boat people

June 29, 2008

here’s a little puzzle/game thing i came upon. it’s one of those puzzles where you have to get people from one side of the river to the other, but it’s more difficult than any other one’s i’ve come across.

basically there’s a family and a cop and a robber who have to cross, but as usual only two can fit on the raft at a time and some people can’t be with others.

so the rules of crossing are:
The dad can’t be with any of the daughters without their mum being there,
The mum can’t be with any of the sons without their dad being there,
The thief (striped shirt) can’t be with any family member if the policeman isn’t there,
Only the dad, mum and the policeman know how to operate the raft.

i’m not sure sure why the parent’s beat up the children of the opposite sex, but if you try to make them then a little animation pops up of the parent knocking out the kid.

press the big circle to start
click on people to put them on or off the raft, then click the red pole on the opposite side of where you are to go across.

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Midnight Express

June 27, 2008

As many of you know I used to be quite the little athlete. Back in my prime (12 years old) I could run 2km’s in just under nine minutes. Last night I had to get to a friends house. He lives about 6kms away. Normally I would get a lift but on this paticular night no one wanted to help me out. I was a bit frustrated regarding another issue so I decided to run it, let off some steam. I packed my bag with water and clothes for the next day and headed off at about midnight. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to run all the way so I gave myself about 2 hours for my trip. My first stint of running took me about 1 kilometre before I decided to walk for a couple of minutes. Throughtout the rest of the trip I would run mostly, then walk for a couple of minutes. I got to my destination eventually and looked at the clock, and because I am sped with 24 hour time I thought it was 1:30 in the am. I thought this was fair enough, took how long I thought i would. I was quickly corrected that it was in fact half past 12, and that I had done the run/walk in pretty much 30 minutes exactly. I estimated that if I had the fitness I would have taken another 5-10 minutes off my time, solely running not walking. I also stopped for about 3 minutes at a friends place to drop something off on the way. So it appears that I am as fit as I used to be, and that all this indoor has indeed helped. Not suprisingly my self esteem has grown in the last day.

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Tiredest One

June 23, 2008

The time is 1:24 in the am. I’m sitting in front of my computer at work, and have been for the past hour or so. I got to my nine hour shift a bit early, as to prepare. that’s right, I am working from 12am till 10am. I’ve already had a really strong coffee and a got a couple of cokes on the way to work. I get to log skateboarding (yay) and nascar (remotley better). I tried sleeping from about 6pm till 11pm, but only managed about an hours sleep. I’ve been training well for this though. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been watching Euro. The games have been on at 4:30am meaning I’ve been averaging about 3 hours for the past couple of weeks. Thats a heap compared to the 1 hour I got tonight at least. Yawn

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pretty vacant

June 18, 2008

today hugs shaved my head (ie, with a razor down to skin). i don’t really like it but. we went through two new razors, and i bled a few times. especially when the blade caught on the top of my scalp and pulled the skin with it a bit. it stung bad when i had to rinse the shaving cream off. but here’s the result.

also, i might as well make this post a double feature, some of you may have seen the link to this website on tricky’s site. basically, it’s a website where you send a picture and get one back. i showed it to tricky and then we spent a while sending pictures between each other (and obviously other people). then i sent one saying “hello, my name is tristan and i live in australia. i hope you enjoyed learning about me” and then i drew a rough map of australia and an arrow to albury. then a minute or two later tricky says to me (we were also chatting IM stylez) “lawl”, cos he just received a picture saying “hi tristan, i’d love to visit australia one day” out of the blue. made my day… and it was only the first hour of the day.

actually, stuff the double feature, i’m going all guns blazing with stuff to say. today i went to do some grocery shopping, and strathfield woolies is undergoing some major refurbishments so everything is all over the place, and nothing is where is should be, in fact some things are on two separate aisles. when i go in, there’s even a chick waling around with a sash on that said “INFORMATION”. then i see some old guy (ie 80+) asking for where something was, then he goes “this place is terrible. it’s a disgrace!” and the info chick tried to explain that it was temporary and for the better etc. he was having none of that and walked on angrily. then i saw another old guy inspecting an aisle layout sheet, that tells you where things are. and the first old guy goes up to and shouts (probably cos he was deaf) “hey! where is the toilet paper?” and the other old guy looked at him confused. so he goes again “you know, the stuff you wipe your arse with!” pauses for a bit, then: “this place is f[bomb]ing disgusting! what a c[bomb] of a place!” i must say, i was quite taken aback of the language that came from the old guy’s mouth. did not expect that, to say the least.

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June 17, 2008

Besides him forgetting I was working one shift, and taking at least a week to reply to me emails, my new boss is awesome. He uses words like gnarly when watching action sports for work. He thinks it’s smart to try to teach me about 12 different things in the space of 5 minutes, I wonder if he knows how little information I have retained. But the yardstick of his brilliance was that for lunch today he had on his desk 12 bread rolls and a roast chicken from woolies. It made me temporarily question whether the Rod Man actually was my father. He even offered some of his lunch to me. It took me back to the days of catching a train from Strathfield to Katoomba for Winter Camp, and eating a whole roast chicken on the train, with no cutlery or serviettes.

Tristan…I await

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June 16, 2008

I’m not sure what it is, whether it is the multiple train trips. The hot chocolate from Starbucks whilst reading the SMH (60c for all Starbucks customers). Maybe it’s the formal clothes. It could even be the really attractive females. It’s possibly the 50% pay rise, or the upmarket waterfront restaurants.

I’m starting to like the city. That’s right, not neutral…like!

Since when do I backflip on issues? By the way I got this hoodie and its really…unique.

On others matters, my new boss is a bit of a goose. I’m pretty sure I know more about sport than him, and when I first saw him today he didn’t say anything, prompting me to say… “you asked me to come in today.” His response was…”really… OK come this way.” How promising.

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music when the lights go out

June 14, 2008

so as some of you know, the hard drive on my computer died, which meant i lost everything on it that i didn’t have backed up. thankfully, i’d backed up nearly everything of importance, so it just means i had to reinstall all the programs.
i was pretty calm about it all, but now, when i tried to re-install my ipod, it deleted all my music from my ipod. it’s all gone, lost from computer and ipod. freakin apple. and apart from having to reload all my cds onto the computer and then refill my ipod, i’ve lost a few gigs of music which i didn’t have in hard formats.

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Probably Bad Dreams If You’re a Refugee

June 12, 2008

The other day I looked inside a shoe at work, and was surprised to see that it was made in Germany. At the time this surprised me, as thought it meant It was made of the highest quality by skilled German shoe-makers. It then occured to me that I was only impressed cause it wasn’t made in China or some other part of South East Asia.

I think I’m racist.

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