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October 23, 2007

Well the election campaigns are well and truly underway. And I for one am pumped. I’ve found myself constantly watching the news to see up-to date coverage. Nonetheless I am quite nervous. Is this the year that Johnny’s luck will run out? Some people (Taters) think so. I admit it will take quite an achievement for the Liberals to win this one, but maybe I am only saying that based on my manipulation by the media, as that’s what they’re all saying. I’m quite bummed out that I’m too young to vote but anyway, bring on November 24!

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  1. I’m not (have never been?) a fan of Johnny. I’m still trying to work out Kevin07, but there’s something about him that’s too…much like Johnny. I’ll probably vote Greens again. Besides, it doesn’t really matter because our electorate will always be a Labor electorate (and I’m okay with that).

    Comment by sylv — October 23, 2007 #

  2. John Howard is well past it and lets face it, does anyone really want Costello as PM?

    As for the greens… no.

    Kevin07 is the best option for PM!

    I will probably vote family first in the senate though.

    Comment by Andrew — October 23, 2007 #

  3. greens are a fail sylv.
    so is kevin 07, taters. i will not tolerate this blasphemy against our pm!
    ‘past it’? johnny could keep going till he’s 90
    costello is actually pretty rad i reckon, he’s a mad joker.
    bit of story i have probably told before have told to some of you but not all:
    costello was being interviewed on the radio, and he mentioned that there’s an economics teacher who always sends him the economics hsc exam to do. costello said he normally does pretty good, except for once when the essay question was “discuss the negative effects of GST” and he wrote “there are none”.
    i could vote for that.
    unfortunately, like sylv i think i’m in a fairly safe labour seat.
    [edit] yeah i went and checked, last election my electorate (grayndler for those of you who care) was 72% labor.

    Comment by mizzle — October 23, 2007 #

  4. Greens rock my socks.
    Only because I know they’ll never have enough seats to be Government, and while they’re in the Senate, they (try to) block all the dudd Bills that Liberal try to pass. And the Government and the Opposition, as well as Family First and the lousy Independents all agree on the same xenophobe/right wing stuffs, so the Greens are the only chance we have at blocking the Bills.

    Comment by sylv — October 24, 2007 #

  5. greens?!
    u just want to be able to smoke pot and have 3 wives.
    i reckon all the parties are dodgy as, i dont really wanna vote for anyone.
    someone should start a jedi party and they would definatley get in. do u no how many people put that down as their religion in the census?

    Comment by daniel — October 24, 2007 #

  6. no. but i’m drawn into socialism. I could see myself voting for one of them. More realistically, I like John Howard. He’s been ok. Granted, the whole troops in Iraq is a big deal, but I think alot of people are quite ok.

    Comment by josh rayson — October 24, 2007 #

  7. i wish we were a communist country so i could be as rich as bindi erwin

    Comment by daniel — October 24, 2007 #

  8. go back to reading orwell and having red fantasies rayson. ya pinko.

    Comment by mizzle — October 24, 2007 #

  9. Greens. Ha. What a waste of a vote.

    Comment by H — October 26, 2007 #

  10. funny thing is, I’m about to start on Orwell very soon, juat after I finish Brave New World. Thw whole future thing has become very interesting.

    There’s a red in your bed. republican.

    Comment by josh rayson — October 26, 2007 #

  11. god kills kittens because of conservatives like you. eheh

    Comment by josh rayson — October 26, 2007 #

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