September 2, 2007

Back in the day there was a female at our church called Jackie. She was pretty awesome, and had some ‘interesting’ views on some issues. Anyway in a Bible study one day she told us about a list she had known as her “MLL”, or ‘Most Least Liked”. It had the names of people she didn’t like, and I am fairly sure that I would have been up there at one stage or another. I have no idea the purpose of this list but today at work I thought about it and decided I was going to post my own MML. But not of people, cause I love everyone but of general things I dislike. At work I was mentally brainstorming all day and so hopefully I don’t forget some of my ideas. I imagine, being the pessimist I am, that the list will be quite long. No order…

Gain in weight due to abandonment of physical exercise
The green couch
This post
Toe socks
Dancing movies
Black Music
People who put “anything with a good beat” on their ‘music preferences’
Public Transport
Low self-esteem
Long Prayers
Meeting new people
Most vegetables
People who put on ‘music preferences’, “anything with a good beat” (I am aware I already put it)
Big Brother
Australian Idol
Reality TV
American Sopies
Princess Diana
Chain mail (Don’t break the chain… it has been sent by X amount of people)
Anything less that 8 hours sleep
Late dinner
Post 2000’s Britney
Shopping with females
Seeing my shrink
Kevin Rudd
Politicians (all but Johnny)
Lack of vaseline
The person who says… “it’s time to go home” or “it’s getting late”- looking at you taters
Large sunglasses
Burwood Westfield

I’ll add more when I can think of them.

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bad trip

September 1, 2007

i was telling huw about this dream i had the other day, and he said i should post it, so will/did.

it started out on a farm in outback victoria (though not associated with merkels or any other albury kids). i think there was a bunch of us, though i don’t know who the others were. i looked outside, and suddenly a plane dropped from the sky and crashed head-first into the ground and exploded. while we were still in shock from that, another one did the exact same less than a hundred metres from the last.
suddenly the sky was filled with MiGs and f-14s having dog fights, and the MiGs were bombing building kamikaze style. i had to run away from some that were trying to kill me for some reason, and luckily i managed to dodge the bullets. cos i’m hella rad.
then one of the kamikaze MiGs crashed into the ground really close to me, but it must have been a dud and it didn’t explode (lucky). i remembered my training (what?) that said there was a little white button in the cockpit in case of duds, that the pilot could press to explode the plane. so i had to run over to stop him before he killed us all.

i ran over and pulled him out just in time, then i cut him in half at the waist. luckily, he didn’t bleed at all. i then realised i had to hide his bottom half or he might come back and try to kil me again. so i ran over to a room and put them in there. but then a mouse ran in, and i had to get it out cos i knew it would eat the guy’s legs and that would be bad. as i had just got the mouse out, ranga ran in, as did a small dog (but it wasn’t bella). i had to remove them all several times, but each time i got them out, they’d run in just before the door shut. finally i got them out and shut the door. then, as i was walking out of the house, i realised that the room didn’t have a wall on the outside, it had been destroyed. all that effort wasted. (also, why didn’t i see that when i was in the room?)

then we went to the beach, but it wasn’t a normal beach, it was huge, and had massive sand cliffs. sometimes the waves would break all the way up the cliffs, and other times they were small. i had Bruce with me, and he really wanted to go for a swim, but it was as cold as junji’s pool, so i didn’t want to take him in. then taters appeared, in a wetsuit, and he agreed to take bruce in, cos he was gonna go for a swim anyway. i was pretty sure he was gonna get killed by the massive waves, but he went in regardless. all of a sudden, people were screaming cos a HUGE wave was coming. i can’t remember exactly, but i’m pretty sure he and bruce survived. [edit: i now remember, as the wave was coming, i was looking at some FabergĂ© match box cars.]

after the beach, we were coming back home and the war was still going on, but it was more annoying than scary. then i saw the pilot had crawled over to his bottom half and stitched his legs back on. then i realised it was harrison ford (!). he was actually a pretty decent guy and did’t try to kill me anymore. how nice of him.

as we were discussing some of his films, another passenger jet made a crash landing infront of us, but it seemed fine, and after looking inside with x-rays, we saw that no one was hurt, and the other people decided it would be safer for them to stay in there, rather than come out here into the danger zone. i was a bit usure about this, but agreed. then someone had another look with the x-rays (note these x-rays provided moving, colour pictures, more like peeling away the outside of the plane than a normal bone x-ray) and saw that some lady was lighting a cigarette. the smoke from it was going into the air conditioning and was getting distributed through the whole plane. all of a sudden everyone sprang to life, trying to rescue the poor people inside from the cigarette smoke. i had a go at them for only caring about the smoke, not the fact that they had been in a plane crash, but after they busted open the door, it was just as well, cos most people had been knocked out by the smoke, so we had to carry them out. we were heroes. then lots of other people came from seemingly no where, wanting to “help”, but really, they just wanted to be heroes like the rest of us me.

more happened, but i’ve already talked for long enough, and also i can’t really remember it.
also, sorry about it being so long, I think the dream went on for a few hours.

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Pump It…Louder!

September 1, 2007

Just a short anecdote to reinforce my dominion over this blog. Yesterday I was driving home from school in Allan. I was listening to Britney Spears’ cover of “I Love Rock And Roll”. I quite enjoy this song, for reasons unknown to me. Anyway it was on moderately quite loudly. I pulled up to a set of lights and because it was hot I had my window open. I looked over next to me and there was a mad bikie. He was looking at me as if to say “What a queer”. I hurriedly turned the music down and wound my window up a bit, but the damage had already been done.

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