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October 30, 2007

today coming home from uni the bus was slow which meant the train was pulling in just as we got to the station. this meant i had to run up the stairs that go over the train lines to get to the other platform, which was annoying enough given my legs still hadn’t fully recovered from last night, but what was worse was that due to my lateness in the morning and the nice warm weather i had decided to wear thongs. i was going ok up the stairs, but as i turned the corner at the top they gave way and i fell over, popping the plug out of my thongs. the guy behind me let out a “oh no” but kept running, because when the train’s there, it’s every man for himself. i got up and made the decision to try and run the rest of the way without fixing my thong, but within five metres i realised that was a rubbish idea, so i tried to flip it up into my hands mid-stride. i failed, and the thong fell behind me, so i had to stop, go back and pick it up then make a dash down the stairs with the thong in hand, getting onto the train just before the doors closed. sitting down in the train, i was pleased that last night’s soccer had helped for something, because i wasn’t nearly as puffed as i normally am when i have to sprint for the train. then i realised i had ripped a hole in my jeans and grazed my knee. what a bummer. then my knee annoyed me for the whole trip home and i had to dettol it when when i got back. here’s a pic of it before i cleaned it, but it looks pretty much the same after the cleansing. probably because i’m not very good at dettoling grazes.

and yes, i am wearing pants in the pics, but they’re my soccer shorts and you can’t see them.

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  1. Whitey pride.

    Comment by grizzle — October 30, 2007 #

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