November 18, 2007

so, the time has come again for the end of year favourite songs lists to start popping up on blogs everywhere. and yes, i’m that pretentious to put mine on fizzle. oh well. i figured i’d get in early cos i’m holidays already and haven’t got much else to do, so here are (roughly) my favourite 10 songs from the year that is/was 2007. I’ve added them as mp3s so if you want to you can download them and then when you pay me out for my choice of songs it’s because you’ve heard them and dislike them, not cos you automatically think my music is rubbish. or something.
anyway, it’s just the old ‘right click, save as’ trick.

men’s needs (CSS remix) — the cribs
nice song with a top notch remix i reckon. possibly surpasses the original song, if only for a bit more of a beat and the remix bleeps.

apply some pressure (featuring Paul Smith from Maxïmo Park) — Mark Ronson
it was hard to choose just one song from Version, but i chose this one above valerie featuring amy winehouse or the cracking version of god put a smile upon your face cos, well, i like it more than those ones. probably because it’s Maxïmo Park. you might notice that i haven’t put any songs from Maxïmo Park’s new album on here, basically, it just wasn’t as good as the first one and didn’t make my top ten.

how deep is your love — the bird and the bee
i really like the bird and the bee, and if it weren’t for the amazingly gratuitous swearing in their best song f[bomb]ing boyfriend, i probably would’ve uploaded that one instead. anyway, the bird and the bee make really nice mellow jazz pop with electronic influences. this is their cover of the beegees.

Mr ice cream — soft tigers
sydney based indie band, who released some stuff a while ago, but only released their lp late this year. my favourite bit of this song is near the beginning when ‘benjamin’ says “hello!”. always makes me smile, that bit does.

listen — talib kweli
often referred to as “your favourite mc’s favourite mc”. because i know all of you have a favourite mc. anyway, he is quite verbally skilled and this is one of the best song on the album.

saturday salmon — team9
very nice mashup of the chemical brothers’ “salmon dance” and “saturday in the park” by chicago. although, you’d expect it to be good cos it’s from team9.

over before it began — urthboy featuring mia dyson
i like this song mainly because of mia dyson’s involvement, but urthboy’s good too. (just ask tricky). also, sorry, but this song has fairly poor sound quality, because it was copy-protected, so it’s a recording, not a straight copy.

Up on your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days — sunset rubdown
from sunset rubdown’s third and latest album, random spirit lover, this doesn’t stray far from their sound, which is good cos i like their sound. anyway, it’s new, so in six months i might look back and wonder why i included it, but i quite like it at the moment. also, it has feral in the title

hold music — architecture in helsinki
disappointingly missed out on seeing these guys earlier in the year due to a lack of sufficient funds. i’m liking the new stuff though, and as my mate pointed out, the current electro revival has done good things for their music, as it gives them a good beat/rhythm for their songs, where as some of their older stuff sometimes got lost in all the experimental pop-ness. also, this song talks about dragons.

driving me wild — common featuring lily allen
2007 was the year of rappers using lily allen to sing their choruses, but this song’s a bit better than most, and it also references that film clip by ok go.

bonus tracks: the ones that missed the cut but are still quite good.

moment of clarity (DJ Eurok remix) — jay z
yes, i know that this song came out in 2003, but this remix came out this year (hence the bonus section). also i only heard it this year, and the original is rubbish compared to this one. i like it so much that probably would have put it in my proper top ten if it wasn’t a remix of an old song

i can cook — grafton primary
nice little group based in sydney, though originally the members hailed from grafton. (who would of thought). they’re yet another group thriving on the eighties electro revival that’s been happening recently. they’ve also done a really good remix of faker’s this heart attack.

paper planes — m.i.a.
i like this song mainly because of the gun noises in the chorus.

tv shows — airship colour majestic
my mate’s band, who some of you would’ve heard of. they released their ep and even supported antiskeptic this year, so something must be going right.

still fond — cut off your hands
another rad indie band with a rad indie song.

anyway, this is my first attempt at putting mp3s up for sharing, so if something failed and it doesn’t work, just let me know and i’ll try to fix it.
also, feel free to put your own list in the comments (andrew, it has to be music made this year, so even if Queen released some new best of in the last twelve months, it doesn’t count)

[edit: probably should mention that some of the songs have a bit of language, so if that offends you, don’t listen to: listen, saturday salmon, over before it began, upon your leopard, upon the end of your feral days, driving me wild and moment of clarity]

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  1. I haven’t listened to too many of them yet, but a mixed list. When you started getting into rap I thought it was just a phase, but disappointingly not.

    This post has served to show me how out of touch I am though. I’ve only bought one CD that came out this year, being the new Foo Fighters album, which isn’t great, I mainly got it for the free shirt, but I do like The Pretender. I do listen to the radio, and I like some songs, but I think on the whole, there’s not heaps of good (i.e. I like it) music at the moment.

    I think the normal version of Men’s needs is better, Apply Some Pressure is pretty cool. I’m uncertain about Architecture in Helsinki. I kind of like them, but sometimes I find them a bit grating. Regardless, I prefer Heart It Races to Hold Music. There’s is a cool cover by Doctor Dog of that song too.

