Smells Like Teen Spirit?

March 31, 2008

Today whilst playing monday night social soccer, something very funny happened. I was defending and I had to change direction and run quite hard. This proved a big mistake as during kids club a couple of hours earlier I remarked… “Man I really need to go to the toilet, and I won’t get to go till after soccer at 8:30pm.” Anyway I airpood, thankfully it was nothing more. Now if you are one of those people who get easily disgusted or don’t like hearing about bodily functions then probably stop reading now. It wasn’t quite loud but there was definitely voice in it, and a couple of people heard it. The ones who didn’t hear it would have picked up on it, when they inhaled the surprisingly immediate odour and saw me on the ground laughing quite loudly. I wasn’t embarrassed, but quite proud. Now if only I can do that in Wednesday night competitive soccer, in the confines of a small crowded humid building.

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Fig Jam

March 23, 2008

As some of you know, a couple of guys from our church have made an indoor soccer team to play in a competition this winter season. Our first game is this Wednesday and we are all quite excited. So infrequent are my posts that I get excited every time something happens that could possibly result in a couple of posts. Anyway I got the draw recently, which has the teams we are against. We are called ‘Teary’ as we support the Tear Foundation. Anyway the opposing teams are as follows.

Fudidos- Some ethnic team. Their ethnic name strikes fear into the hearts of all opponents.
Off Target- Possibly a weaker team, if they hold up to the reputation of their name, which we hope they do.
Two-One-Nine-Four- My dark horse to win the title. Reason… obscure name.
Forinhos- Another ethnic team, which spells trouble for opponents. Forinhos VS Fudidos could cause a race riot.
Strikers- Very stereotypical name, probably crap.
Fighting Cocks- The team that think they are hilarious in their name choice. But seriously though, everyone enjoys sexual innuendo.

So we shall update you on how we go, or don’t go.

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March 22, 2008

the other day huw picked me up from the station after i had uni. i was waiting at the kiss & ride for him, and some middle aged asian dude comes up to me and says “excuse me, do you have 50 cents?” i said nah, sorry. it was kind of true, i only had a ten dollar note, and there was no chance i’d offer that to him, as i’m in debt myself really. later i realised i actually had a 50c coin in my coin pocket, but i’d forgotten at the time and i wouldn’t have given it to him anyway.
after i said no, he started staring at me, giving me this glare that meant “how dare you lie to me, i know you have 50 cents.” he kept this up for nearly 20/30s, and i just looked at him like “huh? what?… go away”. eventually he realised i was nowt gonna give up my coin and walked off. crazy kid.

then hugs arrived, and we had to go get some paint to paint numbers & names on our indoor soccer shirts. we went to spotlight and looked for fabric paints, but they were hideously overpriced. then we saw the spray paints, and it said on it you can use it for silk, so we thought maybe they’d go alright on our polyester t-shirts too. they were behind a glass cabinet, cos you’re supposed to be over 18 & ask some staff kid if you wanna buy it, but the cabinet didn’t have a roof, so i stepped up on the shelf and reached in to get a can. then we went to some chick from craft and asked if it would work on for what we wanted, and she said yeah. i asked to make sure it wouldn’t come out in the wash, and she gave me a stupid look and said “…it’s spray paint…”, as if to say everybody knows that this spray paint won’t come out in the wash. whatever. i said mean things about her to huw later on to make ourselves feel better and less craft-dumb.

then we painted some of the shirts, but it didn’t work as well as we would have hoped. oh well.

oh, i almost forgot; happy easter fizzle kids.

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Smile Like You Mean It

March 15, 2008

Today at work I was given the best task. You know how at carwash places they have a guy standing outside with a sign advertising the carwash place? Anyway I was to do the same but advertising Pauls’ famous “Buy One Get One Free Sale.” I was instructed to hold the sign and wave to passing motorists. For the first part, I felt like an idiot waving to all these people who didn’t wave back or even notice my friendly gesture to them. Speaking of friendly gestures, some bloke gave me the finger which was pretty funny. But that wasn’t the worst part. A young couple walked past on the footpath, and I’ll be honest, the lady was a bit of a slammin hottie. Anyway they walked past and she said, “Don’t you just have the best job?” I pretended she was just joking around and agreed, but deep down I noticed her air of superiority and my vulnerability in my fluro yellow shirt, and didn’t appreciate it. The best part of this task though, was that on a 30 degrees day it was actually warmer outside than inside. That’s Pauls for ya.

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Paper Planes

March 12, 2008

Today whilst cleaning my room I came across all my year 12 HSC study notes. I had kept them thinking they could help someone in their studies, but seeing as my room had too much junk, I decided to chuck them. Doing 4 Humanities subjects does mean one gathers quite a few handouts and has to write a fair few of his own notes. Anyway I decided to weigh all my notes. The end result was 12kg, which I think is quite a good effort. I also measured the height of all these a4 pieces of paper, the end result being 29 cm. Yes I do have a lot of spare time as I’m not going to uni and my job isn’t giving me many shifts.

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Good Times

March 2, 2008

Three days ago was Fizzle’s first birthday. I distinctively remember how he/she was created. We were sitting around at TT’s 8 hour partay and Josh and I decided we wanted our own mad blog. Discussion raged and when we had got back to Sydney Tricky had made it happen. Our comment count started at about 30 and now peaks at around 5 with the occasional 0. So happy birthday fizzle and many more to come.

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