blood on our hands

November 6, 2007

one of the things i like about being on holidays is i have more time to do stuff, like cooking dinner and doing not much etc.
the last two days this has combined with my laziness to mean that i haven’t eaten until 9 pm. tonight’s dinner was planned to be a bit earlier, but at six, when i decided to start cooking, i realised that no meat had been taken out of the freezer to thaw. so i pulled some out and figured i could wash up to give it some time to thaw. then i finished washing up and it had become sufficiently dark to turn on the kitchen light, so i turned it on and it blew. this was a problem because i had absolutely no idea how to open the casing for the kitchen light.
i’ve tried a few times over the few months that we’ve been in the unit, to try and work it out in case it blew, but with no success. nothing on it moves or appears to unscrew etc. so i got dave in, and he said these lights are tricky, and last time he tried to open one he broke the glass on it. so we tried for a fair while, and he got a ladder and some wd40, at one point he even tried tapping it with a hammer (which i wasn’t too sure about, but it didn’t break or help), and eventually he ended up breaking the whole fitting loose from the ceiling. at that point he decided we should let it rest and said he’ll call the electrician tomorrow.

so i set up a lamp and continued on with my dinner preparations. the meat was still not thawed at all, so thought it would be quicker to microwave it a bit. to help with the microwaving i figured i’d cut it up into smaller chunks (it was a kilo of mince) so i got out the knife from the info-mercial that says it can cut through frozen foods. it wasn’t as easy as the ads made it look, but with a bit of brute force i managed to cut through.

after the microwaving and halfway through the frying, i noticed that my finger was still a bit tender from cutting up the meat. i had a look at it and saw that i was bleeding, and further inspection revealed that i’d been bleeding into the mince and on the utensils. oops. turns out that even though the knife only has one blade, the back of it is still kind of sharp, and the way i was forcing it to cut though the meat cut my finger a bit.

i washed my finger up, but it still bled for a while, and i informed ez of my situation and she laughed at me and then said hopefully the heat from the cooking should sterilize/sanitise any nasties in the blood.

after all that drama, i managed to have dinner ready for a bit after 9, and hey, at least my night had a bit of interesting to it, instead of just another boring night in.

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  1. What I can’t work out was why it took you so long to realise you were bleeding. And I laughed because you looked so ashamed when you came to tell me you bled all over our dinner. But we’re still alive so it’s all good.

    Comment by Erin — November 7, 2007 #

  2. a subtle Death From Above 1979 reference?

    Comment by josh rayson — November 7, 2007 #

  3. well, not that subtle really

    Comment by mizzle — November 7, 2007 #

  4. oh you’re lucky to be on holidays. i still have 2.5 weeks left :(

    Comment by hannah — November 8, 2007 #

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