an elegant misfortune

February 22, 2008

after rolling my ankle last monday night playing soccer i’ve needed to rest it, giving me a chance to get my dvd watching on.

Boondock Saints was a movie i’d been meaning to see for quite a while, after hearing good things about on the net and then tricky recommended it, so i knew i’d definitely have to see it. it’s quite enjoyable, similar (as the blurb is proud to announce) to pulp fiction in terms of violence and cool kids. probably a more far fetched storyline than pf, but everyone likes a bit of vigilante justice so we’ll let it slide.

I also hired This Is England, a film set in 1983 about a young kid (ie 12 years old) who joins a skinhead gang. another film i’d been meaning to see for a while, but somehow everyone else had managed to see it without me. oh well, i’ve seen it now, and although it perhaps wasn’t quite what i expected, i still enjoyed it. the end of the film made me feel bad for the characters, but i guess it was supposed to show the error in their ways or something.

Then, having seen both of the movies i hired, i moved onto erin’s movie, Take The Lead. Another one of those movies where some guy from the right side of the tracks tries to make a difference in the lives of black ghetto poor “victims of circumstance” kids, this time through ballroom dancing. kids are reluctant at first, then they have that “why, despite our differences in money and background, really we’re all the same and we can all teach each other things we didn’t know” moment and they all live happily ever after, presumably dancing while they’re at it.
don’t get me wrong, as far as those types of films go it’s one of the better ones, and i dare say i didn’t mind watching it, but basically it’s porn for middle class white teenage girls who think that they can dance and that they too would share such humility and compassion for “those poor under priveliged black children”.
the movie’s best feature, though, was the protagonist pierre dulaine, played by antonio banderas, who is super sauve and fulfills one of my life’s dreams of having enough stylish suits to wear one all the time.

also, throughout watching these movies i watched the bbc mini series of Pride and Prejudice. i’d seen bits and pieces of it over the years from my female relatives watching it, but i’d never sat down and watched the whole thing with continuity. and i must say, although i was expecting to enjoy it, i was slightly surprised at how rad it was. austen has quite the sense of humour and gives (some of) her characters an awesome wit, making for some very interseting conversing. i also quite like listening to the old english manner of speaking and the fact that (bringing it back to my life ambition again) all the blokes get to wear suits all the time. and sweet as jackets and coats.
the love story bit probably wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it should have been because i’d already seen the important bits and so it lost some of the thrills a virgin viewing would have had. but still a recommendable series.

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Crying Shame

February 22, 2008

Today I deleted my myspazz. I think you know it’s time to delete one’s myspazz when it gets hacked and sends most of the person’s friends an advertisement on penis enlargement or ‘keep going’ pills. The shame becomes far too unbearable, as I for one can attest to.

Adios Myspazz!

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Water Boy

February 20, 2008

Today I was reminded why I hate the city so much. I was driving, big mistake in the city, and pulled up to a set of lights. I had a couple of friends in the car with me. Anyway all of a sudden this bloke starts washing my car with a water bottle and a skweegie. I kept telling him no, but he kept going. Fearing he was definitely going to ask for money, we all shut our windows and locked our doors. Anyway he kept going even though I was telling him to stop, so I used my windscreen wipers so deter him, remembering my dad did that in Europe when we traveled a few years back. This was quite unsuccessful, and only angered him as the windscreen blades knocked the skweedgie out of his hands. By this time the light had gone green without me noticing, and I eventually pulled away quite quickly, the light having reached amber by the time of my hasty exit. Later in the day I went to a tattoo parlor to watch my mate get his tattoo. My hopes were up for some crying and extreme pain, but to my disappointment, he hid his obvious discomfort. All in all, a very interesting day.

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Wee Jasper

February 17, 2008

Last night I went to a mate’s 18th. In a whole 7 hours of partaying I did not indulge in one alcoholic beverage. All I drank would have been two litres of water and a litre of coke and some solo. Over the party guess how many times I urinated…that question is obviously rhetorical. I ended up weeing 9 times and then once more when I got home at about 2am. I have never gone to the toilet so much. That took my February 16 wee tally of the whole day to 13. Unfortunately not even a party of around 100 people could kick start my 2008 ambitions, though. But in all honesty, no one wants to date feral girls that drink beer (don’t do it girls) and then get drunk and are really mellow, it’s just plain awkward.

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Wax On, Wax Off

February 15, 2008

I have two new idols. The first guy is this Asian bloke that looks pretty much exactly like Mr Miyagi from the 80’s film ‘The Karate Kid’. Anyway every day this bloke stands outside the local council building of my suburb with a different sign. I see him on the way to work at 8:30 and he is still there at 6pm when I leave. The first time his sign read “brown bags”- some environment comment I think. The other day it said “Mr Mayor, don’t you have any conflict of interests?” Me, being politically ignorant, had no idea what he is referring to. Mr Miyagi also has his Chihuahua that he keeps with him.

My second idol is this American bloke I served shoes to yesterday. He was a bit of a hypochondriac, telling about all his feet conditions. One though was quite intriguing. He told me that his nerves from his brain to his feet are stuffed so his brain doesn’t tell his feet to sweat when it is hot. The result of this as he said is “I don’t have to change my socks much at all.” Withholding my laughter I finished serving him shoes. I just now get reminded of a chick whose old shoes she was replacing stunk so badly. Worst foot odour I have ever smelt. I had to rush out the back and heave continuously. She definitely isn’t one of my new idols.

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terryaki boys

February 12, 2008

probably the best bit of the last albury trip was our chance to go hooning around kim rad’s farm in her car
it was awesome, we were drifting it up like a regular Keiichi Tsuchiya.

unfortunately all our hooning resulted in over heating the engine and probably ruining the car, but it was fun while it lasted.
poor sam was last in line, and the car had died before his go. here are some of the pics from what little driving we got to do.
i would’ve taken some more, but i was waiting till later to take pics as i thought we’d have more time driving.

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