Day 1…shoot a gun

October 19, 2007

Today was my first exam. I had a good 9 hour sleep and was ready. But then as I was leaving, I couldn’t find my wallet. I didn’t need it for the exam but I felt bad and naked without it. Nonetheless I troopered on. I got there fine, but on the way, with about 40 minutes till the exam started I saw two cars in an accident. One hit the others rear bumper. The car that hit the other car was filled with year 12 girls and I sat there thinking ‘It’s good to not have problems on the day of an exam’…then I remembered my wallet. Exam went well, the Bored of Studies head guy was about 70 years old and a real champion. A bit of an HSC Nazi but good anyway. Half way through the exam, I asked one of the BOS people, a young guy, for some scrap paper. He then asked me “didn’t you bring any?” I stopped then said ” No I’m not allowed” and he said “I’ll check with the other lady.” I eventually just used my question booklet. The exam turned out alright and I actually reckon I didn’t do too badly. Anyway thanks for all the good luck messages.

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  1. Don’t you need your licence (inside your wallet) to drive to your exam?

    Comment by sylv — October 21, 2007 #

  2. I’m guessing that yeah, he didn’t have his license, but you know…I think he had other things on his mind at that point.

    Comment by andrew murray — October 21, 2007 #

  3. I’m pretty sure if the police pull you over, you have 24 hours to provide proof of your license.

    Comment by Huw Bizzle — October 21, 2007 #

  4. Wrong answer Huw. You need your licence on you at all times. If you get pulled over without it, it’s an on-the-spot fine. Unless of course you come from Stabbington, whereby you con the copper and he let’s you off with a warning. (Three times in all). :)

    Comment by H — October 22, 2007 #

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