August 26, 2008

oi. me hugs kim and eli went 4WDing. and did heaps rad stuff. heres pretty much a video recap of the whole thing. missing is snow, yellow snow, and most of the 4WDing that happened.

p.s. the videos are a heaps quitet so turn the volume up

we found this massive bog blog log that was in our way and decided to try and moove it, it was sortof in 3 bits so me and huw sortof snapped a bit off then eli got at it with the car… aww yeah

rope snap… YEAH!


there was heaps of supplies in the ute, huw found the hammer, and found a rock blocking the road and had to remove it, it was like 2m massive but i only got the last bit, possibly fo shore the radest est video eva.

the ropes that were in the car were fo sure up for the job

i did this mad kick with both feet and kicked this massve oak tree over but didnt get it on video, so we tried it again but i wasnt as commited in this one and failed so i pushed it over. eco systemsez arrrrr over rated.

chi#sakay, nature was a big theme in the whole event, got some rad footage, we pretty much watched nature for ABO ut 5 hours, this is one of the highlights, second only to probably the snow and huw and his hammer. i hadago with the hammer on some tree as well, i got about halfway through it then accidentily let go and missed the tree at the same time and the hammer wehnted flying, i thought i should stop wher i was upto. we drove over some rock then eli had the great idea to push it off the road and down the side of the hill, it went about 50m then hit a tree, started going again and nocked over this other tree good. i was heaps pumped, probably the pumpedest i was in my whole life. did you see me, is this real???

eli was doin “these ones”

i was pretty stokesed by the trip, oh and we got to see the water tables at Xdale, how good were them videos, did you see them?

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August 10, 2008

Sometimes I think, and more often than not, say, some pretty weird things. Nothing beats getting the ‘What the hell are you talking about look?”, or even better the ‘Who thinks about that kind of stuff?’ look. Anyway, yesterday I thought about when I was younger and had baby teeth, I think I started thinking about this cause Martha bought a huge pack of those teeth lollies for like $10. Anyway I remembered having teeth loose for days on end and then eating something or moving my tongue around and finally dislodging it. It’s a total feeling of satisfaction. With the new-found gap on my mouth, I would run my tongue over for hours on end. I remember once, my tooth was relativley loose but still had a couple of days left in it. I don’ know if it was the desire for a mouth hole, but I pulled this tooth really hard all day. Eventually it came out, along with a bit of gum as well. There was a fair bit of blood, but did I care?, no way, I now had the groove. As I reminisced, I got a little sad that I would never enjoy this experience again. I guess I’ll have to settle for seeing the joy on Obadiah’s face when he grows up.

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My Favourite Game

August 8, 2008

It’s going to be a pretty awesome next three weeks. If all goes to plan, I will spend these next couple of weeks, sitting on my couch all day, watching the 28 sports on offer, most of which i can honestly sit down and watch without getting bored. Here are a couple of my Olympic favourites

Swimming- Aussies dominating, and Michael Phelps going for like 7 gold medals. Stephanie Rice is pretty good looking too.
Athletics- Not a big fan of the field events but the sprints are always good value, takes me back to my glory days of Little Athletics.
Hockey- Aussies generally get at least get a silver medal, nice easy watching.
Shooting- Not the gay target shooting, but the trap shooting. It makes me want to hit up the Merkel farm and get some moving targets going.
Weightlifting- Seeing some drugged-up Eastern Europeans is also pretty good value. The strain in their faces says it all
Diving- I’ve logged a bit of it with my new job so I’ve come to appreciate the sport a bit more and how it works.
Football- Not up the standard of the Premier League or Champions League, but some talent has hit the shores of Bejing and will be good to see how they go.
Basketball- With the Boomers and the Opals genuine chances for a medal this will be compelling viewing for yours truly. The American Mens team, the dream team, also boast about seven of the worlds top players, there should be some pretty entertaining basketball.
Handball- You rarely get to see this sport. It’s basically soccer but with hands, everyone loves soccer and hands.

That just about wraps it up, there are some other events, mainly wrestling, boxing, judo…but they aren’t so interesting.

With Fox not having the rights to The Games I’m hoping to be a total sloth and just lounge about all day. It’s still winter, perhaps I can go the three weeks without a shower, heck maybe without even leaving the lounge room. Going to the toilet might be a problem, though I’ve been thinking of ways to combat this.

I hope you enjoy the Games as much as me, though I’ll definetley be missing The Dream, with Roy and HG.

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Money for Nothing

August 3, 2008

Last night I went to a ‘friend’s birthday in the City. It was at a place called Kings Cross, which is like the gay centre of Sydney. After the night was over, I decided that I was never going to go there again. Ill explain why. Entry to the bar after 9pm costed $15. Seriously I can kinda understand clubs having entrance fees, having to pay DJ’s and all, but it was just a bar with a dance floor. We lined up for about 15 minutes, me and another mate but when we got to the front we weren’t allowed in cause we were three guys and they wanted more chicks. We walked around the Cross for a while to kill some time. Over 500m on the main street I counted about 12 strip clubs, each one with feral guys at the front encouraging us guys to come in, “if you don’t like it then leave” was their sales pitch. Along with the 12 strip clubs I would have seen about four prostitues and a heap of gays, . I felt pretty dirty in this feral suburb. We walked around and waited for some other friends, some of who were females. After lining up again we got allowed in but had to pay the $15. The place was pretty lame and boring and after an hour we left. We went to another part of the city to this place called Star Bar. Its a pretty awesome place. The bottom level has a bar and some pool tables and couches to chillax. The top floor has a couple more bars, an indoor pergola with heaps of seats and a pretty big dance floor. The drinks were pretty cheap too, I guess thats why heaps of people go there, though I only had cokes as I was driving later. We left at about 2 in the am and I walked a couple of km’s to work to log some rugby league. Throughout the game I fell asleep twice, not fully asleep but the fall asleep where your head drops, which wakes you up and you feel quite startled.

Lesson learnt from the night….Stay clear of the Cross and bars that cost to get in just aren’t worth it.

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