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December 10, 2007

so i had another crazy/awesome dream last night.

it started off being on holidays somewhere. we were going to see a play i think, but I only remember coming out of the theatre, and being in the carpark.

I got a lift with these two guys who were mad gangstas and kept tagging it up. then one of them wrote over someone elses graffiti who was higher up the gang ladder than they were, and we had to hoon it away.

we decided to go get some oportos for dinner, but we were too late and it was shut.

someone remembered a 24hr one not too far away, so we drove to another shopping complex to go get some. When we got there, for some reason the first thing we did was go get seats in the food court. unfortunately the oportos had been relocated wasn’t on the same level as the food court anymore, so we had to go up a level.

it turned out though, that to get up to the next level we had to climb a tree. i got about halfway up, and then there were some people coming down, and they said they had right of way, so i had to go back down, let them off, and then go back up. up the top of the tree were the garven’s, doing some gardening. andrew kept throwing bugs at me, and i had to step on them to kill them.

from up the top of the tree we could see down on a path going through a park. i think the path was the path i used to walk along to go from school to the station. there was some rabid dog (although it may have also been a lion) that was going around killing people. then someone shot it and it exploded.

i went and got my oportos, but i think i couldn’t get as much as i wanted cos i didn’t have enough coin. so i climbed down the tree again.

there’s a bit of a break in the story here, i think i must have drifted into a different sleep stage, but the dream picked up again in the large hall at the church.

the large hall had a tennis net across it and roger federer (who was french in my dream) was teaching me how to play doubles better. we were against chris and huw i think. unfortunately, even in my dreams i’m pretty average at tennis and rodger was getting annoyed at me. eventually he asked to swap sides and i think he changed to join huw.

soon it was dinner time, and i think it was a debrief session for after the christmas celebration we had last night. there were sausages or pizza, and huw and i opted for pizza while everyone else went sausages.

Sue (a lady from church who huw in the past has unsuccessfully hid from in a broom closet) said grace. but this grace went on and on and on. the kids started eating in the middle of the grace, and i was prety keen to start eating too, but i had manners. eventually the grace finished, but some of the rat kids had eaten all bar one of my pieces of pizza when my eyes were closed.

after the unfulfilling dinner i went with some kids from school and started playing some mad ball game. it was kind of like rugby, ie you had to get the ball (though it was a soccer ball) from your end to the other, but instead of having an open field, the half way line was fenced. It was the sort of fence they have at tennis courts, and the only way through was a doorway on one side of the field. So pretty much, if you had the ball, you had to run as hard as you could to gain some momentum to get as far as possible through the door before getting pummelled by the waiting opposition side. chris gave me some pointers on how to tackle / get tackled better, but i still got smashed.

the field then morphed into big W, and I was pushing some around the shop really fast in a trolley. then we saw kamal and stopped for a chat with him, and he commented on how one of the jackets with it’s hoodie up looked like a green kkk costume.

as we were discussing the intricacies and possible consequences of wearing such a jacket, we heard a scream and some bogan had just punched a checkout chick in the eye. the chick told her friend to got get some guy called shameus to walk her to the carpark. I was wondering why no one was trying to get the bogan who punched her, so i got a run up and was about to give him a flying karate kick to the face when erin steps in front of me and goes “josh, it’s time to wake up!”

apparently that was erin in real life telling me to wake up though.
far out, missed my chance to be awesome.

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    Comment by daniel — December 10, 2007 #

  2. Shameus = Seamus? Also, why do you pluralise Oporto?
    I wish I remembered dreams.

    Comment by grizzle — December 10, 2007 #

  3. It’s lucky she woke you up then, because otherwise, you could have seen your kick totally back fire.

    Comment by sylv — December 10, 2007 #

  4. well, apparently last week i had a weird dream. i don’t remember it though.
    bek and i shared a room in our billet’s house on nte mission (in finley) and one night she woke up and heard me talking in my sleep. she didn’t catch it all, but the bit she did hear was me saying something like “oh thats funny dear, i have a son called tristan too!”
    thats a bit weird.
    your dream was pretty strange, but i didn’t understand half of it.

    Comment by hannah — December 10, 2007 #

  5. well apparently i woke up this morning and ross said while he was asleep, what a joker

    Comment by daniel — December 11, 2007 #

  6. griz: while seamus may be the most common form of the name, my dream = my characters = my special name spelling. same with the rodger typo that i can’t be bothered fixing. as for the oportos pluralisation, it’s just how i say it out loud, so it got put in. i don’t know why say it that way, it makes sense somehow…

    sylv: nah, i would have smashed him and taught him not to punch girls, cos australia says no.

    daniel: i’m guessing there’s an important bit missing from that last comment.

    Comment by joshua — December 12, 2007 #

  7. hannah dreaming about tristan?

    Comment by H — December 13, 2007 #

  8. Roger is right. According to wikipedia, it means “famous with the spear”.

    Comment by grizzle — December 13, 2007 #

  9. na, its all there, he said “what a joker”
    and i just thought it was rad,
    and i was bagin hannah out about saying well apparently in her comment

    Comment by daniel — December 13, 2007 #

  10. nah, chris, what i meant by the ‘rodger’ comment was even though i know roger is the correct spelling, i made a typo (3rd sentence of the roger paragraph) and can’t be bothered going back and fixing it now.

    Comment by joshua — December 13, 2007 #

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