Kicky On!

November 27, 2007

Well tonight I went and saw what was to be the “biggest exhibition match in Australian sport history”. Yes I managed to get tickets to Sydney FC Vs Beckham’s Galaxy LA Galaxy. I found out that a friend of mine had member tickets but couldn’t go, so I took my opportunity. I finally know what it feels like to ‘be’ a member. Such features include escalators instead of stairs, carpet instead of concrete, and most importantly of all…padded seats. Our seats were high, but not in the nosebleed section. And we were basically on halfway, so it would be hard to get better seats. I could have been anywhere in the stadium and been satisfied, but thats probably cause I didn’t pay for the tickets. The game was quite entertaining, eight goals in all. But the best part of the night was Beckham’s free kick. I have seen countless free kick goals from the man but to see one in real life was honestly a true experience. The teams both had terrible defence, which was a plus because it ensured plenty of action, and goals. I always used to think that Becks was a bit of an overrated player, but after tonight’s display I know longer think that. He made about 95% of his passes, regardless of the close checking and he got through a fair work of defence. I have been to little sporting events in my time, but that is clearly the most memorable. Please come back Becks…

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drunk on election night

November 25, 2007

so, australia voted.
i was quite surprised at the amount by which labour won, i thought (and was hoping) it would be a lot closer than it turned out to be. oh well.

i guess it should come as no surprise to you that my political views, like my religious views, are quite conservative, and as such i was pretty sad that the liberals lost. i think my main reason for being annoyed at labour’s win was that it seemed as though a whole of kids voted for labour just because of kevin rudd’s pop-star-like election campaign, not because of labour’s politics. for example, i overheard some chick in the line in front of erin and i say “i’m gonna vote for him cos he was funny on rove”. oh dear.
I guess that’s what you get when everyone has to vote and not everyone cares about politics. not that it really mattered in my seat though, as it’s one of the safest labour seats in nsw, and anthony albanese won by a 35% margin.

and then, as if the landslide loss wasn’t enough, i was saddened even more so when it became apparent that john howard would (probably) lose his seat to maxine mac-yew. at least while at the gavin’s we got to call her names when she was giving her arrogant, insolent speech on tv. howard’s speech, in contrast, was gracious and dignified.

anyway, there’s nought we can do now, so we’ll see what labour and kevin rudd do in the months and years to come.

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Hot Stuff

November 21, 2007

Today I returned to work for the first time in two months. Generally I love working at Paul’s Warehouse, selling shoes. But what I forgot about was the heat in summer. See… Paul is too cheap to get proper air-conditioning, so in summer the place is like a furnace. Upstairs, where I work, is huge, and yet it is only cooled by two old mediocre air-conditioning units. The lunch room is even worse. It is like getting in a car that has been parked outside in the sun for several hours. I was dripping sweat today after eating my kebab. Which brings me to my next point. Certain foods aren’t good to eat if you have to immediately do things after. And by certain, I mean all. I have grown accustomed to enjoying a good nap after eating, and when I have to do anything otherwise, I just feel terrible. From now on I am going to try and work pants off mode, it would make my experience, if not everyone’s, so much better.

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November 18, 2007

so, the time has come again for the end of year favourite songs lists to start popping up on blogs everywhere. and yes, i’m that pretentious to put mine on fizzle. oh well. i figured i’d get in early cos i’m holidays already and haven’t got much else to do, so here are (roughly) my favourite 10 songs from the year that is/was 2007. I’ve added them as mp3s so if you want to you can download them and then when you pay me out for my choice of songs it’s because you’ve heard them and dislike them, not cos you automatically think my music is rubbish. or something.
anyway, it’s just the old ‘right click, save as’ trick.

men’s needs (CSS remix) — the cribs
nice song with a top notch remix i reckon. possibly surpasses the original song, if only for a bit more of a beat and the remix bleeps.

apply some pressure (featuring Paul Smith from Maxïmo Park) — Mark Ronson
it was hard to choose just one song from Version, but i chose this one above valerie featuring amy winehouse or the cracking version of god put a smile upon your face cos, well, i like it more than those ones. probably because it’s Maxïmo Park. you might notice that i haven’t put any songs from Maxïmo Park’s new album on here, basically, it just wasn’t as good as the first one and didn’t make my top ten.

how deep is your love — the bird and the bee
i really like the bird and the bee, and if it weren’t for the amazingly gratuitous swearing in their best song f[bomb]ing boyfriend, i probably would’ve uploaded that one instead. anyway, the bird and the bee make really nice mellow jazz pop with electronic influences. this is their cover of the beegees.

