) got me to sign my discharge papers and i was on my way home.

also, i forgot to mention that i have a large bandage over the area of the operation that looks & feels like adhesive cling wrap, that i’m not allowed to take off or get wet until sunday. which looks nasty cos it’s filling with blood and surgery gunk. i’ll finish this post with a pic of it:

spacebar, space

also, the scenester “look away from the camera thing” is not cos i’m scene, but because i have limited neck mobility and it’s awkward to look at the camera and look up so you get a good view of it.

also, tricky, i had to use a free image hosting website cos fizzle wouldn’t upload any of my pics. maybe you should look into that and fix it cos you’re an internerd.

[edit: i did some research, and apparently for blood pressure 120/80 is the ‘gold standard’ though anywhere from 110-140/70-90 is fine/normal.]

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  1. “drugs, lawl”. =).

    That wound looks pretty nice. I’d say, “hey baby” to that mugshot.

    I reset permission on the image upload folder ’cause we got haxx0red. I’ll change it back so you can upload maybe.

    Comment by tricky — September 20, 2007 #

  2. Did they give you a ‘v-bag’ incase you felt like spewing on the drive home?

    Comment by Andrew — September 22, 2007 #

  3. nah, i guess they just assumed i wouldn’t spew. but dad took an (unneeded) ice cream container just in case.

    Comment by mizzle — September 22, 2007 #

  4. The best part of that story was the fact you randomly thought the hospital was in Mona Vale.

    Comment by huw bizzle — September 22, 2007 #

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