death of a clown

October 31, 2007

surely facebook is dead.
not because of the ulterior advertising/market research motives or because facebook automatically owns any and every bit of information/photos you put on it, but because my mid-forties aunty just added me as a friend. (also, both of hugs’ parents are on facebook…)

oh, and on a kind of amusing and age-ist side note, apparently if you are over thirty (or put your age as over thirty) facebook removes the ‘random play’ and ‘whatever i can get’ options from the “what i’m looking for” selection.

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supermassive black hole

October 30, 2007

today coming home from uni the bus was slow which meant the train was pulling in just as we got to the station. this meant i had to run up the stairs that go over the train lines to get to the other platform, which was annoying enough given my legs still hadn’t fully recovered from last night, but what was worse was that due to my lateness in the morning and the nice warm weather i had decided to wear thongs. i was going ok up the stairs, but as i turned the corner at the top they gave way and i fell over, popping the plug out of my thongs. the guy behind me let out a “oh no” but kept running, because when the train’s there, it’s every man for himself. i got up and made the decision to try and run the rest of the way without fixing my thong, but within five metres i realised that was a rubbish idea, so i tried to flip it up into my hands mid-stride. i failed, and the thong fell behind me, so i had to stop, go back and pick it up then make a dash down the stairs with the thong in hand, getting onto the train just before the doors closed. sitting down in the train, i was pleased that last night’s soccer had helped for something, because i wasn’t nearly as puffed as i normally am when i have to sprint for the train. then i realised i had ripped a hole in my jeans and grazed my knee. what a bummer. then my knee annoyed me for the whole trip home and i had to dettol it when when i got back. here’s a pic of it before i cleaned it, but it looks pretty much the same after the cleansing. probably because i’m not very good at dettoling grazes.

and yes, i am wearing pants in the pics, but they’re my soccer shorts and you can’t see them.

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I’m So Tired

October 30, 2007

Yesterday I played soccer socially with some friends from church and a few others. It was the first time we played, and hopefully it will be a weekly event. I learnt two things from last night…

1- I am terribly unfit. Make no mistake, I knew I was unfit, but not that bad. After the first 15 minutes of the game I was totally gone. Then after a couple of drinks and a few deep breaths I was kinda fine. For the entire second half of the game I wasn’t tired at all. Anyway hopefully I can build the fitness over the next few weeks.

2- I suck at soccer. Playing soccer against 5-10 year olds in the hall at the church’s kids club definitely does not serves as a gauge at how good a soccer player you are. My form last night was best say….rusty. I wasn’t terrible but just pretty bad.

My soccer boots are also too small so my toes got quite sore. Maybe I should buy new boots, I love buying things I wont use heaps. Also I woke this morning with a really sore shoulder, interesting injury playing soccer. Maybe I need the ‘UltraSling 2.’

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October 24, 2007

I go into tomorrow’s modern history exam with 65 quotes, across four topics. Chances are that I will probably need to use 35 of them if I am any chance of getting a good mark. I wish I was a historian, then I could quote myself.

On more brighter news, 16 days till I go away to schoolies. But not on the Gold Coast, because I do not fancy a week filled with getting bashed, crap music, crowded beaches and more getting bashed. Tomorrow’s exam is going to feel like an age, stupid 3 hours.

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Election Watch

October 23, 2007

Well the election campaigns are well and truly underway. And I for one am pumped. I’ve found myself constantly watching the news to see up-to date coverage. Nonetheless I am quite nervous. Is this the year that Johnny’s luck will run out? Some people (Taters) think so. I admit it will take quite an achievement for the Liberals to win this one, but maybe I am only saying that based on my manipulation by the media, as that’s what they’re all saying. I’m quite bummed out that I’m too young to vote but anyway, bring on November 24!

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Day Two… I Love You

October 22, 2007

Well today I completed the second of my English exams. Quite uneventful except for the fact that some guy at the back had a table that creaked like a (insert simile). And the air-con was on but I got really cold so I asked them to put it up a bit. Yeah I am now 2/6 of the way through my exams. I just realised It would be easier to say 1/3. Anyway I’m off to study. Later!

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Day 1…shoot a gun

October 19, 2007

Today was my first exam. I had a good 9 hour sleep and was ready. But then as I was leaving, I couldn’t find my wallet. I didn’t need it for the exam but I felt bad and naked without it. Nonetheless I troopered on. I got there fine, but on the way, with about 40 minutes till the exam started I saw two cars in an accident. One hit the others rear bumper. The car that hit the other car was filled with year 12 girls and I sat there thinking ‘It’s good to not have problems on the day of an exam’…then I remembered my wallet. Exam went well, the Bored of Studies head guy was about 70 years old and a real champion. A bit of an HSC Nazi but good anyway. Half way through the exam, I asked one of the BOS people, a young guy, for some scrap paper. He then asked me “didn’t you bring any?” I stopped then said ” No I’m not allowed” and he said “I’ll check with the other lady.” I eventually just used my question booklet. The exam turned out alright and I actually reckon I didn’t do too badly. Anyway thanks for all the good luck messages.

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Gimme More

October 18, 2007

HSC Exams start tomorrow! Yipeee. Anyway I’m going to post what marks I reckon I’m going to get for each subject (cause I know you care) and then I can compare them with the actual marks I get. Anyway so these are my predicted marks for the final exams, and also my eventual UAI.

Advanced English- 64/100

2 Unit Ancient History- 79/100

2 Unit Modern History- 81/100

2 Unit Drama- 86/100

2 Unit Studies of Religion- 76/100

In December/January, depending on if I am over the shame of failing, I will post my actual results.

Predicted UAI- 72.63

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