Mr ice cream — soft tigers
sydney based indie band, who released some stuff a while ago, but only released their lp late this year. my favourite bit of this song is near the beginning when ‘benjamin’ says “hello!”. always makes me smile, that bit does.

listen — talib kweli
often referred to as “your favourite mc’s favourite mc”. because i know all of you have a favourite mc. anyway, he is quite verbally skilled and this is one of the best song on the album.

saturday salmon — team9
very nice mashup of the chemical brothers’ “salmon dance” and “saturday in the park” by chicago. although, you’d expect it to be good cos it’s from team9.

over before it began — urthboy featuring mia dyson
i like this song mainly because of mia dyson’s involvement, but urthboy’s good too. (just ask tricky). also, sorry, but this song has fairly poor sound quality, because it was copy-protected, so it’s a recording, not a straight copy.

Up on your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days — sunset rubdown
from sunset rubdown’s third and latest album, random spirit lover, this doesn’t stray far from their sound, which is good cos i like their sound. anyway, it’s new, so in six months i might look back and wonder why i included it, but i quite like it at the moment. also, it has feral in the title

hold music — architecture in helsinki
disappointingly missed out on seeing these guys earlier in the year due to a lack of sufficient funds. i’m liking the new stuff though, and as my mate pointed out, the current electro revival has done good things for their music, as it gives them a good beat/rhythm for their songs, where as some of their older stuff sometimes got lost in all the experimental pop-ness. also, this song talks about dragons.

driving me wild — common featuring lily allen
2007 was the year of rappers using lily allen to sing their choruses, but this song’s a bit better than most, and it also references that film clip by ok go.

bonus tracks: the ones that missed the cut but are still quite good.

moment of clarity (DJ Eurok remix) — jay z
yes, i know that this song came out in 2003, but this remix came out this year (hence the bonus section). also i only heard it this year, and the original is rubbish compared to this one. i like it so much that probably would have put it in my proper top ten if it wasn’t a remix of an old song

i can cook — grafton primary
nice little group based in sydney, though originally the members hailed from grafton. (who would of thought). they’re yet another group thriving on the eighties electro revival that’s been happening recently. they’ve also done a really good remix of faker’s this heart attack.

paper planes — m.i.a.
i like this song mainly because of the gun noises in the chorus.

tv shows — airship colour majestic
my mate’s band, who some of you would’ve heard of. they released their ep and even supported antiskeptic this year, so something must be going right.

still fond — cut off your hands
another rad indie band with a rad indie song.

anyway, this is my first attempt at putting mp3s up for sharing, so if something failed and it doesn’t work, just let me know and i’ll try to fix it.
also, feel free to put your own list in the comments (andrew, it has to be music made this year, so even if Queen released some new best of in the last twelve months, it doesn’t count)

[edit: probably should mention that some of the songs have a bit of language, so if that offends you, don’t listen to: listen, saturday salmon, over before it began, upon your leopard, upon the end of your feral days, driving me wild and moment of clarity]

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Dr Who On Holiday

November 17, 2007

Much has happened in the last couple of weeks. Firstly I finished my HSC which is a big yay. About 20 hours after finishing my last exam I went away for a week with 8 mates to Kiama, where we rented a beach house. I totally lose track of time while I am away and for most of the week, we managed to blow whole days only going to the beach and eating dinner at about 10pm. I need to get better at swimming cause I kept getting caught in rips and got heaps exhausted. We also went to Jamberoo which is like a 15 minute drive. It was a bit of a letdown, though some of the rides were fun. It has a mad artificial beach with power-generated waves. And me and two other guys were fighting for one flotation device. And I got into a mad head clash with one of them and ended up quite sore. It was at this time that I began swallowing a lot of water so I decided to evacuate the beach. I cooked a mad past dish one night, but it wasn’t very good. Also in 7 days the shopping bill for 9 guys was about $800. On the last night we went to the local Mexican restaurant, thinking it would be good for a change. I ordered a chicken dish that was way too small. Because of this I also later ordered a plate of chicken nachos. The chicken was seriously tinned tuna, and when we got back home I spent the next 30 minutes in my favourite room of any house… We watched a fair bit of TV, particularly because the place had foxtel and a 42 inch plasma. I did way too much driving in the week. I totaled it to be about 400 kms all up and as we got to Sydney on the way home, it was clear my driving skills had worsened due to overwork. Also some chick died while we were away. Some fisherman found her body in the beach near our place and there were cops, choppers and sniffer dogs. Anyway a heroes/villains theme 18th party tonight, which should be fun. And I finally have Harry Potter 7 to read, good times!

