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March 23, 2008

As some of you know, a couple of guys from our church have made an indoor soccer team to play in a competition this winter season. Our first game is this Wednesday and we are all quite excited. So infrequent are my posts that I get excited every time something happens that could possibly result in a couple of posts. Anyway I got the draw recently, which has the teams we are against. We are called ‘Teary’ as we support the Tear Foundation. Anyway the opposing teams are as follows.

Fudidos- Some ethnic team. Their ethnic name strikes fear into the hearts of all opponents.
Off Target- Possibly a weaker team, if they hold up to the reputation of their name, which we hope they do.
Two-One-Nine-Four- My dark horse to win the title. Reason… obscure name.
Forinhos- Another ethnic team, which spells trouble for opponents. Forinhos VS Fudidos could cause a race riot.
Strikers- Very stereotypical name, probably crap.
Fighting Cocks- The team that think they are hilarious in their name choice. But seriously though, everyone enjoys sexual innuendo.

So we shall update you on how we go, or don’t go.

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  1. fudidos and forinhos (foreign hoez… hehe) sound like the teams to beat.
    also, two-one-nine-four don’t have some obscure name, if you ask me it’s just their postcode, which i think is campsie… yuck.
    and i bet fighting cock’s mums don’t think their team name is funny.

    Comment by mizzle — March 23, 2008 #

  2. We had a soccer team a couple of years ago. We sucked. We scored a goal for the other team by accident, and the ref’ used to have such trouble reffing the game because he was laughing at us.
    We were called “Turtles on Speed”, and played other teams with equally stupid names such as “The Yummy Mummies” (who were embarrasingly in better shape than we were) and “Black and White”.

    Comment by sylv — March 24, 2008 #

  3. i did soccer at school once, we chose the name we always go with: “The Team”. we didn’t win any games and everone thought we had a cliche name.

    Comment by Mellow — March 24, 2008 #

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