Wee Jasper

February 17, 2008

Last night I went to a mate’s 18th. In a whole 7 hours of partaying I did not indulge in one alcoholic beverage. All I drank would have been two litres of water and a litre of coke and some solo. Over the party guess how many times I urinated…that question is obviously rhetorical. I ended up weeing 9 times and then once more when I got home at about 2am. I have never gone to the toilet so much. That took my February 16 wee tally of the whole day to 13. Unfortunately not even a party of around 100 people could kick start my 2008 ambitions, though. But in all honesty, no one wants to date feral girls that drink beer (don’t do it girls) and then get drunk and are really mellow, it’s just plain awkward.

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  1. You’re kidding… the boys don’t want to date the feral girls?
    Someone should tell them that, I don’t think they know.

    Comment by Sylv — February 17, 2008 #

  2. An epic tally. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by grizzle — February 17, 2008 #

  3. its good to see you drinking lots of water huw, i’m proud of you!

    Comment by hannah — February 18, 2008 #

  4. you were off your face

    Comment by daniel — February 19, 2008 #

  5. A litre of coke. Man, that stuff will kill you.

    Comment by H — February 19, 2008 #

  6. Whenever I see drunk girls, they get hyper, but they didn’t drink beer to begin with. Although I base these accusations on less than three parties. But anyway, beer drinking girls aren’t so bad. They could be drinking cruisers…which is embarrasing. bah anyway

    Comment by josh rayson — March 11, 2008 #

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