Attican Adventures

April 27, 2008

So, onto the rest of my trip. After sleeping 12 hours the night before, and skipping dinner, an extreme rarity for me, I woke up at 7am fresh for the day ahead at a place on the Greek mainland called Meteora. Meteora is famous for its cliff-side monasteries, built somewhere between 1400 and 1500AD, and are built on high cliff sides, mainly for protection and peace and quiet. The view was pretty sweet, and I spent my time fantasising about which rooms would be used for what if I had owned the monastery. Also I took a sweet photo in pitch black (with flash that wasn’t supposed to be used) and it turned out awesome, if I can be bothered, I’ll put it up later. The rest of that day consisted of pigging out on seedy lamb and garlic sauce rolls (yes plural) a long drive and a plane ride to the island Crete.

Crete was probably the best place we stayed at. It was once run by the Venetians in the 1500’s (I think) and still looks that way. Especially in the ‘old part’ of town, where we stayed. I decided, one day I am going to retire to Chania in Crete (where we stayed) Wake up and have a coffee on the harbour, ride a sweet scooter (motor one, not the other type that I don’t want to talk about), and spend the rest of my years with some later decided hobby. My food base also widened whilst at Crete. I indulged in goat, shark and snails. Of which, none of them were particularly enjoyable. Crete has a pretty awesome tradition, of giving restaurant customers complementary alcohol and desserts after the end of the meal. The alcohol they give is called Raki and is a shot. It’s quite strong and not very easy to drink. They give you quite a bit, and you don’t want to offend them so you have to drink it all. I bought some of it whilst in Chania and brought it back home. Driving in a place like Chania is also a bit of an experience. We were in a mini-van (not so mini) and had to weave through crazy traffic, people parked everywhere and total chaos on the road. The fact that the vans side mirrors were so high saved us from a couple of swipes, though I’m sure the locals are used to their mirrors getting knocked.

I had planned to post the rest of my journeys in this entry, but have grown weary and I’m sure the level of my writing has grown worse as the post has gone on, and my interest levels dropped. Anyway more of my adventures, and photos, if I can be bothered, to come shortly.

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good girl danni

April 26, 2008

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K’series Anglica

April 20, 2008

I sit in an internet cafe, in a city in Crete called Heraklion. I’d like to tell you it is exotic, on the water, beutiful surroundings, but it’s not. Heraklion, like a lot of Greece, is crowded, smelly and not the kind of place one would describe as a tourists dream. Anyway back to the trip.

My journey started well hearing the immortal lyrics of Khe Sahn whilst driving to the airport…”the last plane out of sydney’s almost gone…and its really got me worried. Going through customs, and boarding was a breeze, I even got explosive tested. To my utter delight, I got a row to myself on the plane, so I was able to stretch out. There is somethng paticularly satifying about umping Thin Lizzy’s Boys are back in town, whilst 10 000 metres in the air. The food was obviously aweful but my flight was redeemed by the wide range of music, moves and tv shows available. The trip from Singapore to Athens was puss. Old plane, crowded, and a loud baby. An old woman behid me, got up heaps and was so frail and exhausted by her trips to the toilet (went more than I did!) that she had to put all her weight on my seat to sit down. I managed to perform a patended 30 minute bog of my own. The drinks trolley banged into my leg and one stage, and to my dismay is was the male flight attendant that rubbed my knee, not the female, oh well. To meet my parents I had to catch 5 planes from Athens airport. The place I was going to was Kalambaka, 400kms away from Athens. On the longest train trip I was next to a total slammin hottie, who was checked out sooo much, from a group of seedy Greek mean, myself included, ot really. By the time I go to Kalambaka, I had the worst case of SBC one could ever experience. I shall post further details later.

PS- Sorry for any errors, I am on a death keyboard, where mst of the buttons are too stiff.

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Long Day

April 14, 2008

In further Greek news, I have found out how I will be meeting my family once I hit Greece, Wednesday morning Greek time. I have to catch a train from Athens to a place called Kalambaka- 350kms away. Sounds easy right? Well turns out, there are 4 trains each day that do this route, and I miss out on the first train by about 30 minutes. The next one is 6 hours later. Seriously, six freakin’ hours. I have 6 hours to burn in Athens all by myself, oh won’t that be fun. Before we leave to go back to Australia my family are spending a couple of days around Athens. I won’t need to join them, I’ll have seen the whole city. The train trip is five hours, meaning the time from when I land in Greece to when I meet up with my folks is 11 hours. So I am spending a total of about 32 hours alone (including flight and train), knowing only the Greek words for: yes, no, where, train station, do you speak English, thank you and please. I leave tomorrow at 2pm, and I’ll be back on the 26th. Catchya later all.

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Learn to Fly

April 12, 2008

Well It’s been a pretty big couple of days for me. Yesterday was my birthday. It started out by going to a sweet Japanese restaurant that chucks food and does cool tricks. Being the birthday boy, I copped it a bit, with three eggs being slingshotted towards me. Oh well, it was good fun. By the time dinner had finished, I had consumed a couple of beers and a saki (Japanese beer), which was totally feral. I was still going strong. We then headed into Newtown, the ‘cool kid’ part of Sydney. The bar we went to was called Zanzi Bar. It was a pretty hip place. Quite immediately I was being bought drinks. Within the first 30 minutes I was bought four shots, tequila, vodka, uzo and jager. Quite surprisingly to myself, I didn’t feel affected at all. By this time, I had also had about 5 waters, being the sensible Christian I am :P I was next bought a cowboy shot and got the privilege of ordering an appletini. I ordered it the same way JD from Scrubs does…”Easy on the teeni”- to my dismay the bartender didn’t respond to this. It was at this time that I started to feel a little tipsy. My speech wasn’t slurred, but my balance wasn’t the best. I brushed walls that I thought I had cleared, and scaling the steep steps proved a little challenging. Over the next couple of hours I had a couple more drinks, two beers, strongbow and feral Guinness. A couple of funny incidents happened but I’m sure they will be funnier to tell when I see people in public, not over this blog. I crashed at Josh’s and the nice taxi driver ripped us off of about $10, but we were so tired we didn’t notice/act. Today I was up early for PY touch footy, which lasted from about 9am till 3pm. We were all extremely tired, and narrowly missed out on making the finals, but being so tired and in need of sleep, no one really cared.

I’ve managed to get away with being so disorganised for much of my life. But I think it’s caught up to me. I left my passport to the last minute, meaning now not only do I have the privilege of going oversees, but I get to fly 15 000km’s, 20 hours, two countries, all by myself a couple of days after my family leaves. I think it’s fair to say I am a bit nervous. I’m pretty confident in what I have to do to get to Greece, but catching the train to the south of Greece could present a couple of hurdles. In fact, thinking about this has started making me a lot more nervous. It will all be good if I meet some awesome chick on the plane and pick up…shut up I can dream! Anyway I’m really tired so ima not go over and edit the post. I’m sure the next few days will have some interesting stories, that I must remember to post.

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