merry catholick day

July 18, 2008

On friday some mates & i went into the city to see what all the world youth day fuss was about.
it was pretty fun, and i think we managed to offend/upset some with our mad catholic jokes. but oh well. here’s the best one i remember:

what do you call the pope when he’s on the move?
a roamin’ catholic

ohh yeah.

it was fairly odd because all the roads were blocked from traffic so the city felt empty.
we started by checking out the berangaroo site that the pope went to on thursday.

here’s me with the stage

there were soo many catholick kids. all the “pilgrims” wore these backpacks. at one point we chatted to some kids who showed us all the stuff they got inside the backpacks. they get like notebooks and raincoats and torches (or flashlights as the stupid seppo chicks called it) and pens and lots of rad stuff.

we walked down to hyde park to see St Mary’s Cathedral where all the official stuff goes on

one of my mates Pete tried to hi-five every group of catholicks he could find. once he got punched in the mouth, and another time some aussie pilgrim punched him in the arm, right on the funny-bone part.

he had fun

then we went to the Australia museum because nic’s dad works as a photographer there so we got in for free and he showed all the good bits. then he showed us the behind the scenes bit where he does all the photography. have a look at the size of this flash

it’s freakin’ massive. nic’s dad let it off a few times, i went blind.

all in all a good outing. i know i sure felt holier for pilgrimming, i must have worked off at least a few years in purgatory.

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  1. Awesome. I reckon you could’ve gotten some better jokes…

    Comment by Mellow — July 22, 2008 #

  2. now now…

    Comment by Josh aka softy — July 23, 2008 #

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