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April 20, 2008

I sit in an internet cafe, in a city in Crete called Heraklion. I’d like to tell you it is exotic, on the water, beutiful surroundings, but it’s not. Heraklion, like a lot of Greece, is crowded, smelly and not the kind of place one would describe as a tourists dream. Anyway back to the trip.

My journey started well hearing the immortal lyrics of Khe Sahn whilst driving to the airport…”the last plane out of sydney’s almost gone…and its really got me worried. Going through customs, and boarding was a breeze, I even got explosive tested. To my utter delight, I got a row to myself on the plane, so I was able to stretch out. There is somethng paticularly satifying about umping Thin Lizzy’s Boys are back in town, whilst 10 000 metres in the air. The food was obviously aweful but my flight was redeemed by the wide range of music, moves and tv shows available. The trip from Singapore to Athens was puss. Old plane, crowded, and a loud baby. An old woman behid me, got up heaps and was so frail and exhausted by her trips to the toilet (went more than I did!) that she had to put all her weight on my seat to sit down. I managed to perform a patended 30 minute bog of my own. The drinks trolley banged into my leg and one stage, and to my dismay is was the male flight attendant that rubbed my knee, not the female, oh well. To meet my parents I had to catch 5 planes from Athens airport. The place I was going to was Kalambaka, 400kms away from Athens. On the longest train trip I was next to a total slammin hottie, who was checked out sooo much, from a group of seedy Greek mean, myself included, ot really. By the time I go to Kalambaka, I had the worst case of SBC one could ever experience. I shall post further details later.

PS- Sorry for any errors, I am on a death keyboard, where mst of the buttons are too stiff.

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  1. sbc?
    30 minute bog, what an effort

    Comment by daniel — April 21, 2008 #

  2. glad o-s isn’t sucking to much Huwbizzlemynizzle.

    Comment by josh rayson — April 23, 2008 #

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