Water Boy

February 20, 2008

Today I was reminded why I hate the city so much. I was driving, big mistake in the city, and pulled up to a set of lights. I had a couple of friends in the car with me. Anyway all of a sudden this bloke starts washing my car with a water bottle and a skweegie. I kept telling him no, but he kept going. Fearing he was definitely going to ask for money, we all shut our windows and locked our doors. Anyway he kept going even though I was telling him to stop, so I used my windscreen wipers so deter him, remembering my dad did that in Europe when we traveled a few years back. This was quite unsuccessful, and only angered him as the windscreen blades knocked the skweedgie out of his hands. By this time the light had gone green without me noticing, and I eventually pulled away quite quickly, the light having reached amber by the time of my hasty exit. Later in the day I went to a tattoo parlor to watch my mate get his tattoo. My hopes were up for some crying and extreme pain, but to my disappointment, he hid his obvious discomfort. All in all, a very interesting day.

:: By huw bizzle 2 Comments


  1. sweet, i wanna see someone get a tatoo, you should get one huw, get one of me, that wouldd be awesome, when i go to sydney ill pose for the person doin your tatoo

    Comment by daniel — February 20, 2008 #

  2. haha. can I get a tat of Huw?

    Comment by Josh Rayson — March 10, 2008 #

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