Mother’s Milk

November 1, 2007

Because I am impatient and don’t want to wait for people to read my other post, ima post again. I have discovered a new extreme in drinking milk. The item is a drinking straw but crammed with tiny coffee beans. When you sip through the straw you get a coffee drink. The first one I had didn’t taste good cause the milk wasn’t entirely cold, but since then they have been pure indulgence. I acquired these at my nonnas house. She had a box of about 20 packets, each with 10 straws. That adds up to 200 killer drinks I believe.Shamefully enough I actually had to put that into a calculator to make sure it was correct. Anyway No surprise I am happy to be going to my nonnas house tonight.

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Decore Aye Aye… Decore Aye Aye Aye!

November 1, 2007

Today I had my Ancient History exam. It was quite boring except I got a good ‘you are’ in to the examiner before the exam. I can’t remember what he said to provoke the you are, but it was still satisfying nonetheless. After the exam I went to ‘da wood’ to buy some shorts undies. I am quite infatuated with shorts undies. They are just jocks…but shorts not the other kind. Anyway they are heaps comfortable so I bought a few of them. On the way back home on the bus I suddenly smelt the aroma of shampoo, a nice fruity shampoo. I looked around, to pinpoint the destination of the relaxing aroma, to find it was coming from the young lady in front of me. She was doing up her hair and for some reason all the nice smells were being expelled. All the fruity aromas were such stark contrast to the normal smell of an old crowded bus on a hot day. So for the rest of the 10 minute bus trip I sat back enjoying the smell of her hair. Is that weird? It sounds weird. Two more exams to go. And my page count…as in pages I have written in 4 exams to date… is 81. My aim is to pass the 115 mark.

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