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Free bird dougnut

November 12, 2007

most of you would know how much i enjoy getting things for free/nearly free, and how i’m a fan of john howard. the awesome thing is I found something on the internet that combines both.

krispy kreme has a promotion going where you have to ‘vote’ on their site, and then they send you a voucher for 6 doughnuts that’s valid (only) for the day after the election (ie, on sunday the 25th). seems a fair deal to me i think. they also want you to give a gold coin donation to the salvos youth services when you pick them up, which i’ll probably do cos i’d feel bad if i didn’t.

so if you want to succumb to online viral advertising too, you can click here and follow the links get some doughnuts.
and if you don’t like their doughnuts, well, your loss i guess.

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I Feel Good

November 8, 2007

Life is sweet at the moment. Firstly I am virtually finished my exams, which surprisingly didn’t go as badly as I thought they would. On Saturday I head off for a week down south on the beach with some mates from school. My new car has been running well for the past three days and I am driving it down so hopefully all works out in that department. When I get back I am going to a mad heroes/villains theme party, which should be quite fun. Then I can spend my days going to bed late, waking up late and spend day after day doing nothing productive without the feeling of guilt. I can’t remember the last time I was relaxing and not thinking…”should I be doing something a tad more productive”? The cricket season has begun and soon enough the new drive-through Oporto will open; not to mention the ‘MANsion’ which I will tell you about a bit later. Life is good.

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blood on our hands

November 6, 2007

one of the things i like about being on holidays is i have more time to do stuff, like cooking dinner and doing not much etc.
the last two days this has combined with my laziness to mean that i haven’t eaten until 9 pm. tonight’s dinner was planned to be a bit earlier, but at six, when i decided to start cooking, i realised that no meat had been taken out of the freezer to thaw. so i pulled some out and figured i could wash up to give it some time to thaw. then i finished washing up and it had become sufficiently dark to turn on the kitchen light, so i turned it on and it blew. this was a problem because i had absolutely no idea how to open the casing for the kitchen light.
i’ve tried a few times over the few months that we’ve been in the unit, to try and work it out in case it blew, but with no success. nothing on it moves or appears to unscrew etc. so i got dave in, and he said these lights are tricky, and last time he tried to open one he broke the glass on it. so we tried for a fair while, and he got a ladder and some wd40, at one point he even tried tapping it with a hammer (which i wasn’t too sure about, but it didn’t break or help), and eventually he ended up breaking the whole fitting loose from the ceiling. at that point he decided we should let it rest and said he’ll call the electrician tomorrow.

so i set up a lamp and continued on with my dinner preparations. the meat was still not thawed at all, so thought it would be quicker to microwave it a bit. to help with the microwaving i figured i’d cut it up into smaller chunks (it was a kilo of mince) so i got out the knife from the info-mercial that says it can cut through frozen foods. it wasn’t as easy as the ads made it look, but with a bit of brute force i managed to cut through.

after the microwaving and halfway through the frying, i noticed that my finger was still a bit tender from cutting up the meat. i had a look at it and saw that i was bleeding, and further inspection revealed that i’d been bleeding into the mince and on the utensils. oops. turns out that even though the knife only has one blade, the back of it is still kind of sharp, and the way i was forcing it to cut though the meat cut my finger a bit.

i washed my finger up, but it still bled for a while, and i informed ez of my situation and she laughed at me and then said hopefully the heat from the cooking should sterilize/sanitise any nasties in the blood.

after all that drama, i managed to have dinner ready for a bit after 9, and hey, at least my night had a bit of interesting to it, instead of just another boring night in.

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