May 29, 2008

we went to see the phantom of the opera last night.
it was pretty rad.

i always appreciate a chance to dress up a bit, and the opera is an excellent excuse for a button up shirt. huw laughed at me out cos i was wearing erin’s coat, but it was some killer steez.
we were a bit late and got locked out of the first five minutes, and there was some chick in front of us who was cut cut cut and tried to let the bouncer let her in. but he was not fooled by her womanly charm and held his ground.

then we had to walk in front of people to get in, and they weren’t happy about it. but they’ll get over it. the play it self went off, with fireworks and stage sets moving around etc, enjoyable to watch. i was a bit disappointed by the lack of guitar solo that is in the movie, but other wise the music was good. they had a woman conductor who huw said was a bit of alright and i said she was in her 40s.

after the intermission someone behind us had a salami sandwich smell that hung around for a bit. the guy next to me started singing along at one point, which made me laugh a bit. then when the play was over, huw goes “was there some guy over there singing?” and i had to inform him that the culprit was still in earshot.

huw and i had to fight for control of the armrests, which were worse than the movies. and the leg room was terrible. but maybe that was cos we were up the back a bit.

after the play opera we went to maccas and whilst there pk & matt showed up. martha apparently has a teenage girl crush on pk (watch out chris) and spent most of our time together saying how cool he was. pk said i looked like neo, what with my shaved head and erin’s black coat.

so that was us being cultured.

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A Weekend In the City

May 4, 2008

So I had a bit of a big weekend. On friday night I went out with a couple of mates to the city (shock horror), unfortunately the guy is my best friend, and the girl, he likes. Third wheeling it a bit, but I took all my opportunities to be a bit silly and embarrass him. We went to a German bar, that served really awesome mango-flavoured beer. I really enjoyed it, mainly cause it didn’t taste like beer. The bar was also playing 90% retro music so getting up to dance wasn’t too difficult for me. They even played (due to a request) Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ which was quite fun. We left at about 1am and I got home at about 3 am. The next morning I was up at 6am to finish a talk I had to do for Men’s Breakfast at the church. Admittedly, it wasn’t that good-a talk. Straight after breakfast I was back at Pauls for a full day shift. That night I was out again, this time at Ashfield hotel. I got there at about 7pm, but left shortly after due the fact that there were only 4 of my old school mates, and they were all talking about the footy, not the most interesting bar conversation. I went to a cafe with a couple of mates then came back a couple of hours later. It was much better when I came back as there were lots more people and actually a few girls. Girls are a lot more fun to talk to, cause they aren’t drunkards and some level of sophistication can be enjoyed in the conversation. I had a couple of drinks and left at about midnight. In bed at 1am. Worked all day Sunday and after work we all went down to the park to play some soccer. Good fun, except some guy was taking it heaps serious and no-one enjoyed that. Another guy also played quite hard, and his tackles did hurt a bit. Cause my lift home had to take someone else home first, I was a tad late to church.

Next weekend it appears I am going clubbing, with work mates, cause it’s three of us turned 18 within the space of a couple of weeks. It wouldn’t surprise me if we went to some feral RnB club. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. I’m not posting anymore about Greece, if you want to know anything, ask me in person.

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