    Comment by grizzle — November 18, 2007 #

  2. I think I also don’t like buying new music cos I’m stingy.

    Comment by grizzle — November 18, 2007 #

  3. paper planes only goes for 1 minutes and 7 seconds. dang :(
    dodgy internet copy

    Comment by daniel — November 19, 2007 #

  4. and still fond gets cut off (like your hands) after i minute 46

    Comment by daniel — November 19, 2007 #

  5. i think im dislexic, 1, not i

    Comment by daniel — November 19, 2007 #

  6. Im pretty sure im not going to like any of those songs Josh but since you have gone to the trouble to post the mp3’s i will check them out.

    Comment by Andrew — November 19, 2007 #

  7. hmm, daniel, maybe try downloading them again? i tried just then and they worked for me. if it still doesn’t work and you still want them i can email them to you.

    grizzle: yeah, that dr dog cover is heaps good. and also, i’ve only bought two cds this year, but i’ll get a few for christmas/birthday hopefully.

    andy, i wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t like them. in fact, i would be more surprised if you found one you did like. but that’s just our different tastes.

    Comment by mizzle — November 19, 2007 #

  8. I have bought more CDs than that, but only one actually came out this year. I figure there’s still lots of catching up to do.

    Andrew might not mind Apply Some Pressure, and How Deep is Your Love, seeing as it is really an old song.

    Comment by grizzle — November 19, 2007 #

  9. I too like cut off your hands. Now the rundown of what i’m into this year….

    Interpol – The heinrich Maneuver/Lighthouse (the whole album really.)
    Dardanelles – Footsteps
    Ghostwood – Red Version
    Expatriate – In the night/Are you Awake? (because both those tracks were released this year)
    Battles – Atlas (a rocking brilliant song in swing)
    Editors- End has a Start
    The Shins – Turn on me
    LCD Soundsystem – All my friends

    all those songs are really doing it for me. gah, i’m so indie it hurts.

    Comment by jizzle (oooh) — November 20, 2007 #

  10. thats a pretty awesome idea putting them there to download…nice work.
    and jizzle, i feel your pain…

    Comment by bon — November 20, 2007 #

  11. well jizz, no surprises you had the entire interpol album there.
    i’m down with most of your list, with one exception — Ghostwood.
    i saw them play earlier this year, and, well, to put it nicely, they were average. zero audience interaction (not even hello or song naming or band members naming). they played pretty poorly, missing notes and not really gelling with each other.
    then at the end they did that “lets pretend to smash up our equipment, but not really cos we still need it” thing.
    there’s a lot of hype/fans for these guys, but ghostwood does nothing for me. there are better eighties revivalists.

    Comment by mizzle — November 21, 2007 #

  12. Ghostwood was crap? yeah, you know I bought the ep, and the rest of the songs on it aside from the aforementioned one was crap. only one other track was vaguely interesting. You know, I had to double check what you were saying, because often, the zero audience interaction is said about Interpol. anyway. I’m seeing them next year. got my tix. very excited.

    (you’re onto a winner mizzle and bizzle)

    Comment by josh rayson — November 21, 2007 #

  13. I tried to make a list, and discovered that I have no clue what was released this year. I’m nowhere near my CD racks, which are in chronological order, and my iTunes library hasn’t been tagged very well it seems =/.

    So here we go, but I’ve probably missed stuff.

    In no particular order:

    My Humps – Alanis Morissette

    Ridiculous, but so, so good.

    Eastbound – Art Of Fighting

    Usual AOF brilliance. Awesome album too, unless you compare it to their second album.

    Do It Again – The Chemical Brothers

    Catchy ‘n stuff.

    Hang Me Up To Dry (Ingo Star Cruiser Remix) – Cold War Kids

    Top remix, better than original by miles. Original is too much of a White Stripes rip-off.

    I Got the Way – Kate Miller-Heidke

    Underdogs – Manic Street Preachers

    Whole album was pretty good. Could easily have chosen You Love Alone Is Not Enough, Rendition, AutumnSong, or I’m Just A Patsy/em>.

    Oh My God (feat. Lily Allen) – Mark Ronson

    I think I need to actually buy Version ’cause everyone says it’s good.

    Turn Up The Music (feat. Stevie Culture) – Mista Savona

    Could just as easily have chosen Land Of The Brave (feat. Lisa Dainjah), Ras Woman (feat. Vida Sunshyne), Blaze The Fire (feat. Anthony B), Cool Up (feat. Mona Lisa), or Concrete Jungle (feat. Sugar Dee & Lisa Dainjah)

    Cheer Me Up Thank You – New Buffalo

    Lee Remick – Patience Hodgson

    The Game of Love and Unity – Rupee, Shaggy and Faye-Ann Lyons

    So what if it was the worst organised sports tournament ever, so what if it’s Shaggy, and so what if it’s tacky electro-pop. It’s the World Cup theme song, and I like it.

    Straight Lines – Silverchair

    Only good song on the album as far as I can tell.

    Tie Up My Hands – British India

    Snakeskin – Gyroscope

    Great song, except for the lame emo piano intro.

    We Get Around – Urthboy

    Super-catchy, and it got me into the album, but I reckon No Other, Nuthin I’d Rather Do (feat. Hau & Muph), and Over Before It Began (feat. Mia Dyson) are just as good.

    Comment by tricky — November 21, 2007 #

  14. thanks for the nod.

    Comment by djeurok — December 25, 2007 #

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