Albs 5…Delayed Post

September 6, 2008

I’ve given it a few days for you guys to read Daniel’s rad post, but if I leave it longer, ima forget all the rad stuff I did…so here goes. By the way, this time I was Miz-less.

I did my own no-stops trip to Albury on Friday, lets ignore the fact I flew. I slept with Joel’s pants that day (ask me about it some other time) before going to youth group and sleeping over at Winky’s. Hit the slopes on Saturday. For the first 3 hours up until lunch I was terrible. People tried helping me, but all eventually grew too impatient to wait for me. After lunch though, I was rocking it. I kinda learnt how to slow down and more importantly learnt how to go faster for longer without stacking it. I developed an awesome strategy. All the good skiiers go down the runs zig zagging (thats how you slow down). I went down in a straight line for as long as possible before I couldnt hold it any longer or was getting a little too close to trees or fences. The strategy was heaps fun but I pulled up a bit sore by the end of the day. Near the end of the day, me and KimRad saw some chick nearly die. She slid on her bum about 20 metres before crashing into a metal sign. She was out cold and there was lots of blood. After that I wasn’t so keen on my go fast then stack it strategy.

On Sunday was Winks’ mega party, it went for like 13 hours, with a two hour break in the middle for church. Church was awesome, we sung carols cause the sermon was on Jesus’ birth. I tried remembering the lyrics without reading them but failed. If it were like 8 years ago I would have been able to do it. We stayed up heaps late on Sunday night and I watched Juno again but fell asleep, waking up with Tristan being a big spoon to me.

On monday we went to Eksdale, as you have already heard from Winky. It was way rad, and I proved myself as a sweet-as manual driver. We got heaps dirty but because Eli’s place only has a bath, no shower, I went to bed dirty and woke up dirty. The drive back to Albury was fun. A nice fun road, pumping up some quality music. That Tuesday we hung out with TT in her break and I met up with Van Dizzle and had the same old conversation with him.

The flight home on Wednesday was pretty breezy with no major hiccups.

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  1. finally got it working eh?

    Comment by joshua — September 17, 2008 #

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