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February 15, 2008

I have two new idols. The first guy is this Asian bloke that looks pretty much exactly like Mr Miyagi from the 80’s film ‘The Karate Kid’. Anyway every day this bloke stands outside the local council building of my suburb with a different sign. I see him on the way to work at 8:30 and he is still there at 6pm when I leave. The first time his sign read “brown bags”- some environment comment I think. The other day it said “Mr Mayor, don’t you have any conflict of interests?” Me, being politically ignorant, had no idea what he is referring to. Mr Miyagi also has his Chihuahua that he keeps with him.

My second idol is this American bloke I served shoes to yesterday. He was a bit of a hypochondriac, telling about all his feet conditions. One though was quite intriguing. He told me that his nerves from his brain to his feet are stuffed so his brain doesn’t tell his feet to sweat when it is hot. The result of this as he said is “I don’t have to change my socks much at all.” Withholding my laughter I finished serving him shoes. I just now get reminded of a chick whose old shoes she was replacing stunk so badly. Worst foot odour I have ever smelt. I had to rush out the back and heave continuously. She definitely isn’t one of my new idols.

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  1. haha oh how i love work stories!
    i had an old guy ring up the other day asking whether we rented out treadmills so he could walk as he couldnt due to the rain. he then went onto tell me about all his surgeries and how the weather wasnt any good and how he was in a car accident etc etc i then told him that workout world may rent them out (i had no idea!) and he had trouble spelling “world”. i ended up talking to him for about 10mins.
    anyone else have some good work stories to add to the list?

    Comment by Jo — February 15, 2008 #

  2. i dont go to work…

    Comment by ross — February 15, 2008 #

  3. The guy outside the council is protesting because our council is corrupt

    Comment by Andrew — February 15, 2008 #

  4. i got offered a job as a boilermaker by some lady once, she was talking to me for like 15 minutes.
    and another time some old lady called me a sausage because i asked if she wanted a bag, old people are lame

    Comment by daniel — February 16, 2008 #

  5. He has been there for along time, too. I first saw him two years ago, I think…
    Poor guy. I don’t think he’s had much media coverage. so I doubt the council cares that he’s there. Huw, you should call Today Tonight for him!

    Comment by sylv — February 16, 2008 #

  6. I should do a story on him and that may be a launch-pad for my journalistic career.

    Comment by Huw Bizzle — February 16, 2008 #

  7. he’s so cute. i gave him a thumbs up the other day and he smiled the biggest smile i’ve ever seen. i respect that he’s standing up for what he believes in but i feel sorry for him. next time you see him you should wave or something.

    Comment by martha — February 16, 2008 #

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