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October 17, 2007

here are two incredibly awesome german tv show pranks. they made me laugh so hard.

the best bits are the bikes in the first vid, and in the second vid, the first-ish two who look like a horror movie, then the guy who faints and the chick who thinks it’s her peroid.
freakin lawl.

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Let Me Freshen Your breath

October 17, 2007

I love a good long sleep. Recently I haven’t been able to enjoy that luxury. Whether it is because of the HSC, I don’t know but the last few weeks have seen me not get much sleep. I try different things, such as changing where I sleep, reading or watching TV for a while, but it just doesn’t work. Last night I got a mere 4 hours sleep even though I went to bed at midnight. Anyway there is this show on channel nine called that Mint that goes from about midnight till 3. It’s one of those stupid TV game shows that gives away money. For some reason I am quite infatuated with this show. Whether it be the satisfaction of solving the puzzles, or watching some of the failed contestants give the most stupid anti-logical answers, I don’t know. The hosts are pretty terrible, they say the same thing about terms and conditions and etc over and over and over. One of them is Millsy, that failed Australian Idol guy. He is pretty funny at times. Anyway you have to be 18 and over to enter (bummer Huw) and occasionally they get a caller with a high voice and the interrogate them seriously to see whether they are 18…so degrading. Anyway must get back to the books, the next 3 weeks are exams for me, which means probably a lot more posting. Nothing like a good bit of procrastination.

But wait there’s more…

The other night, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to turn the TV on. A movie had just started called Cruel Intentions. I remember when it had come out when I was 9 years old, but of course I’d never seen it as it was MA 15+. Anyway realising I was over 15, I decided to pour myself an AJ and watch it. To start, the movie is a bit dodgy, in terms of the themes. I’ll let you look them up yourselves. Anyway I like to think that I, as an individual, am pretty adverse to being affected by what I watch, see or hear, though I know I’m probably not. Anyway the plot of the film was quite interesting and although I was dead tired and realised If I shut my eyes I would sleep, I made every effort to watch the entire film. It has some pretty good sarcasm as well, everyone loves some sarcasm. Anyway I enjoyed the movie but feel its IMDB rating of 6.6 is a fair assessment. I’m proud to say I watched the whole thing, from 2:30 till 4:30 in the am.

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Who Drove the Red Sports Car?

October 14, 2007

Today my parents bought me another car. Allan has been really unreliable for the past few weeks and it is looking like his time is nearly up. Anyway my parents, through the same mechanic who sold me Allan, bought me this car. It is like a 1986 Toyota corolla sedan. It is red. It’s pretty sweet actually. It has four doors and air con even, so I’m pretty pumped about it. I kinda killed the battery a bit trying to start Allan but the new car is all good. Now all I need to do is figure out a name for him/her. Any suggestions? Anyway the car looks a bit like this.

[edit by mizzle] actually it looks like this:

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A Hard Days Night

October 13, 2007

I am generally quite an easily-bored person. The HSC seems to make that boredom so much worse. I sit at home studying for X amount of hours and then I need to go out and do something. I ask my friends but they say “no I have to study”. Seriously who studies on a friday or saturday night, or any night for that matter. Day is for study, night is from relaxation and so on. Ohh someone help me not be bored.

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October 8, 2007

Today I was supposed to have my final shrink appointment. I woke up a good hour after my appointment was due to start, thus I missed it. What a shame, though If I went, by this time I would have finished seeing her forever. On better news I’m glad to say my cram-study has finally got off the ground with a good 6 hour study session today. I’m wondering if I should try and gun it up to 8 hours… nah the cricket is on. I’ll be watching it for both of us Tricky.

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Formal Monday!

October 2, 2007

Well yesterday was my formal. It was an event I was quite looking forward to. Unfortunately for me I got quite sick. I woke up the morning of the formal and felt quite sick and slept during the day. Anyway It wasn’t too bad by the time we got there. We rocked up in a taxi…myself and a friend, and the twins we were taking. Yes we took twins, and I am happy to say that was going with one before my friend asked the other. Anyway the place was alright but the dimensions weren’t too desirable. It was about 10 metres wide and like 70 metres long. As the food started coming my sickness began to come back. I pushed through but wasn’t able to finish my meal, a true sign that I am not well. Some guy set up these awards for the formal, such as worst hair, biggest idiot…and I managed to win the award for loudest person in the grade. We danced for a while but not much as we decided to walk over to this place called ‘Pancakes on the Rocks’. After walking for about 10 minutes we realised that It was way too far and we caught a cab and no one was bothered by the cost cause our rich friend offered to pay. At the place we got some drinks and our rich friend gave us about $11 in coins so we could fire up about 15 songs on the jukebox. We left soon after and went to this guys afterparty in tha’ Wood. It was alright but by this stage I was really cold and the loud music was pumping in my ears. We stayed at this afterparty for about an hour until we left at around 2:30 in the am. We taxied it back to this guys house where about 8 people decided to watch a Disney movie. I, on the other hand, only wanted to sleep. I slept from about 3am and woke up at about 11. My mates mum was nice enough to drop me home so I got home at around 11:30 in the am and slept till 7:30 in the pm. All up I’m not really satisfied with the way the formal went. I’m sure if i didn’t get sick I would have had a lot more fun. At the present time I don’t have any photos but when I get them I’ll put them up.

[edit] because hugs was slow in putting up pics, i decided to put some (well, two) up that were drawn in a conversation between us:

(note huw’s rad stubble)
mizzle. [/edit]

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