Who Drove the Red Sports Car?

October 14, 2007

Today my parents bought me another car. Allan has been really unreliable for the past few weeks and it is looking like his time is nearly up. Anyway my parents, through the same mechanic who sold me Allan, bought me this car. It is like a 1986 Toyota corolla sedan. It is red. It’s pretty sweet actually. It has four doors and air con even, so I’m pretty pumped about it. I kinda killed the battery a bit trying to start Allan but the new car is all good. Now all I need to do is figure out a name for him/her. Any suggestions? Anyway the car looks a bit like this.

[edit by mizzle] actually it looks like this:

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  1. I’m horrible at naming things. If I have kids…I don’t think I’ll name them. (So no, no suggestions)

    Comment by sylv — October 14, 2007 #

  2. i think this car looks like a girl. what about colleen the corolla? (i think thats a funny name) or sonia, or mavis, or flora, or nancy, or shirley, or brenda, or joyce, or Hazel, or Mildred, or ethel (i love that one), or gladys, or edna, or bertha, or maude, or edith, or enid, or agnes, henrietta

    Comment by hannah — October 15, 2007 #

  3. Bought another car through the same mechanic… not sure i would have done that. 4 doors and air con is good though :)

    Comment by Andrew — October 15, 2007 #

  4. this ones barry fo shizzle

    Comment by daniel — October 15, 2007 #

  5. Thanks Josh.

    Comment by Huw Bizzle — October 15, 2007 #

  6. huw you are so lucky, no one is ever gunna buy me a car except me

    Comment by daniel — October 15, 2007 #

  7. How about Nicky. After Nicole Kidman. Because it’s Red and slightly old.

    Comment by H — October 15, 2007 #

  8. Ranga is a good name for things with uncertain genders. I reckon it should be called Big Red.

    Comment by grizzle — October 15, 2007 #

  9. i was thinking something about the colour too.
    or maybe something like the pimp-mobile cos you’re definitely gonna be picking up the ladies in that thing.
    or maybe see if anything grabs you from the number plate like with alan & nuz.

    Comment by mizzle — October 15, 2007 #

  10. call it ranga!

    Comment by daniel — October 16, 2007 #

  11. What is the number plate?

    Comment by grizzle — October 16, 2007 #

  12. AZ something. But I could retain Allan’s number plate, but I think that would be an insult to his memory.

    Comment by Huw Bizzle — October 16, 2007 #

  13. I think H is on to something. I like Nicky.

    Comment by sylv — October 17, 2007 #

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