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June 18, 2008

today hugs shaved my head (ie, with a razor down to skin). i don’t really like it but. we went through two new razors, and i bled a few times. especially when the blade caught on the top of my scalp and pulled the skin with it a bit. it stung bad when i had to rinse the shaving cream off. but here’s the result.

also, i might as well make this post a double feature, some of you may have seen the link to this website on tricky’s site. basically, it’s a website where you send a picture and get one back. i showed it to tricky and then we spent a while sending pictures between each other (and obviously other people). then i sent one saying “hello, my name is tristan and i live in australia. i hope you enjoyed learning about me” and then i drew a rough map of australia and an arrow to albury. then a minute or two later tricky says to me (we were also chatting IM stylez) “lawl”, cos he just received a picture saying “hi tristan, i’d love to visit australia one day” out of the blue. made my day… and it was only the first hour of the day.

actually, stuff the double feature, i’m going all guns blazing with stuff to say. today i went to do some grocery shopping, and strathfield woolies is undergoing some major refurbishments so everything is all over the place, and nothing is where is should be, in fact some things are on two separate aisles. when i go in, there’s even a chick waling around with a sash on that said “INFORMATION”. then i see some old guy (ie 80+) asking for where something was, then he goes “this place is terrible. it’s a disgrace!” and the info chick tried to explain that it was temporary and for the better etc. he was having none of that and walked on angrily. then i saw another old guy inspecting an aisle layout sheet, that tells you where things are. and the first old guy goes up to and shouts (probably cos he was deaf) “hey! where is the toilet paper?” and the other old guy looked at him confused. so he goes again “you know, the stuff you wipe your arse with!” pauses for a bit, then: “this place is f[bomb]ing disgusting! what a c[bomb] of a place!” i must say, i was quite taken aback of the language that came from the old guy’s mouth. did not expect that, to say the least.

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  1. why do you boys and dan like having a bald head? is it fun? people used to tell me to shave my hair (when it was really really long). they thought my head would be an alright-shaped one to be bald. but i don’t think so.

    also, that drawing thing is heaps fun. but people keep sending silly and rude pictures :(

    Comment by hannah — June 19, 2008 #

  2. thrid try lucky, we will outsmart the computer guy who is trying to stop us from commenting. that site is good intertainment, someone told us to ‘kill yourself’ hmmm thanks josh for providing us with something to do in ENGLISH, and your head will be cold

    Comment by Eskdale + Kim — June 19, 2008 #

  3. I have to agree with the old bloke, woolies is pretty bad at the moment. When i went on Monday there was a longer queue to complain to the supervisor than there was to go through the checkout.

    Comment by Andrew — June 19, 2008 #



    Comment by dan — June 19, 2008 #

  5. far out that is a bad cut josh, made me cringe. good on ya, im impressed. second time bald? good work

    Comment by dan — June 19, 2008 #

  6. your head is sorta square

    Comment by ross — June 19, 2008 #

  7. sweet, you’re a cueball. you can be a feral now too!

    Comment by Mellow — June 22, 2008 #

  8. kicky on.

    Comment by Josh aka softy — June 22, 2008 #

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